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October 9th, 2011
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This Week at
Ready for the spotlight on this show is the combo 111 East. The Way of The East is the debut, and we've selected a real nice trio of tracks, all as part of the showcase segment. In the second half it's time to unwind and relax with our Chill Out feature and some of the best laid back grooves on today's downtempo scene. Appearing on this installment are Tomazz and Alkemx - we have De Phazz with a remix of a track by Ella Fitzgerald from the 50s. Plus there's Gretchen Lieberum and Dave Sereny - and that's all in hour 2. But leading in is a tune by Steve Laury that's become a staple on our show; and we play this one each year right around this time. It's called October and it's our curtain raising track!
In This Issue:

The Way of the East - 111 East

Wait Till You See Him (De Phazz Remix) - Ella Fitzgerald
Coconut Bay - Tomazz
Beata - Dave Sereny
Three A.M. - Gretchen Lieberum
Time to Lounge - Alkemx

AFTER HOURS : Last Day of Summer
PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#628

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Showcase CD
The Way of the East - 111 East:

'Go east young man' is a twist on a famous quote, and we're extending this as a bit of a nod to the band 111 East on the occasion of their debut offering! This initial release by the group is The Way of the East and it's one of the first for the newly formed 111 East Jazz Records imprint. Behind both the band & the label is James Bratton - a producer and multi-instrumentalist, as well as a radio & record exec. Having led the rise of house music back in 80s, Bratton earned both gold and platinum certification along the way. Now joined by Patrick Bamburak on guitar & keys and Baron Harris on bass & keys, 111 East is a hip trio intent on stretching the boundaries of smooth - a philosophy that seems to mesh neatly with our own! So it is that our 'musical soul mates' 111 East now find themselves and The Way of the East as the focal point for the spotlight feature. Featuring solid performances throughout by all, Bratton's arranging and writing talents are fully on display on the slick trio of tracks that we've selected for the occasion!

111 East - The Way of the East
James Bratton - 111 East
James Bratton
Leading into the feature is the track Sunset - with guitar, sax, and some polished piano all backed by an upbeat vibe and a cool percussive groove! The silky sheen of Satin Moon glistens at the top of hour 2! Meanwhile the band truly shows us 'The Way of the East' with the namesake track for the disc, a tune featuring hot percussive elements, gritty guitar, and a bit of fiery flute. Now in all likelihood, the east in their name 111 East is an allusion to the eastern USA, New Jersey to be precise, where the band is based; or perhaps there's even some connection to east being the direction of the rising sun. Even so, we can't help but feel that 'their way' holds a deeper, more significant meaning as 111 East unerringly lead us on a melodic pilgrimage toward a musical light of their own!

CD: The Way of the East (2011)
Label: 111 East Jazz Records

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Chill-Out Feature: Part One
Ella Fitzgerald - Verve // Remixed
Wait Till You See Him (De Phazz Remix) - Ella Fitzgerald:
Here's an item that was written in the 40s, it was recorded in the 50s, and then remixed in 2002. That was the year that the Verve record label loosened the reins on 12 classic tracks from its jazz catalog and let a bunch of top down tempo producers run wild. The object of our attention was composed by the song-writing team of Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart in 1942. It was recorded often but perhaps the most noteworthy of these was by the First Lady of Song, the legendary Ella Fitzgerald in 1956. It took nearly 50 years for the last piece of the musical puzzle to fall into place and that was when German producer Peter "Pit" Baumgartner entered the picture. Baumgartner is best known for his alter ego as the brain thrust behind the project called De Phazz and so we have that unique combination of talent for you today on the brilliant Wait 'Till You See Him the De Phazz Remix!

CD: Verve // Remixed (2002)
Label: Verve Music Group
Tomazz - Lucid Dream
Coconut Bay - Tomazz:
Tomazz is a 20 year veteran of the music business who started as a record engineer in Philadelphia. After breaking in and working with a few independents, he became the keyboard tech for Boyz to Men and Grover Washington, Jr. He moved to New York in the mid 90s, joined the Hit Factory Studio, and had the chance to engineer for Celine Dion, Will Smith, and others. By the year 2000, Tomazz had shifted his focus to remixing and to producing his own work. Lucid Dream issued in 2010 was his 3rd release and from we're featuring a nifty tune entitled Coconut Bay!

CD: Lucid Dream (2010)
Label: Blue Claw Music

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Chill-Out Feature: Part Two
Dave Sereny - The Jazz Room Presents ... Smooth Jazz
Beata - Dave Sereny:
While growing up, Toronto-based Dave Sereny was exposed to a variety of genres by his older brother who also bought him his first guitar when Dave was just nine. John McLaughlin was an early influence & then later Wes Montgomery became important to Sereny's developing style. In high school, Sereny gained an appreciation for jazz and played in a big band before going on to study classical guitar at Berklee in Boston. Subsequently, he collaborated with some of New York's finer players while performing with greats such as Ritchie Cole, Jose Feliciano, and Mark Whitfield and at jazz festivals from 'TO' to Tel Aviv. Then back in the GTA in 1996, the Brothers Sereny formed Groove United, a record label established primarily to help promote Canadian artists. It was late in 2004, that Groove United launched a five-cd series covering a spectrum of jazz forms and it was here that Sereny's efforts first came to attention of chill & smooth enthusiasts alike. The cd earned Sereny consideration for our year end list of favorites while additionally he gained a nod as a multiple nominee at the 2006 CSJA !

CD: The Jazz Room Presents ... Smooth Jazz (2005)
Label: Groove United
Gretchen Lieberum - Three A.M.
Three A.M. - Gretchen Lieberum:
Now based in LA, Gretchen Lieberum was born and raised in Berkeley CA and credits her father for turning her onto jazz. While she was growing up, Gretchen was exposed to the styles of Billie Holliday, Nina Simone, and Sarah Vaughan while otherwise she developed a love for many of the urban beats on the Bay area's varied music scene. These inspired the young vocalist to develop her own unique style, an exciting and eclectic blend of new and old. By the time she was in college, Gretchen had also started to compose and many of these songs eventually made their way onto Three A.M., her debut and an album that initially gained exposure thru the old back in the late 90s. Utilizing many modern techniques such as loops and samples to create a backdrop for her unique and inviting voice, Ms Lieberum's delivery on the title track is slow and burning and somewhat reminiscent of the classic torch singers of the 30s!

CD: Three A.M. (1999)
Label: Independent
Alkemx - Rendezvous Lounge Time to Lounge - Alkemx:
Alkemx is the ambient alter ego for Piero de Asmundis, who started his career as a pianist and composer. Based in Napoli Italy, de Asmundis has over the years worked with many of his prominent jazz countrymen - but over time he began taking a stronger interest in sampling and sequencers and the Alkemx concept was born. With the strong presence that chill was enjoying thru many regions of Europe, in 2002 the Rendezvous record label issued Rendezvous Lounge, a chill-based affair compiled by Mark Gorbulew, the resident DJ at the famous Au Bar in NYC. As the first in a 2-cd series, the project featured a few of the most talented and renowned artists in genre. From that effort, Alkemx's Time to Lounge was accorded the singular distinction as the advance track for the disc!

CD: Rendezvous Lounge (2003)
Label: Rendezvous Entertainment

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Last Day of Summer: On this chapter of the show it's the 3rd and final installment in our summertime series. Summer is definitely waning and autumn is on its way so this is our farewell to the summer season with a 13 track set; we have tunes such as Lost Summer from the very first Jazzmasters release, Ken Navarro's gorgeous Summer of Love, and Chris Botti's Indian Summer perhaps his best track ever. All the selections are linked in some way, shape or form - with "summer" being integral to their title. We're calling the feature Last Day of Summer for a track by Eric Marienthal. Also appearing are Pieces of a Dream, Jay Rowe, and Matt Marshak as well as Germany's DeeLight and Koop out of Sweden. So for another hour the Winds of Summer will continue to blow starting with that very tune from Michael O'Neil! ! Playlist for Ed#628

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