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Favourites for 2010

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7th annual recap!
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Hold-overs from 2009 marked with an * while carry-forwards from previous years are designated by ** .

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Our Top 50
Albums !!
Alan Hewitt - Retroactive
#1 Retroactive
Alan Hewitt

Gregorie Howard - Gregorie Howard

#2 Gregorie Howard
Gregorie Howard
Brian Simpson - South Beach

#3 South Beach

Brian Simpson
Tony Vattimo - Can't Let Go

#4 Can't Let Go

Tony Vattimo
David Arkenstone - Chillout Lounge

#5 Chillout Lounge

David Arkenstone

Wine & Chocolate - Snapshots in Motion

#6 Snapshots in Motion
Wine & Chocolate
Nils - What the Funk?

#7 What the Funk?
S-Tone Inc. - Moon in Libra

#8 Moon in Libra
S-Tone Inc.
Chris Standring - Blue Bolero

#9 Blue Bolero
Chris Standring
Peter White - Good Day

#10 Good Day*
Peter White
Jonathan Fritzén - Diamonds

#11 Diamonds
Jonathan Fritzén
Walle Larsson - After the Night

#12 After the Night
Walle Larsson
Jaared - Manhattan Nights

#13 Manhattan Nights
Ken Navarro - Dreaming of Trains

#14 Dreaming of Trains
Ken Navarro
David Benoit - Earthglow

#15 Earthglow
David Benoit
The 420 Café - The 420 Café

#16 The 420 Café
The 420 Café
Eric Evans Project - Waves of Grace

#17 Waves of Grace
Eric Evans Project
Steve Oliver - Global Kiss

#18 Global Kiss
Steve Oliver
Les Sabler - Crescent Shores

#19 Crescent Shores
Les Sabler
Candy Dulfer - Funked Up & Chilled Out

#20 Funked Up & Chilled Out
Candy Dulfer
Tom Braxton - Endless Highway

#21 Endless Highway*
Tom Braxton
Cindy Bradley - Bloom

#22 Bloom*
Cindy Bradley
Larry White - Coronado Breeze

#23 Coronado Breeze
Larry White
Jack Prybylski - Out of the Box

#24 Out of
the Box
Jack Prybylski
Brian Bromberg - It Is What It Is

#25 It Is
What It Is*

Brian Bromberg

The Final 25

The Ripingtons - Modern Art

Modern Art*
The Ripingtons
Chris Geith - Island of a Thousand Dreams

Island of a Thousand Dreams

Chris Geith
James Colah Project - Better Days

Better Days

James Colah Project
Tomazz - Lucid Dream

Lucid Dream

Michael Fair - Funk in the Trunk

Funk in the Trunk

Michael Fair
Marion Meadows - Secrets


Marion Meadows
Patrick Yandall - The Window

The Window

Patrick Yandall
Rob Tardik - The Right Time

The Right Time
Rob Tardik
Steve Baxter - Sugar on the Bone

Sugar on the Bone

Steve Baxter
Paul Cullen - Dreamdance & Paradise

Dreamdance & Paradise
Paul Cullen
111 East - The Way of the East

The Way of the East

111 East
Stan Berger - Kool Shoes

Kool Shoes

Stan Berger
Tom Grant - Delicioso


Tom Grant
JD Daniel - Back to the Groove

Back to the Groove

JD Daniel
Dan Carlin - Street Talk

Street Talk

Dan Carlin
Vincent Ingala - North End Soul

North End Soul

Vincent Ingala
Jonathan Butler - So Strong

So Strong

Jonathan Butler
Fingerprints - Dreamlife


Dave Koz - Hello Tomorrow

Hello Tomorrow

Dave Koz
Paul Brown + Marc Antoine - Foreign Xchange

Foreign Xchange*

Paul B + Marc A
Gregg Karukas - GK


Gregg Karukas
Kenny G - Heart and Soul

Heart and Soul

Kenny G
Tim Bowman - The Collection

The Collection

Tim Bowman
Bob Baldwin - Never Can Say Goodbye

Never Can Say Goodbye

Bob Baldwin
Norman Brown - Sending My Love

Sending My Love

Norman Brown

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Top Artist
1.Peter White*
3.Alan Hewitt
4.Brian Simpson
5.Les Sabler*
6.Jonathan Fritzén*
7.Gregorie Howard
8.Steve Oliver
9.Ken Navarro
10.Tony Vattimo
11.S-Tone Inc.
12.The Rippingtons*
13.Walle Larsson
14.David Benoit*
15.David Arkenstone
16.Wine & Chocolate
17.Marion Meadows*
18.Marc Antoine*
19.Chris Standring
20.Candy Dulfer*
21. Tom Grant*
22.Larry White
23.Tom Braxton*
25.Patrick Yandall*
26.Norman Brown*
27.The 420 Café
28.The Eric Evans Project
29.Cindy Bradley*
30.Acoustic Alchemy
31.Brian Bromberg*
32.Tim Bowman
33.Chris Geith
34.Joe McBride
35.Jack Prybylski
36.Michael Fair
37.Dave Koz
38.James Colah Project
39.Dave Koz*
40.Joyce Cooling*
41.Special EFX
43.Rick Braun*
44.Paul Taylor*
45.Brian Culbertson
46.Jonathan Butler
47.Warren Hill
48.Rob Tardik
49.Steve Baxter
50.Paul Cullen
52.Nate Najar
Honourable Mention: (alpha order)
111 East / W Beasley / S Berger / D Carlin / JD Daniel / R Elliot* / Four80East* / Gabriel / V Ingala
The Jazzmasters / Kenny G / S Laury / J Lorber / Shakatak* / O Silk* / W Sumner / P Williams* / A Zonjic

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Top 50 Selections
1.Dancing With You - Jaared
2.Step by Step - Wine & Chocolate
3.Beaches - Walle Larsson
4.Street Lights - Tony Vattimo
5.How High Is The Moon - S-Tone Inc.
6.Seaside - Eric Evans Project
7.Better Days - James Colah Project
8.Just Past Midnight - David Arkenstone
9.In The Works - Alan Hewitt
10.Dance With Me - Nils
11.Chill With The Reverend - The 420 Café
12.Bossa Blue - Chris Standring
13.Open Road - Tom Braxton
14.Global Kiss - Steve Oliver
15.Crescent Shores - Les Sabler
16.Hoodoo - Jack Prybylski
17.Straightaway - David Benoit
18.The Way of the East - 111 East
19.Martinis at the Velvet Lounge?* - Brian Bromberg 20.Ocean View - Phillip Brooks
21.Avia - For My Baby - Jonathan Butler
22.Le Vigne di Alice - Paul Cullen
23.Not In Love With Me* - HP Hoeger & T Partl
24.Smooth - Gregorie Howard
25.Shuffle - Gregorie Howard
26.Come Away - Soca Joe Band
27.Can't Let Go - Tony Vattimo
28.Coronado Breeze - Larry White
29.Let It Shine - Tim Bowman
30.One Step Closer - The Rippingtons
31.Table for 2 - Marty Q
32.Little Sunflower* - Alexander Zonjic
33.Dream Life - Fingerprints
34.Thinking About You - Norman Brown
35.Our Love - Brian Simpson
36.Never Without You - Brian Simpson
37.Botswana Bossa Nova - David Benoit
38.When Will I Know For Sure - Dave Koz
39.Dan's in Shoes- Dan Carlin
40.Cosmic Cocktail - Cinematone
41.In Motion* - Jonathan Fritzén
42.Delicioso - Tom Grant
43.All For You - Alan Hewitt
44.Steppin in Blue- Ron Hutchens
45.Wine Highway - Will Sumner
46.Mission 2 Mars - Peter White
47.Dreamer - Marc Antoine
48.Prodigious- Bob Baldwin
49.Anything You Need - Candy Dulfer
50.Jet Lag Mambo - Steve Baxter
Honourable Mention: (artist alpha order)
Down by the River - David Arkenstone
Trust in Love - Stan Berger
Catch the Wind - Cindy Bradley
Christiane* - Rick Braun
Soul Purpose* - Tom Braxton
Life - Brian Bromberg
Native Born - Gary Carpenter
Dawn Over Brazil - Richard Chadwick
Crank It Up - Nicholas Cole
Going Coastal - Drew Davidsen
I Remember When - Michael Fair
Stockholm Nights - Jonathan Fritzén
Undercover - Jonathan Fritzén
Coastal Daydreaming - Chris Geith
Touch and Go - The Jazzmasters
The Red Door - Perry Joslin Project
G-Walkin' - Kenny G
Really Jazzy - Saskia Laroo
Come On - Marlon McClain
Samba de Noite - Nate Najar
Self Propelled - Ken Navarro
Shared Air - Ken Navarro
S'Easy Daddy - Emilio Palame Band
Ladies Night Out* - Althea René
All We Need - Oli Silk
Please Mind the Gap - Chris Standring
Virtue - Rob Tardik
Good Day* - Peter White
Jersey Shore - Patrick Yandall
Brazil - Kenny Zarider

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Top Canadian Albums
#1 After The Night
Walle Larsson
Walle Larsson - After The Night

Les Sabler - Crescent Shores

#2 Crescent Shores
Les Sabler

Rob Tardik - The Right Time

#3 The Right Time
Rob Tardik

Alexander Zonjic - Doin' the D

#4 Doin' the D*
Alexander Zonjic

Four80East - Roll On

#5 Roll On*

Warren Hill - La Dolce Vita

#6 La Dolce Vita*
Warren Hill
Richard Chadwick - Still Dreaming

#7 Still Dreaming
Richard Chadwick
Clear Voyage - Another Level

#8 Another Level
Clear Voyage
Gabriel - Told Ya So

#9 Told Ya So
Vince Mai - MBand

#10 MBand**
Vince Mai

Top Canadian Artists

1.Les Sabler*
2.Walle Larsson
3.Rob Tardik
5.Warren Hill*
7. Alexander Zonjic*
8. Richard Chadwick
9. Clear Voyage
10.Brian Hughes
Top Selections by a Canadian Artist / Band

1.Beaches - Walle Larsson
2.Crescent Shores - Les Sabler
3.Little Sunflower* - Alexander Zonjic
4.Virtue - Rob Tardik
5.Dawn Over Brazil - Richard Chadwick
6.Daydreamer* - Warren Hill
7.Neptune's Waltz - Les Sabler
8.The J Spot - Clear Voyage
9.After All This Time* - Four80East
10.After The Night - Walle Larsson

Discovery, Debut, Break-thru, & Comeback Artists of the Year
Gregorie Howard
Tony Vattimo
S-Tone Inc.
Walle Larsson
Wine and Chocolate
The 420 Café
The Eric Evans Project
Michael Fair
The James Colah Project
Rob Tardik
Paul Cullen
Nate Najar
111 East
Stan Berger
JD Daniel
Vincent Ingala
Phillip Brooks
Marty Q
Soca Joe Band
Honourable Mentions
Nicholas Cole / Ron Hutchens / Synthpathic

Top Vocals
How High Is The Moon* - Angie Brown (S-Tone Inc.)
Not In Love With Me* - ? (HP Hoeger & T Partl)
Lua e Xango - Rosalia de Souze (S-Tone Inc.)
Universe of Love - Angie Brown (S-Tone Inc.)
Ibiza* - Steve Ngondo (Tea)
Dolalalalang** - Claudia Valtierra (DeeLight)
Open Up Your Eyes - Jenny B (Alessandro Magnanini)
A Tale of Two Hearts - Fanni Sárközy (Mizar)
Do It Again - Professor RJ Ross
Souvenue - Chana (Tea)
Honourable Mentions
Dreamer - Laura Fedele (S-Tone Inc.) / So May It Secretly Begin - Ann Walsh / Lonely Girl - Les Sabler

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