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October 16th, 2011
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This Week at the Café: The Quarterly Review: Q3 - 2011!
… on this edition it's a special called the Quarterly Review - the 3rd for 2011. Featured are all best tracks from the past 90 days and a line-up that includes Richard Elliot, Spyro Gyra, and Paul Hardcastle. Also appearing - David King, Michael e, and Down to the Bone. In addition we have selections from Bob Baldwin and Michael Franks plus a six track feature with Terry Wollman, Damian DelRusso, Westbound, and Watson's Riddle as well as the Cates Fomin Project and Wayne Jones - all part of a 3-month highlight reel !
In This Issue:

Gettin' Ready ... - Terry Wollman
Looking Through ... - Damien DelRusso
Bahia - Westbound
Day's Ahead - Watson's Riddle
Barefoot - Cates Fomin Project
Closed for ... - Wayne Jones

ONE YEAR AGO:The QR for Q.3 2010 PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#629

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Highlights Hour One
Gettin' Ready to get Ready - Terry Wollman:
Originally hailing from Miami, guitarist Terry Wollman graduated from Berklee in Boston with a Bachelor's in arranging before heading off to LA. There he rose through the ranks while building a reputation as a top notch session player and producer. Released in 1988, Bimini was his debut that sported an all-star cast - Joe Sample, Abe Laboriel, and Dean Parks all contributed to the disc. A versatile musician able to move from jazz and pop, to rock, blues, and R&B, Buddha's Ear is Wollman's 3rd cd issued under his own name - from that effort we're featuring Gettin' Ready to get Ready. With an eclectic mix of influences from a string quartet to some soothing & fluid guitar lines and a bit of soaring sax courtesy of Tom Evans, here's a solid track! A melodic & rhythmic gem, they really don't come any finer insofar as this show is concerned!

CD: Buddha's Ear (2011)
Label: Ollie Llama Music

Terry Wollman - Buddha's Ear

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Damien DelRusso - Looking Through Rain
Looking Through Rain - Damien DelRusso:
Born with a degenerative eye condition known as retinitis pigmentosa, Damien DelRusso is now nearly totally blind. However, as he writes, "My love of music has helped me through some difficult times," and that in spite of this situation, he considers himself "lucky to be blessed with the talent of being able to create songs". With a repertoire of over 1000 selections, DelRusso has played many of the finer eateries throughout the Essex and Morris counties in New Jersey but house parties have become his current specialty. In addition DelRusso has written over 300 songs; nearly a dozen of the best can now be found on DelRusso's debut, entitled Looking Through Rain. The name for the project was chosen to reflect how the world appears to DelRusso and its release "has been a dream come true". With $1.00 from the sale of each CD going to the Foundation Fighting Blindness, from that effort, we have the inspired title track with David Mann on sax, Matt King on keys plus a top notch band!

CD: Looking Through Rain (2011)
Label: All Eyes Productions
Westbound - Gone for a Walk
Bahia - Westbound:
It was recorded in Italy, but bound to be noticed out here in the west is Gone for a Walk, the second release by guitarist Cristian Rocco and drummer Enrico Catena as Westbound. Rocco and Catena first connected in 2001, after more than a decade of session work and touring in Italy and abroad. Inspired by the works of Lee Ritenour, Larry Carlton, and David Benoit, they were united by a common passion for the West Coast sound - hence the name. In 2003 they realized a long-held ambition with the independent release of "Miles Away", which in spite of being issued miles away from its primary target, still found the mark on this side of the pond with air play on many outlets, including our own hip but humble show. Gone for a Walk builds on that. The project was produced and arranged in collaboration with LA-based bassist, songwriter, and producer Roberto Vally, a familiar name on the smooth circuit whose previous musical collusions have involved the likes of Paul Brown, Bob James, Bobby Caldwell, and others. With superstar trumpeter Rick Braun guesting on the title track Westbound really hit their stride, yet equally as good is our choice Bahia, a feel good Latin-flavoured strut featuring Paola Ceretta on flute!

CD: Gone for a Walk (2011)
Label: WtbMusic

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Highlights Hour Two
Watson's Riddle feat. Chuck Leavell - Watson's Riddle
Day's Ahead - Watson's Riddle feat. Chuck Leavell:
"Watson's Riddle is an exciting new project featuring four musicians of distinction, some of the most recorded gentlemen in southern rock and pop music." So writes Sandy Shore of Giving their names to the band are veteran guitarist Steve Watson, who's backed Bruce Hornsby and Dolly Parton, and drummer Paul T. Riddle, a founding member of the Marshall Tucker Band. Meanwhile with a career that includes legendary gigs with the Allman Brothers and The Rolling Stones, Chuck Leavell is featured on keys, plus there's rock-solid bassist Tim Lawter, also formerly of the MTB. Offering moments from introspection to playful funkiness, there's interaction galore on this their debut that's certain to have wide-ranging appeal. So, the thing that makes Watson's Riddle so refreshing isn't any riddle at all. It's a savvy bunch of musicians laying down a polished yet emotionally engaging jazz, pop and R&B set!

CD: Watson's Riddle (2011)
Label: Palmetto Records
Cates Fomin Project - Music For Your Soul
Barefoot - Cates Fomin Project:
Pianist and composer, Stan Fomin was born in the Ukraine, where he trained classically and where he obtained a Masters Degree in Music in 1967. He emigrated to Canada in 1998, and quickly established his jazz credentials on the vibrant Toronto music scene and since his arrival in the 'great white north' he's collaborated and shared stages with the likes of Herbie Hancock, Bob James, Warren Hill, Jeff Golub, Paul Brown, Najee, and Demo Cates. For his part, Demo Cates too is one of Canada's finest musical imports, having made the short diagonal move to TO from 'the motor city'! For a time, saxman Cates toured with the late Lenny Breau while he was nominated for Juno Awards on vocals in both 1985 and 1988. Additionally, Cates has studied acting at the Lee Strasberg School in New York City, and for many years he was a cast member for Toronto's production of "The Lion King".

In 2008, the two regional icons joined forces for Journey With Us their debut as the Cates Fomin Project and a release which garnered international attention as well as earning the pair an appearance at the 2010 CSJA. Music For Your Soul is their follow-up 5-track EP and from it we have the easy strolling on the beach sounds of Barefoot!

EP: Music For Your Soul (2010)
Label: Cates Fomin Publising
Wayne Jones - Closed for the Holidays
Closed for the Holidays - Wayne Jones:
Australian Wayne Jones started out in music on drums when a mishap in his teens left him with only partial use of a thumb. With his aspirations as a drummer sidelined, Jones was undeterred and took up the bass instead and he's since gone on to become a bit of a phenom - over the past 3-decades, he'd played nearly every style imaginable. The next logical step in the journey proved the slightly misnamed but highly memorable Forgotten Melody released in 2006! "Luckily for music lovers we only had to wait until 2009 for the follow up 'Saturday Street', further cementing Jones' reputation as a world-class instrumentalist and tunesmith … Now in 2011, Jones unleashes his finest work yet, the six track recording 'Closed For The Holidays'." (Greg Phillips, editor Australian Musician magazine.) In the same article Jones states, '"The last two were good and I think I have learned things while over in the States and I feel I have progressed in my writing and playing … I really have a great feeling about this one. I feel I have arrived." The statement isn't just bravado either. After merely a listen or two, there's little doubt that legions of smooth enthusiasts are going to be in complete agreement! From Closed for the Holidays, we have the namesake track featuring special guest Mike MacArthur on sax as well as a sparkling trumpet solo by Rick Braun!

EP: Closed for the Holidays (2011)
Label: Dim & Dimmer Records

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
More of the Q3 Review: As the story of the QR continues to be told, we're back with more of the best from the past 90 days. Included on this chapter of the show are Acoustic Alchemy, Cindy Bradley, Eddie Gip Noble, Kenny Love, Roman Street, and 111 East. There's new music from Paolo Rustichelli and George Benson as well as from Eliane Elias and Leon Huff. Plus we're introducing Drew Simpson, Mark Stephens, and Kenyon Carter, as well as the team of Michael Rosati & Jason Weber - on an x-citing 14 track set! Playlist for Ed#629

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