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May 9th, 2010
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American Smooth Jazz Awards!
... under the heading of shameless self-promotion, this is the dawning of a new day. In the BIGGEST news in our 13-years of hosting Café Jazz, yours truly has garnered consideration as smooth jazz internet broadcaster of the year at the upcoming ASJA. So if you dig the style of the radio show that dares to be known by its good taste alone, here's how you can show some luv. We're linked conveniently to the Awards site, so you can give a yea to all your favourites … voting is in progress so hopefully you'll consider me worthy of your support! But regardless of where you're at, be it Cedar Rapids Iowa listening on KCCK, or on WINR in Houston Texas, consider this is your personal invitation to join in on all the fun. That includes our family of listeners at Kool FM in New Zealand and a big welcome as well as to everyone at the Oh! Zone Radio Network in Taiwan. Suffice it to say, without your backing what we do rings hollow!

This Week at
… Dreamdance & Paradise is Paul Cullen's deluxe compilation of his first two releases and that's the featured cd. The second hour has the latest & best in new music with a 5-pack of Fresh Trax. Debuting on our show are The James Colah Project and Soca Joe Band featuring Joe Bonacci; while also appearing for the first time we have Gregg Holsey and Stephen Sherriff, as well as Marlon McClain. Then after the new, there's the tried and true with a cast that's no less than terrific! It'll be Acoustic Alchemy followed by Amarosa - we also have Brian Simpson and Earl Klugh - plus Kirk Whalum & Peter White team on a track. Nonetheless, ready and cued is Nick Colionne. The Big Windy Cat is a double-nominee at the upcoming ASJA, an affair that he's also hosting. In recognition, we have a tune from a few years back that emphatically inquires … Can You Feel It!
In This Issue:

Dreamdance & Paradise - Paul Cullen

Better Days - James Colah Project
Come Away - Soca Joe Band
Just Cooling - Gregg Holsey
Groovin' on a Breeze - Stephen Sherriff
Come On - Marlon McClain

AFTER HOURS : East of West
PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#570

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Showcase CD
Dreamdance & Paradise - Paul Cullen:

For Buffalo native Paul Cullen, music really didn't enter his life until after high school when his family moved to Florida. Turned on by the sounds of Jaco Pastorius, Cullen took up bass and after practicing 10 hours a day for 6 months, he got his first gig. For the next 9 years, he crisscrossed the USA playing in 12 different bands - then in the early 90s the British band Bad Company drafted Cullen for live shows. As he describes it, "The next 3 years were action packed, playing 254 shows in front of 2.5 million people." Needless to mention, there was some re-entry required when he went back to the local scene, so Cullen took a break, and regrouped and came back stronger than ever in 2007, with his debut. Following that with a second release this past year, Cullen now couples both cds as a deluxe issue in Dreamdance & Paradise!

Paul Cullen - Dreamdance & Paradise
Paul Cullen
Paul Cullen
Recently teaming with Italian wine importer PortoVino has enabled Cullen to combine his performance schedule with wine tasting events, thereby merging his passion for groovy wine and jazzy music. And as a bit of a nod to this convenient arrangement, Cullen has subtitled his disc Unplugged and Uncorked! So to this extent, we're pleased to toast Dreamdance & Paradise as the showcase cd with a nifty complement of instrumental tunes selected from its ranks. Beginning with Summer Nights the harmonics and melody flow like the choicest wine. Atmospheric, cool, and full of European flavour, Le Vigne Di Alice provides a tranquil bouquet at the top the second hour - whereas Tango de Havana robustly closes the show. Laced with hints of Jazz & Latin, nicely mixed with ambient textures and Mediterranean influence, with Dreamdance & Paradise, Paul Cullen has bottled a vintage collection!

CD: Dreamdance & Paradise (2010)

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Fresh Trax: Part One
The James Colah Project - Better Days
Better Days - The James Colah Project:
Keyboardist James Colah started in music when he was 12 forming a band called The Colah's with his identical triplet brothers - and now, in a three decade career, he's toured with Tears For Fears and The Foundations while working with a range of high profilers in the likes of Edwin Starr and Sheena Easton. A few years back, he set up his own studio, wherein he's produced and recorded literally hundreds of artists. More recently, Colah turned his attention to the genre we luv connecting with fellow Brit Mike Parlett as half of The Parlett-Colah Project. Now a project unto himself Colah returns with his latest offering, a great new single called Better Days with Ant Law featured on guitar!

Single: Better Days (2010)
Label: James Colah Productions
Soca Joe Band - featuring Joe Bonacci
Come Away - Soca Joe Band:
As leader, founder, & artistic director for Manhattan Swing Orchestra, a dance band that plays all styles, and now for Soca Joe Band, guitarist Joe Bonacci brings a wealth of experience to his music. From working with Yoko Ono to complete John Lennon's works, to performing live with Tito Puente, Freddie Hubbard and many more, Bonacci has enjoyed a rich diversity of styles. He's written for film & TV and now with Soca Joe, Bonacci explores what might best be described as Soca Jazz. Blending flavours of 'the islands' with funky rhythms and a reggae feel Bonacci has created his own sub-genre of music. Producer Gary Haase, whose credits are very impressive from George Benson and Grover Washington to Randy Brecker and Michael Bolton, was instrumental in bringing the project to life and in particular Joe sends a shout out his way. So, from that debut as Soca Joe Band, we have Joe Bonacci with a super tune called Come Away featuring the saxwork of one of our favorites, David Mann!

CD: featuring Joe Bonacci (2009)
Label: Pedal Point Productions

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Fresh Trax: Part Two
Gregg Holsey - Can't Stop
Just Cooling - Gregg Holsey:
Detroit native Gregg Holsey began playing bass at an early age and by the time he was 18 he had played with many of the Motor City's finest. Having spent a major part of his life traveling playing music, for 15 of those years Holsey was living in Japan working with many of the local artists. He played for the king of Thailand, and while living in Malaysia, he co-produced that country's #1 singing group. Now back in his hometown by way of Sacramento CA, Gregg issued Music For The Soul a few years while following with the internet release of Can't Stop. From that current effort, there's the R&B groover Just Cooling featuring Nick Stone on saxophone!

CD: Can't Stop (2008)
Label: Oarfin Records
Stephen Sherriff - Groovin' on a Breeze
Groovin' on a Breeze - Stephen Sherriff:
Keyboardist Stephen Sherriff initially studied classical organ and in 1990, he graduated with distinction from Birmingham Conservatoire. Having played fests & shows from Brecon Jazz Festival in mid Wales to Pink Floyd's The Wall, Sherriff has also been the musical director for a variety of groups playing styles from Jazz, Reggae, & Latin to Pop & Funk. Now located on Tenerife in the Canary Islands, Sherriff recorded his debut a few years back. From that effort we've selected the hushed elegance of Groovin' on a Breeze the title track!

CD: Groovin' on a Breeze (2003)
Label: Ty's Jazz & Spice Records
Marlon McClain - TBD
Come On - Marlon McClain:
Marlon McClain is quickly zeroing in on 40 years in music. He started in 1972 as leader and guitarist for the Portland, Oregon group called Pleasure. After 6 albums, he released his solo debut in 1981 with special guests that included Jeff Lorber, Randy Jackson & Steve Smith. He went on to play with the Jeff Lorber Fusion & Shades of Soul, while for 15 years he enjoyed a gig with the Dazz Band. In the meantime, through Mac Man Music, McClain has produced or written for the likes of Kenny G, Tower of Power, & George Benson - and in one way or another he's been part of sales in excess of 50 million units. More recently, McClain had been on the road with Jeff Golub, Gerald Albright, Kirk Whalum, Tim Bowman, and an all-star band as part of Guitar & Saxes. Inspired by the experience, the veteran performer wrote a few songs and the next thing he knew, his long-overdue sophomore release was in the works. From that soon to issued cd we featuring the funky & rhythmic Come On!

CD: TBD (2010)
Label: Mac Man Music / Lucky Records

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
East of West: … part 2 in a 4-part mini series, wherein we travel to all 4 points on the musical compass. Be it north, south, east or west - if there's a group or selection has some affiliation to one of these headings it's likely to be part of the series - this time the operative connection lies with the band East of West and that's name which we gave this chapter of the show. So stay tuned for selections such as East Bay Bounce and West Coast Stranger by likes of Edison West and East Bay Soul - our GPS itinerary includes 13 such tracks! Playlist for Ed#570

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