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Favourites in 2007 !

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The fourth installment of our annual recap of favourites !!
Albums/tracks marked with an * are holdovers from previous year-end reviews.
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Most Played
Albums !!
Our Top 40

Terry Disley - Across The Pond
#1. Across the Pond
The Terry Disley

Rick Braun and Richard Elliot - R n R

#2. R n R
Rick Braun
& Richard Elliot
Brian Simpson - Above The Clouds

#3. Above The Clouds
Brian Simpson
Nils - Ready To Play

#4. Ready To Play
Nate Harasim - Next In Line

#5. Next In Line
Nate Harasim

Les Sabler - Sweet Drive

#6. Sweet Drive

Les Sabler
Norman Brown - Stay With Me

#7. Stay With Me
Norman Brown
Lao Tizer - Diversify

#8. Diversify
Lao Tizer
Jay Soto - Stay Awhile

#9. Stay Awhile
Jay Soto
Ken Navarro - The Meeting Place

#10. The Meeting Place
Ken Navarro
Acoustic Alchemy - This Way

#11. This Way
Acoustic Alchemy
Dave Sereny - Take This Ride

#12. Take This Ride
Dave Sereny
Chieli Minucci & Special EFX - Sweet Surrender

#13. Sweet Surrender Chieli Minucci & Special EFX
Marc Antoine - Hi-Lo Split

#14. Hi-Lo Split
Marc Antoine
Blake Aaron - Desire

#15. Desire
Blake Aaron
Joyce Cooling - Revolving Door

#16. Revolving Door*
Joyce Cooling
Four80East - En Route

#17. En Route
Mike Catalano - A Manhattan Affair

#18. A Manhattan Affair
Mike Catalano
Boney James - Shine

#19. Shine
Boney James
Euge Groove - Born 2 Groove

#20. Born 2 Groove
Euge Groove
Chuck Loeb - Presence

#21. Presence
Chuck Loeb
Keiko Matsui - Moyo

#22. Moyo
Keiko Matsui
Paul Brown - White Sand

#23. White Sand
Paul Brown
Danny Lerman - Meow Baby

#24. Meow Baby Danny Lerman
Dotsero - Alive at Jazz @ Jack's

#25. Alive at Jazz @ Jack's

The Final 15

Andrew Neu - In Clear View

In Clear

The Rippingtons - 20th Anniversary

20th Anniversary*

Patrick Lamb & Patsy Meyer - Don't Get No Better

Don't Get No Better

Lamb & Meyer
Jeff Lorber - He Had A Hat

He Had
A Hat

Jeff Lorber
Hiroshima - Little Tokyo


Down To The Bone - Supercharged


Down To
The Bone
Walter Beasley - Ready For Love

Ready For Love

Paul Taylor - Ladies' Choice


Gregg Karukas - Looking Up

Looking Up*
Vince Mai - MBand


Soul Ballet - Lavish

Jeff Kashiwa - Play


Eric Marienthal - Just Around The Corner

Just Around
The Corner

U-Nam - Back From The 80s

Back From The 80s

Slim Man - Solstice



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Most Played Artist
1.Ken Navarro
2.Spyro Gyra
3.Joyce Cooling
4.Norman Brown
5.Terry Disley
7.Les Sabler
8.Boney James
9.Acoustic Alchemy
10.Marc Antoine
11.Minucci/Special EFX
12.Nate Harasim
14.Paul Taylor
15.Rick Braun/RichardElliot
16.Brian Simpson
17.Lao Tizer
18.Jay Soto
19.Dave Sereny
21. Peter White
22.Paul Brown
23.Chuck Loeb
24.Blake Aaron
25.Mike Catalano
26.The Rippingtons
27.Jeff Kashiwa
28.Lamb & Meyer
29.Pamela Williams
30.Keiko Matsui
31.Rick Braun
33.Euge Groove
34.Ray Garand
35.Danny Lerman
36.Doc Powell
37.Slim Man
38.Walter Beasley
39.Down to the Bone
40.Jeff Lorber
41.Will Donato
42.Eric Marienthal
43.Andrew Neu
44.Vince Mai
45.Lee Ritenour
46.Gregg Karukas
47.Dave Koz
48.Matt Marshak
49.Marion Meadows
50.Pieces of a Dream

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Most Played Selections
1.Shaken Not Stirred - The Terry Disley Experience 2.Land of the Sun - Walter Beasley
3.Mystical - Chieli Minucci & Special EFX
4.Q It Up! - Rick Braun & Richard Elliot
5.Hiro Chill - Hiroshima
6.Above the Clouds - Brian Simpson
7.Noodle Soup - Four80East
8.Club Street - Les Sabler
9.Soul Dance - Norman Brown
10.Shine - Blake Aaron
11.Island Time - The Terry Disley Experience
12.Tropica - Will Donato
13.Midnight Breeze - Nils
14.Slampop - Acoustic Alchemy
15.Elevation - Jackiem Joyner
16.Hip City - Down to the Bone
17.Stairway to Heaven - The Terry Disley Experience
18.Teresa - Pieces of a Dream
19.Take Me Back To Rio - Mike Catalano
20.Did You Hear That? - Ken Navarro
21.The Way She Walks - Boney James
22.After The Rain - Keiko Matsui
23.Blue Water - Eric Marienthal
24.Give It To Me Baby - Dave Sereny
25.Religify - Euge Groove
26.Listen to the Wind - Slim Man
27.The Hypnotic
- Rhonda Smith
28.Ladies' Choice - Paul Taylor
29.Nuno* - Vince Mai
30. Nothing's Meant To Last - Brookville
31. 92101 - Nate Harasim
32.Daydreamin' - Jay Soto
33.Stay Around* - Ray Garand
34.The Space - Andrew Glover
35.Snoopy's Dance - Danny Lerman
36.Rapture - Lao Tizer
37.Remember Me - Marion Meadows
38.Happy Hour - Jimmy Sommers
39.Moving On - Andrew Neu
40.Last Night - Nils
41.Window of the Soul - Chuck Loeb
42.Chill - Bill McGee
43.Without Your Love - Lamb & Meyer
- Nate Harasim
45.Costa Del Sol - The Rippingtons
46.Forget Me Nots - Lee Ritenour ft. Zamajobe
47.Just Like That - Jay Soto
48.Eve's Song - Oli Silk
49.The Challenge - Ken Navarro
50.Newbury Street - Don Breithaupt
Honourable Mentions: (artist alpha order)
Tied Up With String - Acoustic Alchemy
R n R - Rick Braun & Richard Elliot
Sunday Night - Rick Braun & Richard Elliot
Pop's Cool Groove - Norman Brown
Smooth as Silk - Mike Catalano
Cool of the Night - Joyce Cooling
Summerlove - DeeLight ft. Ken Norris
Just Because - Dotsero
Holloway Cruise - Nate Harasim
Movin' Up - Jeff Kashiwa
Anthem for a New America - Jeff Lorber
Wine - Andrew Neu
Just Smile - Nils
Twenty-Two - Les Sabler
Do For Love
- Dave Sereny
Small Hours - Shakatak
Let's Get Close - Brian Simpson
Grooveland - Jay Soto

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Most Played Canadian Albums
#1. Sweet Drive
Les Sabler
Les Sabler - Sweet Drive

Four80East - En Route

#2. En Route
Dave Sereny - take Thais Ride

#3. Take This Ride
Dave Sereny
Vince Mai - MBand

#4. MBand*
Vince Mai
Ray Garand - Skylark

#5. Skylark*
Ray Garand
Darren Rahn - Once In A Lifetime

#6. Once In A Lifetime
Darren Rahn
Les Sabler - Bridge The Gap

#7. Bridge The Gap* Les Sabler
Dave Dunlop - The Hang

#8. The Hang
Dave Dunlop
Andrew Glover - Forward Motion

#9. Forward Motion
Andrew Glover
Jamie Bonk - 5

#10. 5
Jamie Bonk

Canadian Artists Most Played

1.Les Sabler
3.Dave Sereny
4.Ray Garand
5.Vince Mai
6.Darren Rahn
7. Rhonda Smith
8.Jamie Bonk
9.Andrew Glover
10.Don Breithaupt
Honourable Mention: Dave Dunlop
Most Played Selections by a Canadian

1.Noodle Soup* - Four80East
2.Club Street - Les Sabler
3.Give It To Me Baby - Dave Sereny
4.The Hypnotic - Rhonda Smith
5.Nuno* - Vince Mai
6.Stay Around* - Ray Garand
7.The Space - Andrew Glover
8.Newbury Street - Don Breithaupt
9.Twenty-Two - Les Sabler
10.Week's End - Jamie Bonk
Honourable Mention: Do For Love - Dave Sereny

Discovery, Debut, Break-thru,
& Comeback Artists of the Year
Most Played Vocalists
Female & Male
Nate Harasim
Dave Sereny
Lao Tizer
Blake Aaron
Mike Catalano
Danny Lerman
Jackiem Joyner
Andrew Neu
Darren Rahn
Lauren Wood
Zamajobe/Lee Ritenour
Claudia Valtierra/DeeLight
Eliane Elias
Slim Man
Andy Chase/Brookville
Ken Norris/DeeLight
Pete Alderton
Kari Frierson/De Phazz
Honourable Mentions
Bob Madsen & The World Machine
Bill McGee
Most Played Duet
Patrick Lamb & Patsy Meyer

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