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MPL for 2011

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8th annual recap!
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Compiled from 1068 unique selections by 569 artists on 42 original programs!
* ... indicates a carry-over from our 2010 list.

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Our Top 50
Albums !!
Cindy Bradley - Unscripted
#1 Unscripted
Cindy Bradley

Mezzoforte - Volcanic

#2 Volcanic
Cal Harris Jr. - Inside Out

#3 Inside Out

Cal Harris Jr.
Boney James - Contact

#4 Contact

Boney James
Cliff deMarks - State of Feeling

#5 State of Feeling

Cliff deMarks

Rocco & Rahj - Cool Burn

#6 Cool Burn
Rocco & Rahj
Andy Snitzer - Traveler

#7 Traveler
Andy Snitzer
Will Sumner - Tracks

#8 Tracks
Will Sumner
Sammy Peralta - Love Affair

#9 Love Affair
Sammy Peralta
Brian Simpson - South Beach

#10 South Beach*
Brian Simpson
Dave Koz - Hello Tomorrow

#11 Hello Tomorrow*
Dave Koz
Greg Anderson - Blue Ocean

#12 Blue Ocean
Greg Anderson
Rob Tardik - Balance.Energy.Laughter.Love

#13 Balance.Energy. Laughter.Love
Rob Tardik
Nils - What the Funk?

#14 What the Funk?*
Acoustic Alchemy - Roseland

#15 Roseland
Acoustic Alchemy
Konstantin - Kool&Klean Vol.II

#16 Kool&Klean Vol.II
David King - The Universal Dream

#17 The Universal Dream
David King
Nicholas Cole - A Journey of One

#18 A Journey
of One

Nicholas Cole
Wayne Jones - Closed for the Holidays

#19 Closed for the Holidays
Wayne Jones
Vincent Ingala - North End Soul

#20 North End Soul*
Vincent Ingala
Darren Motamedy - Gruv' Horn

#21 Gruv' Horn
Darren Motamedy
Terry Wollman - Buddha's Ear

#22 Buddha's Ear
Terry Wollman
Euge Groove - S7even Large

#23 S7ven Large
Euge Groove
Paul Hardcastle - Hardcastle VI

#24 Hardcastle VI
Paul Hardcastle
Alexander Boynton Jr. - Doo Bee Doo Bop

#25 Doo Bee Doo Bop
Alexander Boynton Jr.

The Best of the Rest

Jonathan Fritzén - Diamonds

Jonathan Fritzén
Rocco & Rahj - Beach Life

Beach Life

Rocco & Rahj
David Benoit - Earthglow


David Benoit
Michael e - Departures & Arrivals

Departures & Arrivals

Michael e
Patrick Bradley - Under the Sun

Under the Sun

Patrick Bradley
Down to the Bone - The Main Ingredients

The Main Ingredients

Down to the Bone
Matt Marshak - Urban Folktales

Urban Folktales

Matt Marshak
Oli Silk - All We Need

All We Need
Oli Silk
Watson's Riddle - Watson's Riddle

Watson's Riddle

Watson's Riddle
Michael Franks - Time Together

Time Together
Michael Franks
Bob Baldwin - 2 / Re-Vibe


Bob Baldwin
Richard Elliot - In the Zone

In the Zone

Richard Elliot
Shawn Brock - Sight UnSeen

Sight UnSeen

Shawn Brock
111 East - The Way of the East

The Way of the East

111 East
Steve Cole - Moonlight


Steve Cole
Neamen - So Free

So Free

Phillip Brooks - Ocean View

Ocean View

Phillip Brooks
Alan Hewitt - Retroactive


Alan Hewitt
Eric Evans Project - Waves of Grace

Waves of Grace*

Eric Evans Project
The Rippingtons - Côte d'Azur

Côte d'Azur

The Rippingtons
Lin Rountree - Soul-Tree


Lin Rountree
Bryant Thompson - Puzzle Pieces

Puzzle Pieces

Bryant Thompson
Three Deep - Common Ground

Common Ground

Three Deep
John Costello - Beyond Smooth

Beyond Smooth

John Costello
James Colah Project - Better Days

Better Days*

James Colah

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Top Artist
1.Cindy Bradley*
2.Rocco & Rahj
4.Boney James
5.Acoustic Alchemy*
6.Cliff deMarks
7.Cal Harris Jr.
9.Michael e
10.Brian Simpson*
12.Peter White*
13.David King
14.Dave Koz*
15.Sammy Peralta
16.Andy Snitzer
17.Will Sumner*
18.Rob Tardik*
19.Greg Anderson
20.David Benoit*
21.Paul Hardcastle*
22.Richaerd Elliot*
23.Euge Groove
24.The Rippingtons*
25.Wayne Jones
26.Darren Motamedy
27.Nicholas Cole
28.Jonathan Fritzén*
29.Bob Baldwin*
30.Down to the Bone
31.Matt Marshak
32.Rick Braun*
33.Vincent Ingala*
34.Terry Wollman
35.Alexander Boynton Jr.
36.Steve Cole
37.Nick Colionne
38.Marc Antoine*
39.Gregg Karukas
40.Norman Brown*
41.Patrick Bradley
42.Oli Silk*
43.Spyro Gyra
44.Ken Navarro*
45.Watson's Riddle
46.Michael Franks
47.Shawn Brock
49.Chieli Minucci
50. Tim Bowman
Honourable Mention: (alpha order)
111 East* / 3rd Force / P Brooks* / M Fair* / N Harasim / L Rountree / L Sabler*

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Top 50 Selections
1.She Loves the Water - Cal Harris Jr.
2.Dance With Me* - Nils
3.Candleglow - Darren Motamedy
4.Wine Highway* - Will Sumner
5.Massive Transit - Cindy Bradley
6.Easy Come Easy Go - Paul Hardcastle
7.Let's Chill - Neamen Lyles
8.When Will I Know For Sure* - Dave Koz
9.East Meets Wes - Rob Tardik
10.Undun - Steve Cole
11.Contact - Boney James
12.Syd's Summer Wave - Rocco & Rahj
13.Hatton - Mezzoforte
14.Marseille - Andy Snitzer
15.Blue Ocean - Greg Anderson
16.It Is What It Is - Vincent Ingala
17.Teddy P - Matt Marshak
18.Movado - Bryant Thompson
19.Seasons - Lin Rountree
20.Cry - Boney James
21.Ghost of Aviation - Michael e
22.Quedate - Sammy Peralta
23.Lifted - Cindy Bradley
24.Uptown Hustle - Down to the Bone
25.The Passage - D.Edward
26.Lausanne - Andy Snitzer
27.Berlin Boogie - Mezzoforte
28.Encantadora - Blake Aaron
29.Seaside* - Eric Evans Project
30.Into the Sunset - Patrick Bradley
31.Ocean View* - Phillip Brooks
32.Undercover - Jonathan Fritzén
33.Track 01 - Euge Groove
34.My Hero (Uncle Jim) - SureWill
35.Better Days* - James Colah Project
36.Riding High - Joel Rodney
37.Closed for the Holidays - Wayne Jones
38.State of Feeling - Cliff deMarks
39.Gettin' Ready to Get Ready- Terry Wollman
40.Roseland - Acoustic Alchemy
41.Moonlit Ocean - Brian Simpson
42.Playground - Shawn Brock
43.So What - Konstantin
44.Java Breeze - Rocco & Rahj
45.Distant Memory - Eugene K
46.Iridescence - Nate Harasim
47.Cotton Candy - John Gatti
48.Power of Cool - Cliff deMarks
49.Postcard from Cannes - The Rippingtons
50.Sneaky as a Cat - David Benoit
Honourable Mention: (artist alpha order)
The Way of the East* - 111 East
Cool Jungle Rain - Greg Anderson
Beyond the Gate - Alexander Boynton Jr.
Avia - For My Baby* - Jonathan Butler
Can You Stay - Nicholas Cole
The Windy Dance - Nick Colionne
Spin Cycle - Drew Davidsen
Pineapple Getaway - Fourplay
Now That the Summer's Here - Michael Franks
You Know the Way - Jeff Gaeth
In the Works* - Alan Hewitt
Spin - Boney James
Pefect Mistakes - Wayne Jones
New Destinations - Journeys
Is This Heaven - David King
Getaway - Dave Koz
It's a Funk Thing - Mezzoforte
Señor Sandoval - Michael e
Weekend Getaway - Misz the Groove Producer
Warm - Brad Rambur
Cool Burn - Rocco & Rahj
All We Need* - Oli Silk

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Top Canadian Albums
#1 Balance.
Rob Tardik
Rob Tardik - Balance.Energy.Laughter.Love

Alexander Boynton Jr. - Doo Bee Doo Bop

#2 Doo Bee Doo Bop
Alexander Boynton Jr.
Brian Hughes - Fast Train to a Quiet Place

#3 Fast Train to a Quiet Place
Brian Hughes
Walle Larsson - After The Night

#4 After the Night*
Walle Larsson
Les Sabler - Crescent Shores

#5 Crescent Shores*
Les Sabler
Honourable Mentions
La Dolce Vita* - Warren Hill / Roll On* - Four80East

Top Canadian Artists

1.Rob Tardik*
2.Alexander Boynton Jr.
3.Les Sabler*
4.Brian Hughes*
6.Alexander Zonjic*
7. Warren Hill*
8. Vince Mai
9. Walle Larsson*
10.Dave Sereny
Top Selections by a Canadian Artist / Band

1.East Meets Wes - Rob Tardik
2.Daydreamer* - Warren Hill
3.Beyond the Gate - Alexander Boynton Jr.
4.Blue Midnight - Rob Tardik
5.Crescent Shores* - Les Sabler
6.Bluvis Gruvis - Three Deep
7.So Long Ago - Alexander Boynton Jr.
8.You & I - Brian Hughes
9.Love Is - Vince Mai
10.The J Spot* - Clear Voyage

Discovery, Debut, Break-thru, & Comeback Artists of the Year
Rocco & Rahj
Cliff deMarks
Cal Harris Jr.
Michael e
Sammy Peralta
David King
Greg Anderson
Terry Wollman
Alexander Boynton Jr.
Patrick Bradley
Watson's Riddle
Shawn Brock
Neamen Lyles
John Costello
Eugene K
Bryant Thompson
Three Deep
John Gatti
Honourable Mentions
Jeff Gaeth / David Hughes / Journeys / Misz the Groove Producer / Brad Rambur / SureWill

Top Vocals
Now That The Sumer's Here - Michael Franks
Samba Blue - Michael Franks
Light My Fire - Eliane Elias
How High Is The Moon* - Angie Brown (S-Tone Inc.)
Dolalalalang* - Claudia Valtierra (DeeLight)
So May It Secretly Begin* - Ann Walsh
Lua e Xango* - Rosalia de Souze (S-Tone Inc.)

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