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Favourites in '04!
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The Café Jazz Most Played Artists, Albums, & Songs !

Out of all the artists & selections that we played in 2004, the following had the distinction of being the most played on our program. Integral to our mission is the promotion of developing talents and artists that are generally less known. As such we follow our own course. However, we don't neglect the stars and as each program is carefully crafted and designed to feature what we hope & feel is the absolute best music that we can find. Café Jazz is totally committed to this philosophy and in keeping with that, this is our way to acknowledge the music and artists that are so vital to our cause.

Information on all artists & selections is available in back issues of "show notes".

Top 10 Albums

#1 Confidential
Peter White


#2 Inside Out
Dan Siegel

#3 Noche de Pasion
Alan Hewitt Project

#4 Experience
Terry Disley

#5 No Assembly Required
Pieces of a Dream

#6 Player's Club
Marion Meadows

#7 Project 2
The Benoit/Freeman Project

#8 Sophistication
Grady Nichols

#9 This Time Around
Matt Marshak

#10 Mediterraneo
Marc Antoine

Most Played Artist
Peter White
Pieces of a Dream
Marion Meadows
Joyce Cooling
Steve Oliver
Alan Hewitt
Dan Siegel
Benoit/Freeman Project
Marc Antoine
Torcuato Mariano
Most Played Selections
Suede - Marion Meadows from Player's Club
Are You Mine - Peter White from Confidential
Talkin' Bout Love - Peter White from Confidential
Little Star - Vlad from Vladosphere
Breathless - Alan Hewitt Project from Noche de Pasion
Via Nueve - The Benoit/Freeman Project From Project 2
Expression - Joyce Cooling from This Girl's Got to Play
Camelback - Joyce Cooling from This Girl's Got to Play
Guilty Pleasures - Jonathan Cain from Bare Bones
Senor Groove - Marc Antoine from Mediterraneo

Most Played Canadian Albums
#1 So Nice
The Clayton/Scott
#2 Gabriel's Horns - Gabriel Mark Hasselbach
#3 Bridge the Gap - Les Sabler
#4 Nura (self-titled) - Nura
#5 Along the Way - Brian Hughes
#6 On The Bridge - Shikandaza
#7 Two Shots - Matt Dusk
#8 Blameless - Ray Garand
#9 Desert Rain - Eddie Bullen
#10 Stereo Jackets - Ray Garand

Canadian Artists Most Played
Gabriel Mark Hasselbach
The Clayton/Scott Group
Brian Hughes
Les Sabler
Ray Garand
Demo Cates
Eddie Bullen
Jamie Bonk
Tie: Four80East * Barry Aiken
Most Played Selections by a Canadian Artist
Bridge Over The Moon - Shikandaza
Back Pocket - The Clayton/Scott Group
Soulmates - Gabriel Mark Hasselbach
Passin' Thru - Kevin Chokan
Prelude - Eddie Bullen
Maui Rain - Gabriel Mark Hasselbach
Wherever You Are - Brian Hughes
Before the Fall - Les Sabler
Clouds - Les Sabler
Noodle Soup - Four80East

Discovery, Debut, Break-thru, & Comeback Artists of the Year
Most Played Vocalists
Female & Male
Alan Hewitt
Terry Disley
Grady Nichols
Eric Darius
Matt Marshak

Theo Bishop
Paul Brown
James Vargas
David Garfield

Brenda Russell
Oleta Adams
Khani Cole
Queen Latifah

Michael Franks
Demo Cates
Slim Man
Matt Dusk
Daryl Hall

Honourable Mentions
James Hollihan
CM * Barry Danielian
Top Compilations
Rare Requests Volume 4
Wave Music Volume 7

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