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Favourites for 2006 !

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Our third annual recap of favourites !!
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Most Played
Albums !!
Our Top 40

#1 MBand
Vince Mai

#2 Dressed To Chill
Marion Meadows

#3 Alan Hewitt

#4 Ultrablue

#5 Keepin' It Cool
Nick Colionne

#6 Pillow Talk
Pieces of a Dream

#7 Elixir
Pamela Williams

#8 Full Circle
David Benoit

#9 Revolving Door
Joyce Cooling

#10 So Many Ways
Oli Silk

#11 Playin' Favorites
Peter White

#12 Cool to the Touch
Greg Adams

#13 Just Getting Started
Eric Darius

#14 Groovosphere
Matt Marshak

#15 Wrapped In A Dream
Spyro Gyra

#16 Spice of Life
Vince Madison

#17 Radiant
Steve Oliver

#18 Samoa Soul
Patrick Yandall

#19 HeadBoppin

#20 Forgotten Melody
Wayne Jones

#21 Doc Powell
Doc Powell

#22 Keep On Talkin'
Steve Briody

#23 Soul Dances
Gene Cannon

#24 Peaceful Days Gene Dunlap

#25 Now Can U
Feel Me


The Final 15

Funky Fiesta

Michael O'Neill

In The Moment

Althea René

Soul Express

Chris Standring

Way Up!
Wayman Tisdale

New Beginnings

Gerald Albright



Time To

Jeffery B.

Lift Me Up



Smoke'n Mirrors

Lee Ritenour

Of Art

David Boswell



Midnight in




In The Moment

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Most Played Artist
1.Peter White
2.Vince Mai
3.The Rippingtons
4.Marion Meadows
5.Rick Braun
6.Patrick Yandall
7.Nick Colionne
8.Gregg Karukas
9.Pamela Williams
10.Richard Elliot
11.Matt Marshak
13.Steve Oliver
14.David Benoit
15.Joyce Cooling
16.Pieces of a Dream
17.Alan Hewitt
18.Chris Standring
21. Eric Darius
22.Greg Adams
23.Alex Bugnon
24.Gene Dunlap
25.Ray Garand
26.Joe McBride
28.Oli Silk
29.Steve Briody
30.Brian Hughes
31.Michael O'Neill
32.Spyro Gyra
33.Chieli Minucci
34.Althea René
35.Urban Jazz Coalition
36.William Woods
37.Gene Cannon
38.Boney James
39.Vince Madison
40.Brian Simpson
42.Wayman Tisdale
43.Kevin Toney
44.Gerald Albright
45.Bob Baldwin
46.Brian Culbertson
47.Michael Franks
48.Wayne Jones
49.Doc Powell
50.Nelson Rangell

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Most Played Selections
1.MHouse - Vince Mai
2.Nuno - Vince Mai
3.Just My Style - Marion Meadows
4.House Arrest - Pieces of a Dream
5.Fairway - Gene Dunlap
6.Summerfunk - Matt Marshak
7.What Does It Take? - Peter White
8.Easy Does It - Oli Silk
9.Soul Candy - Ultrablue
10.Samoa Soul - Patrick Yandall
11.Yeah, That's It - Michael O'Neill
12.Montauk Moon - Matt Marshak
13.Rise - Pamela Williams
14.Feeling Good - Steve Oliver
15.Six PM - David Benoit
16.When You're Ready - Ron Boustead
17.Always Thinking Of You - Nick Colionne
18.If Clouds Could Talk - TFOXX
19.We Got The Groove - Gerald Albright
20.The Total Experience
- Boney James
21.Morning, Noon, and Night - Boca
22.Bongo Baby - Greg Adams
23.Mildred's Attraction - Joyce Cooling
Boys' Night Out - Chris Korblein
25.Mondorama - Paolo Rustichelli
26.Secret Soul - Eric Darius
27.Stay Around - Ray Garand
28.El Baile del Sol - Amarosa
29.California Vibes - Steve Barakatt
30.Lovin' Life - Gene Cannon
31.Can You Feel It - Nick Colionne
32.Around the City - Eliane Elias
33.H Gang - Donald Fagen
34.My Love's Leavin' - Fourplay ft. M.McDonald
35.Under The Sun - Michael Franks
36.Just As You Are - Everette Harp
37.This Must Be For Real - Euge Groove
38.No Words - Janita
39.Beauty of Mine - Gretchen Lieberum
40.It's Too Late
- Michael Lington
41.You're Gonna Make Me ... - Madeleine Peyroux
42.Do It Again - Philippe Saisse
43.Break The Mold - Shilts
44.House Call - Nestor Torres
45.Alive, Living In Jersey - William Woods
46.Stand Back - Paul Thomas Yoder
47.Cold As Ice - Matt Dusk
48.Run For Cover - Wayne Jones
49.Spring Lake - David Stellmach
50.Bright Spot - Jack Prybylski
Honourable Mentions: (alpha order)
Ordinary People - George Benson & Al Jarreau
At The Modern
- Joyce Cooling
Liquid Blue - Alan Hewitt
Sunday Morning - Lisa Hilton
Moon Trekin - The Jazzmasters
Saxy - Vince Madison
It Won't Last Forever - Main Gazane
I Can - Althea René
Midnight Thunder
- Spyro Gyra
True Love - Urban Jazz Coalition

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Most Played Canadian Albums
#1 MBand
Vince Mai


#2 Bridge the Gap
Les Sabler

#3 Skylark
Ray Garand

#4 Amarosa
Lou Bartolomucci / Tony Carlucci

#5 The Best Inspirations
Steve Barakatt

#6 Big Money
Monkey House

#7 Edge of the Night Boca

#8 Sweet Spot
Danny Weis

#9 In The Center Of
Skip Prokop's Valecrest

#10 Shakin' Not Stirred
Brian Hughes

Canadian Artists Most Played

1.Vince Mai
2.Ray Garand
3.Brian Hughes
4.Les Sabler
6.Steve Barakatt
7.Danny Weis
8.Paul Lamoureux
10.The Clayton/Scott Group
Most Played Selections by a Canadian Artist

1.MHouse - Vince Mai
2.Nuno - Vince Mai
3.Morning, Noon, and Night - Boca
4.El Baile del Sol - Amarosa
5.California Vibes - Steve Barakatt
6.Cold As Ice - Matt Dusk
7.Stay Around - Ray Garand
8.Interlude - Ian Martin
9.Mr.McKay - Skip Prokop's Valecrest
10.Apricot Brandy - Danny Weis

Discovery, Debut, Break-thru, & Comeback Artists of the Year
Most Played Vocalists
Female & Male
Oli Silk
Vince Mai
Vince Madison
Wayne Jones
Steve Briody
Gene Cannon
Althea René
William Woods
Gretchen Lieberum
Jill Jenson
Michael Franks
Ron Boustead
Monkey House
Matt Dusk
Victor Fields
Honourable Mentions
Urban Jazz Coalition * Jeffery B. Suttles
José Valentino
Top Compilation
We Three Strings

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