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October 2nd, 2011
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This Week at The Café:
In the spotlight on this edition it's multi-instrumentalist & producer Michael e with Departures & Arrivals. We'll take a peak inside that release with a well-chilled sampling of 3 great tracks. In the second half of the show, it's another exciting Vintage Collection - this installment is highlighted by three great tracks from the 70s including Barry White's Love Unlimited Orchestra with Love's Theme from 1974. Then there a pair of tracks that pre-date that - both are from 1971. We have Can't Believe It's True from the Irish blues-rocker & former member of the band Taste, the late Rory Gallagher; plus there's the Theme from Shaft by the legendary Isaac Hayes, while rounding the set are Alphonse Mouzon, a pioneer in jazz fusion and the renowned session saxophonist Gary Meek!
In This Issue:

Departures & Arrivals - Michael e

Morning Sun - Alphonse Mouzon
Theme from Shaft - Isaac Hayes
When Love Appears - Gary Meek
Love's Theme - Love Unlimited Orch.
Can't Believe ... - Rory Gallagher

AFTER HOURS : Summer Groove
PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#627

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Showcase CD
Departures & Arrivals - Michael e:

Based in Sheffield England, Michael e is in actuality producer and multi-instrumentalist Michael E Frith. Early in his career, Michael played US bases and throughout Europe as a member of various cover bands. But as he developed his compositional skills, it occurred to him that with technological advancements he could do it all - compose, perform, produce, and mix a record totally on his own. Out of this vision Michael realized his dream in 2006 with the cd Beautiful World. Now 9 albums into his solo career as Michael e, plus another in collaboration with Charlie North as "The Charlie North Michael e Project", Michael has repeatedly demonstrated, he's likely the most prolific, imaginative, and consistent player on today's downtempo scene. The word is spreading like wildfire as Michael has already appeared on over 100 compilations.

Michael e - Departures & Arrivals
Michael e courtesy of David Pearlman Photography Michael e
In keeping with this latter thought, we're ready to do our part by fanning the Michael e flame just a wee bit with Departures & Arrivals, Michael's most recent release now set for that musical stage reserved for the spotlight release! So as we set our thermostat to chill with there's the 1st of three frosty tracks entitled One More Sleep! J'taime at the top of the second hour whispers 'I love you' in that musical language of love while the temperature drops nearly 10 degrees or so with the tune Brazil Chill! So it is that Michael e is in a sense completing a leg in the journey he embarked upon about 5 years ago. Beautiful World signaled the taking off while Departures & Arrivals now heralds Michael's full coming of age!

CD: Departures & Arrivals (2011)
Label: Sub HZ

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Vintage Collection: Part One
Alphonse Mouzon - Absolute Greatest Love Songs & Ballads
Morning Sun - Alphonse Mouzon:
One of the artists that helped put fusion on the map in the '70s, Alphonse Mouzon was headed toward a career in medicine when a calling in music took him off in a totally different direction. Mouzon had for, several years, been a top session drummer in New York City when in 1970 he became a co-founding member of Weather Report. Later, along with guitarist Larry Coryell, he co-founded The Eleventh House and played with them from 72 to 74; meanwhile from 1978 through until the early 80s his main gig was playing, touring and recording with Herbie Hancock. His own 1974 Mind Transplant cd is considered a seminal release in the genre while Mouzon has continued to record in a variety of styles right thru until the present. On this occasion we're checking out the 96 compilation Absolute Greatest Love Songs & Ballads and the track Morning Sun which reveals a more mellow side.
Originally issued in 1981 on the cd of the same name and then re-released in 1996, Alphonse is joined by some high caliber talent. To paraphrase an old saying, you can judge a musician by the company he keeps and in so far as Alphonse is concerned he's rubbing elbows with the very best including Herbie Hancock, Lee Ritenour, Hubert Laws, Freddie Hubbard and Michael Brecker!

CD: Absolute Greatest Love Songs & Ballads (1996)
Label: Tenacious Records
Isaac Hayes - Shaft: Music From The Soundtrack
Theme from Shaft - Isaac Hayes:
As one of the most accomplished soul artists of his generation, few figures had greater influence over the music of the 60s and 70s than did Isaac Hayes. Raised by his grandparents after his parents had passed away, Hayes made his public debut singing in church at the age of five - later he taught himself piano, organ, and saxophone. 1962 saw the start of Hayes' record career. Initially he made a name for himself with Stax Records; as one-half of the hit writing team with lyricist David Porter, Hayes co-penned nearly 200 tracks including several hits such as Soul Man for Sam & Dave. By '67, Hayes had already gained lead man status only to explode commercially a few years later with the release of Shaft, the score for the film of the same name.
The album won an Oscar for Hayes who was only the third African-American to win an Academy Award in a competitive field; meanwhile the single "Theme from Shaft," became a number one hit. Lines such as 'Who is the man that would risk his neck for his brother man?' have, as reviewer Jason Birchmeier so eloquently put it, shown the theme to be "a song that has only grown more treasured over the years"!

LP: Shaft - Music From The Soundtrack (1971)
Label: Stax Records
Isaac Hayes: 1942 - 2008

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Vintage Collection: Part Two
Gary Meek - Step 7
When Love Appears - Gary Meek:
Having started the piano at the age of five, Encino California native Gary Meek picked up the clarinet after hearing an Artie Shaw record in his father's collection. Even so, in order to play in his high school jazz band, Meek had to take the sax and flute so he learned those too. After studying at the Grove School of Music and playing jazz at the LA Jazz Workshops in the early 80s, Meek got his big break in 1986 when at the age of 25 he was hired to play keys backing Dionne Warwick on a world tour. "The following year, Gary met Airto Moreira and Flora Purim and discovered musical soul mates." (Quote courtesy of M.E.L.T. 2000 record label.) For four years he appeared on their albums and toured the world. "In 1990, along with the guitarist José Neto, Airto, Flora and Gary formed a quartet known as Fourth World" and they recorded three studio projects plus a live date at Ronnie Scott's Club.
In the meantime Meek made his solo debut in 1991 and has a catalogue of five albums to his credit. Even so, Meek has generally been better known for his all-star associations having appeared on records by Sergio Mendez, the Rippingtons, Dave Benoit, Alphonse Mouzon, and Jeff Lorber among others. On this occasion though, Gary is the featured headliner. Backed by likes of Brian Bromberg and Jimmy Haslip as well as by a few illustrious and former band mates, we have the sumptuous serenade of When Love Appears!

CD: Step 7 (2002)
Label: A440 Music Group
Love Unlimited Orchestra - Rhapsody in White
Love's Theme - Love Unlimited Orchestra:
Barry White grew up Barry Eugene Carter in a high-crime area of LA where at the age of 17 his activities netted him four months in jail. While incarcerated, he listened to Elvis Presley on the radio singing "It's Now or Never" and that proved a life changing event. It caused him to turn to a career in music and upon his release he changed his name to White. By the middle of the '60s, White went the solo route, but any initial success, as modest as it was, came as a songwriter. Additionally, he started working with Love Unlimited, a girl group (that included his future wife) that sang his back-up. In 1972, White started producing them and, in order to back both him and Love Unlimited, he created a 40-piece group called Love Unlimited Orchestra. Barry & Love Unlimited, the girl group, scored a hit that year with "Walking in the Rain with the One I Love", a track that sold over a million copies.
The following year White scored a hit of his own with "I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More Baby" and then also that same year, he scored big with Love Unlimited Orchestra and "Love's Theme". It became abundantly clear that Barry White was indeed firing on all cylinders. One of only a handful of instrumentals to ever reach the top spot on the charts, the project was White's third smash in just over a year, and a tune that inspired an entire generation of song writers! In what appears as nothing short of a 'travesty', Barry White has to this point been passed over from induction by The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, an honor he so richly deserves!

LP: Rhapsody in White (1974)
Label: PolyGram
Barry White: 1944 - 2003
Rory Gallagher - Rory Gallagher
Can't Believe It's True - Rory Gallagher:
Inspired to follow his passion for music, Rory Gallagher's first instrument was the guitar at the age of nine, although through the years he also learned ukulele, harmonica, slide guitar, and alto sax, as well as bass, mandolin, banjo, and coral sitar to varying degrees of proficiency. It was only by listening to stations like Radio Luxembourg late at night that Gallagher was able to gain exposure to the music that moved him. In his mid teens he discovered the music of Muddy Waters who became his greatest influence, and from then on he became intent on exploring different avenues in the blues. After tours with a couple of different bands, Gallagher found himself back in his native Ireland in 1966 ready to form his own group and pursue his own sound. That musical vehicle became the power trio known as Taste, which rivaled the creativity and energy of many of the big names of that time.
Taste supported Cream at their farewell concert at Royal Albert Hall, they opened for the super group Blind Faith on a North American tour and they were on the brink of international success when they split in 1971 due to managerial difficulties and musical differences. Keen on maintaining his momentum, Gallagher went back into the studio almost immediately to record his self-titled solo debut and thereupon he embarked on a journey that saw him amass record sales in excess of 30 million units world wide. On this occasion we revisit that first release for the 7 minute adventure entitled Can't Believe It's True. One of the truly great tracks from the 70s, here's a tune that features Gallagher on guitar, vocals, and sax and showcases the Irish blues-rocker as one of the top talents of the day!

LP: Rory Gallagher (1971)
Label: Buddha Records
Rory Gallagher: 1948 - 1995

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Summer Groove: If you're new to the vibe of the hippest show on radio, here's when we totally rewrite the rules. On this edition, we're picking up where we left off a couple of shows ago with the second installment in our summertime connection series. In spite of the fact summer's nearly done, we're hanging onto these sounds for dear life with a 13-track set - all in some way connect to the hottest season of the year - and these include Nil's Summer Nights, Last Summer by Daniel Domenge and George Benson with Summer Love. We're calling this feature Summer Groove for a 2004 track by Tim Bowman! Playlist for Ed#627

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