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February 27th, 2011
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This Week at
… it's keyboardist Nicholas Cole taking center stage with A Journey of One. We're spotlighting a nice sampling of tracks, all as part of the showcase segment. Hour 2 brings a time-travelling adventure, and another exciting Vintage Collection - highlights for this installment are by Shadowfax and Sheila E. Also appearing are Jack Lee and Gordon James; while in the end Gary Herbig joins Alan Silvestri for one of the great film themes from the 80s. Right after the Vintage Collection we have a few 'hot picks' - including Brian Simpson, Dave Koz, and Mezzoforte; meantime filling out the rest of our roster are Joyce Cooling, Blake Aaron, and Jonathan Butler!
In This Issue:

A Journey of One - Nicholas Cole

Writes of Passage - Sheila E.
Scenes From the Past - Jack Lee
Paradise - Gordon James
Foundwind - Shadowfax
End Titles - Alan Silvestri

AFTER HOURS : Monogram Tracks
PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#604

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Showcase CD
A Journey of One - Nicholas Cole:

Keyboardist Nicholas Cole got his start in music playing piano and organ in his church when he was four. While he often likes to say that his musical training took place in the Lord's house, Cole also took a few lessons from Jimmy Aycock, a piano teacher for over 30 years. Aycock suggested The Julliard School of Music; meanwhile Rick Depiro, who met the Cole family vacationing, recognized that Cole's style was more suited to jazz and recommended Berklee instead! Even so, at this point Cole has put his musical education on hold while furthering his recording and performing career - a good thing for us, as his first effort is a gem! Cole's greatest inspirations have come not only from gospel, but from jazz as well from many wide ranging styles that he's been exposed to. Showing remarkable poise for a 17-year-old, the Goldsboro North Carolina native self-produced A Journey of One.

Nicholas Cole - A Journey of One
Now here's a project upon which Cole exhibits musical maturity well beyond his years! Blending a cool jazz-gospel vibe with funk sensibilities, Nicholas Cole has secured a spot at the forefront of a new generation of jazz performer!
Nicholas Cole Nicholas Cole
There's little if any doubt he's one of today's brightest emerging stars, so it's with a measure of satisfaction that we now direct the Café Jazz spotlight at Nicholas Cole and a no less than dazzling debut. And for the ribbon cutting selection, we have the reflective A Journey of One the title track. Laying down a jangling guitar riff on top of a lush melody, Cole gets us to share in the fantasy with a sensual piece called Dreams; meantime things take on just a bit more torque with the aptly titled Crank It Up, and that's the closer. With as promising a coming out album as we've heard in quite some time, we're inclined to agree with an anonymous reviewer who noted, that although his premier release may be called A Journey of One, for Nicholas Cole his next journey will be with many!

CD: A Journey of One (2010)
Label: Independent

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Vintage Collection: Part One
Sheila E. & the E-Train - Writes of Passage
Writes of Passage - Sheila E. & the E-Train:
Before becoming a solo performer, Sheila E. began her career as a teen playing with George Duke. She enjoyed a stint in the Latin jazz band led by her father, the famed percussionist Pete Escovedo, and appeared on a couple of his records before being discovered by Prince who helped her with a record deal. Sheila E burst into the limelight with the Prince composition The Glamorous Life in 1984 and, while continuing to record on her own, she toured briefly with His Royal Badness in 1987. However, after her brush with pop stardom, Sheila E's subsequent release met with only modest success and she didn't return to a lead role for several years. Issued in 2000, Writes of Passage was Ms E's first in nine years. With a mix of funk, fusion, gospel, and Latin influences, the cd featured performances by guitarist Ray Obiedo and keyboardist Renato Neto. From a cd that marked a return to her jazzier side; we have the title track with sax player Eric Leeds in the spotlight!

CD: Writes of Passage (2000)
Label: Concord Records
Jack Lee - Asian*ergy
Scenes From the Past - Jack Lee:
Born in Seoul Korea, Jack Lee absorbed the rock sounds of Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, and Jeff Beck before discovering Pat Metheny, Larry Coryell, and Miles Davis. At 17, he relocated to the US and later enrolled at Columbia University as a computer science major. While enjoying a stint as a disc jockey, he was exposed to a wide diversity in jazz, a passion he further explored at many of the NYC hot spots. With Asian roots and a sensitivity honed by his experience, Lee combines great technique with flowing lyricism. With several well-received cds, we're back-tracking to the first of his Asian*ergy releases for the appropriately titled Scenes From the Past!

CD: Asian*ergy (2007)
Label: Truspace Records / Video Arts

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Vintage Collection: Part Two
Gordon James - After Hours
Paradise - Gordon James:
A graduate of The Interlochen Arts Academy and The Hartt College of Music, Gordon James is a seasoned performer and bandleader based in Middlesex NJ. Having formed the Gordon James Band in 1995, he debuted with Candlelight Love that same year and has since gone on to open for many artists in the genre while performing at a variety of festivals and appearing at sundry venues. With a blend of Jazz, Latin, R&B, Pop and hip hop, James has played with the likes of Bob Baldwin, James Lloyd, Gil Parris, and others. His second release, featuring keyboardist James Lloyd from Pieces of a Dream, received broad support based on the strength of the track Shades of Brown while following in 2004 was the mellow After Hours cd. From an effort that featured guest performances by Chuck Loeb and Slide Hampton, we have the gorgeous melody and haunting coolness of the opening track!

CD: After Hours (2004)
Label: Caress Music
Shadowfax - Esperanto
Foundwind - Shadowfax:
From humble beginnings in the early 70s to playing many of the pre-eminent venues around the world, Shadowfax was one of the earliest and best-known proponents of new age electronic music. Formed in Chicago in 1972, by sax player Chuck Greenberg, guitarist G.E. Stinson, and bassist Phil Maggini, the group was named for a fictitious horse in Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. The trio was originally a blues band, but soon began to explore a wide mix of styles and, after adding drummer Stuart Nevitt in 1974, the Shadowfax debut was issued a couple of years later. Their hard to categorize blend combined jazz, rock, folk, and world music, while Greenberg's work on the lyricon, one of the first electronic wind instruments, became the band's signature sound. In 1988, Shadowfax won a Grammy for Folksongs for a Nuclear Village, and while experiencing a variety of changes in personnel, they received a second Grammy nomination for Esperanto. Sadly Shadowfax disbanded shortly after the passing of Greenberg in 1995 following a heart attack. From their eighth and next to last studio effort we present Foundwind with Chuck Greenberg featured!

CD: Esperanto (1992)
Label: Earthbeat
Alan Silvestri - Romancing the Stone / Motion Picture Soundtrack
End Titles - Alan Silvestri ft. Gary Herbig:
With a career as a film score composer that extends back nearly 40 years, Alan Silvestri has written for over 70 films and TV series. Silvestri scored his first film in 1972 and after a few years, and some TV work that included Starsky and Hutch, he was called upon to create a soundtrack for the 1984 film Romancing the Stone. This proved the start of a long-term collaboration with director Robert Zemeckis and Silvestri's breakthrough that led to a pair of Oscar nominations as well as a couple of considerations for a Grammy. Although perhaps best known for Forrest Gump and the Back to the Future trilogy Romancing the Stone remains one of Silvestri's most appealing. Opting for a jazzy approach to convey its swashbuckling style, from that effort we have the track that played as the final credits rolled on by. ID'd as the End Titles the track prominently features the saxwork of Gary Herbig whose own résumé includes multiple TV theme & film credits!

CD: Romancing the Stone / Motion Picture Soundtrack (1984)
Label: Varèse Sarabande
Links: A.Silvestri: G.Herbig: Romancing:

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Monogram Tracks: ... chapter 2 in a series wherein all the selections are by performers having an initial as part of their name! Included are the likes of 'PJ' Spraggins, Bass X, TDF, and S-Tone Inc., as we have some fun with a feature called Monogram Tracks! Playlist for Ed#604

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