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November 20th, 2011
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This Week at
... in the spotlight on this show is saxman Richard Elliot. In The Zone is the new one, and par for the course we've selected a real nice trio of tracks, all as part of the showcase segment. In the second half it's time to unwind and relax with our Chill Out feature and some of the best laid back grooves on today's downtempo scene. On this installment appearing out of Italy are Paolo Fedreghini & Marco Bianchi, from the UK there's The Charlie North Michael e Project, while rounding it are Rodrigo Sanchez, the Sol Project, and Dakini Mandarava - and those are all in hour 2. But leading in is a tune from Norman Brown - now here's a jazzy track that'll put a bit strut in your stuff - it features the sax of Sam Riney and it's called Soul Dance!
In This Issue:

In The Zone - Richard Elliot

Asian Lights - Dakini Mandarava
Please Don't ... - Fedreghini & Bianchi
Lights of Euphoria - North-Michael e
Que Pasa Con Tu Corazon? - Sol Project
Deep Water - Rodrigo Sanchez

AFTER HOURS : Continuum
PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#634

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Showcase CD
In The Zone - Richard Elliot:

When Richard Elliot recorded his solo debut back in 1986, he was still a member of Tower Of Power and smooth jazz radio was just beginning to emerge. It was there that Elliot's music found a home and in the intervening years, he's issued an impressive string of hits and albums - he is viewed by many as the 'reigning merchant of soul-jazz'. Now Richard is back with In the Zone, his latest album and somewhere around his 19th overall. The phrase 'in the zone' is often used to describe the ultimate in a mental state - energy is focused and emotion is channeled. Although 25 years into his career as a front man, the excitement is still there on this new release as Richard pays homage to some of the artists from his formative years. The project is really an extension of something he started with Rock Steady. Growing up in the 70s, R&B music was very influential to his developing style and taste. Rock Steady represented those R&B influences whereas In the Zone takes it one step further, the same time period but this time the influences are instrumental.

Richard Elliot - In The Zone
This is as he puts it "the flip side with what I tried to do with Rock Steady"; it was "unfinished business" and "something I had to do". The collection is driven by a single cover and 9 retro-flavoured originals penned by Richard and the cd's co-producer Jeff Lorber - the two have shared a rich collaborative history over the last 10 years or so.
Richard Elliot - photo by Renata Gryga
Richard Elliot
photo by Renata Gryga
In describing the project, Elliot goes on to say, "Because I was bringing back those feelings that I had as an 18 year old wanting to be an instrumental artist, that feeling of joy came into the studio," and that's something that definitely comes through on the finished product! So it is that In The Zone is now the focal point for the spotlight segment. We have as slick a trio of tracks as we've ever featured and it all begins with Island Style, the opening tune on the disc. Metropolis takes the tempo down a notch and leads into the second half of the show, while The Lower Road shows us the high road of Richard's talents as a writer and a musician. For Richard Elliot In The Zone represents the feeling that he's right where he wants to be. The combination of all the elements - the band and the music and where he's at emotionally and in his personal life - they're all kind of clicking. "That's where In The Zone comes from!"

CD: In The Zone (2011)
Label: Artistry Music / Mack Avenue

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Chill-Out Feature: Part One
Dakini Mandarava - Sea Of Silence Vol.3
Asian Lights - Dakini Mandarava:
Based in Stuttgart Germany, Jens Buchert is one of the most popular producers in the sphere of downbeat, ambient, lounge, chill, and electronic music. Internationally known for his many projects and the deep moods he creates, Buchert has conceived a catalogue of over 200 releases and is one of the most important proponents of the electronic scene. He's plied his craft for over 20 years and additionally, he's written countless titles for films, TV, trailers, and other media events. Nicknamed the "wizard of sounds", Buchert nonetheless leads a double life of sorts and as Dakini Mandarava he produces relaxation cds for yoga, cosmic meditation, and the like. From the compilation Sea of Silence Vol.3, we present the 'feng shui' of Dakini Mandarava and "Calm Music for mental peace and physical wellness"!

CD: Sea Of Silence Vol.3 (2005)
Label: Jackpot (Sony Music)
Paolo Fedreghini and Marco Bianchi - Several People
Please Don't Leave - Paolo Fedreghini and Marco Bianchi:
True to their tradition, Paolo Fedreghini and Marco Bianchi recorded Several People with one foot on the dance floor and the other in the world of classic jazz. Fedreghini's forte was not only his passion as a music connoisseur, but also as a producer with a keen ambition for a variety of sounds. A few years back, Fedreghini hooked up with Bianchi, a pianist and composer of some repute who himself had six mainly jazzy albums to his credit. The pair embarked on a series of consolidated efforts and in the process they created a base that allowed for the co-operative exchange of ideas and the fertile contributions of others. This perhaps was nowhere more readily apparent than on the 2004 release Several People, so named because of the many performers whose efforts enhanced the project. One of the most relevant was offered by Ermanno Principe, a drummer and a versatile musician, whose vocals are featured on the powerfully rhythmic Please Don't Leave!

CD: Several People (2004)
Label: Schema Records

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Chill-Out Feature: Part Two
The Charlie North Michael e Project - Messenger
Lights of Euphoria - The Charlie North Michael e Project:
The Charlie North Michael E Project is a collaborative effort that involves two of the UK's top ambient producers. The pair had met through the internet while working on a remix album, and to their surprise, they discovered that their studios were only a few miles apart. They found a synergy that was immediate and so in 2009, they joined forces for their debut. Now a couple of years, there's a much anticipated follow-up that's in the works. From the forthcoming Messenger release, we have Charlie North and Michael e with the track Lights of Euphoria and an instant atmospheric gem!

CD: Messenger (2012)
Label: Sub HZ
Sol Project - Bambuddha Grove Vol.1
Que Pasa Con Tu Corazon? - Sol Project:
On the party island of Ibiza in the Mediterranean off the coast of Spain is where you will find Bambuddha Groove, representing not only a restaurant but also a philosophy in life. That is where M.O.C. Paoli (Paoli Münchenbach) set up shop many years ago as the resident DJ, Master of Ceremonies, and compiler of the Bambuddha Groove series of down-tempo release. From Volume One in the set we have a contribution by Sol Project. Named for vocalist Sol Galarreta, who enjoys splitting her time between living in London and the hugely inspirational island, the rest of the 'project' includes transplants Patrick Heischrek and Klaus Försterling. Heischrek was a pop rock artist and composer back in his native Germany - he has played piano since he was 6 and started to play drums when he moved to Ibiza. For his part Försterling, was inspired to play guitar by Jimi Hendrix and has lived in Ibiza since the age of 20. As Sol Project, together with a bit of sampling from Groove Activator by Gota, there's the quasi-metaphysical 'Que Pasa Con Tu Corazon?' or 'What Happens To Your Heart?'!

CD: Bambuddha Grove Vol.1 (2001)
Label:Mole Listening Pearl
Rodrigo Sanchez - The Millionairs Lounge Club Deep Water - Rodrigo Sanchez:
A musician & a producer with a passion for electronic instrumentation, Rodrigo Sanchez is the alias under which Berlin native Jerry Groschke records. In 2006, Sanchez issued 'En la playa al sol' translating to 'On the beach in the sun'. Flavoured with elements of Latin, Jazz, Soul, & Lounge, and steeped with atmospheres of soul and sensuality, the album combined many contemporary styles in unique and creative ways. Then a few years down the road, one of the tracks was selected for the compilation volume 1 of The Millionairs Lounge Club. From that cd subtitled Smooth and Luxury Lounge Music and released by Audio Lotion Recordings, we have Rodrigo Sanchez and the deeply delicious Deep Water!

CD: The Millionairs Lounge Club (2010)
Label: Audio Lotion Recordings

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Continuum: ... it's a continuation in our cover tune series with a feature called Continuum named for a Brian Bromberg take a Jaco Pastorius track. Yes all the selections are cover tunes, be it from pop, jazz or from somewhere in between. There's a 13 track set with How Long from Mark Barrios, Evil Ways by Fattburger, as well as Eliane Elias and Light My Fire. And to begin we're checking a redo of a tune recorded by Antonio Carlos Jobim. From the cd A Twist of Jobim, Eric Marienthal and Lee Ritenour are featured on this read - it's called Favela as the cover tunes continue on the Continuum edition! Playlist for Ed#634

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