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October 14th, 2007
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This Week at CafeJazz.ca!
In the spotlight on today's show are Acoustic Alchemy with their This Way release - we have a trio of tasty tracks that you'll be hearing as part of that feature. You'll want to stay with us for Fresh Trax coming up in hour 2 as we focus on all the latest & best in new music. Headlining this installment are Lisa Hilton and U-Nam. Also appearing is saxman Keith Jacobson, while new to our show are J.Dee and Dwayne Kerr. Then later that same hour there's a retro pack that wraps the hour, our line up is in a word exceptional with music from Pieces of a Dream, Fattburger, Duncan Millar, and from Rick Braun & Boney James. Otherwise stay tuned for favourites both past & present from Dan Siegel, Michael Franks, Joyce Cooling, Eric Marienthal, and more!
In This Issue:

This Way - Acoustic Alchemy

Slowdown - U-Nam
Kicking High - J. Dee
Higher Calling - Dwayne Kerr
Where Are You Now? - Lisa Hilton
Get Up - Keith Jacobson


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Showcase CD
This Way - Acoustic Alchemy:

It was back in 1996, that Miles Gilderdale first joined the Acoustic Alchemy line-up as a backing guitarist. He contributed to the group's 1998 Positive Thinking release and shortly afterward, Greg Carmichael selected Gilderdale for the chair left vacant by the passing of the group's original founder, Nick Webb. No stranger to audiences in the UK, Gilderdale had become a familiar name thru his creative effort in the 80s with the seven-piece soul band, Zoot and the Roots, which also featured Snake Davis. For his part Carmichael, has become the standard-bearer for a rich tradition - Webb and his first partner, Simon James, planted the seeds in the early 80s; then thru the efforts of Webb & Carmichael, the concept blossomed and bore fruit in the late 80s and 90s. Although The Beautiful Game released in the year 2000 featured an expanded Alchemy line-up, the abstract behind the band has always been the sound of two guitars up front & center.
Acoustic Alchemy - This Way
Now nearing the tenth anniversary of their partnership, Carmichael & Gilderdale continue to explore this mantra in fresh and dynamic ways with the release of This Way. This most recent project celebrates a remarkable two decades since 1987's Red Dust and Spanish Lace Alchemy debut and represents the ensemble's most aggressive and artfully jazzy disc to date. It's with great pleasure then that we place This Way and Acoustic Alchemy in our showcase spotlight and to that end, we have a trio of delicious taste sensations! First up is Slampop - a track that's true to its title, the tune indelibly superimposes Carmichael's spriteful acoustic lines on Gilderdale's edgy electric licks and I think you're gonna love it! With an easy shuffle and tinges of "Eastern rock", the trippy Only In My Dreams eases us into hour 2 - while to close the feature, we have Tied Up With String.
Acoustic Alchemy Photo: Coutesy of Miles Gilderdale.com
"A fiercely percussive, swinging affair that launches with drummer Bert Smaak's intense hi-hatting", the track warmly embraces the disparate elements of swing and groove thereby brilliantly bridging the worlds of smooth and straight-ahead jazz. No sooner do the final symbol splashes fade from earshot than as an added bonus we utilize the track Who Knows to fire up the After Hours portion of the show. Displaying artisanship of the highest calibre as they traverse a variety of musical themes, with This Way Carmichael & Gilderdale confer upon their fans one of the most thrilling chapter yet in the legacy of Acoustic Alchemy!

CD: This Way
Label: Narada Jazz/Blue Note Records
Site: Acoustic Alchemy ; M.Gilderdale

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Fresh Trax: Part One
U-Nam - Back From The 80s
Slowdown - U-Nam:
The Parisian-born U-Nam began on guitar at the age of 12 & ended up studying jazz for 3 years at CIM, the premiere school for that discipline in all of Europe. He turned professional at 19 and a few years later released a solo album that presented a hip blend of styles. For several years U-Nam focused on songwriting, producing, & remixing before releasing The Past Builds The Future - an album that drew rave reviews from the European community for it's wide appeal across several genres. Back From The 80s is now his recently issued follow up project that has already spawned a big hit with U-Nam's cover of Street Life, originally recorded by Randy Crawford and The Crusaders back in 1979. However, on this occasion we've opted for a U-Nam original called Slowdown, that was a standout for us here at The Café!

CD: Back From The 80s
Label: Trippin 'n' Rhythm Records
Site: U-Nam
J. Dee - Tippin' on the Edge of Funk
Kicking High - J. Dee:
J. Dee is the stage name for John Bolden, a producer, songwriter, & arranger, who lists among his production credits the 1992 Grover Washington Jr. release Next Exit. In addition to a variety of other projects, Bolden has drew recognition for his contributions to the film score for the movie Original Gangsta's. Now stepping out as a solo artist, Bolden adopts the moniker of J. Dee for his first cd entitled Tippin' on the Edge of Funk. Although primarily an urban funk and soul project, the album nonetheless contains a delicious groove of a track called Kickin' High and we have that for you on this edition!

CD: Tippin' on the Edge of Funk
Label: NuGroove
Site: J. Dee ; JDee/nuGroove

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Fresh Trax: Part Two
Dwayne Kerr - Higher Calling
Higher Calling - Dwayne Kerr:
Known as the The Funky Fluteman because of the way he cuts loose on stage, Long Island native, Dwayne Kerr attended several New York colleges where he trained both classically and in jazz. Subsequently, he was performing as a solo artist when in 1998 Gammy-winning Erykah Badu hired him for her band. While playing & recording with Ms Badu, Kerr toured the world while enjoying a variety of performance opportunities. Gaining invaluably from these experiences, Kerr released Flutation, his debut cd, in 2003. Always intent on taking his chosen instrument through a range of musical expressions, and moving into genres not often explored, on his sophomore release Kerr blends contemporary jazz, R&B, soul and dance rhythms into a style he calls SoulJazz. From that effort, we've selected the elevating title track!

CD: Higher Calling
Label: DManns Music Group
Site: Dwayne Kerr
Lisa Hilton - The New York Sessions
Where Are You Now? - Lisa Hilton:
After becoming disillusioned with her education in music while in her teens, art and photography became Hilton's main interests in college. Following graduation, she turned to art direction and designed for high profile clients like CBS and Twentieth Century Fox. However, in the course of events Lisa's passion was reignited and subsequently Ms Hilton has become one of the most prolific artists in music - the recent release of The New York Sessions being her ninth album of originals, tenth overall when considering her After Dark compilation, since the release of her debut in 1997. As with each of her previous projects, on The New York Sessions Hilton explores varying shades of jazz in an acoustic setting. From that release, we're featuring Where Are You Now? With a delicacy that becomes her, Hilton's gentle caress is, as always, enchanting!

CD: The New York Sessions
Label: Ruby Slippers Productions
Site: Lisa Hilton
Keith Jacobson - Turn On The Charm
Get Up - Keith Jacobson:
Keith Jacobson's inspiration to play professionally was seeing Eric Marienthal perform as part of Chick Corea's Elektric Band at a Seattle venue in the early 90s. Following a 6-month courtship with his wife to be, Jacobson relocated to San Diego, whereupon he steeped himself in music education programs. Thru a mutual friend, he connected with Marienthal and since 2001 has studied with the noted saxman for in excess of 500 hours - indedd, Marienthal later lent his talents to Jacobson's independently released 2006 debut I Wanna Be With You, performing on and co-producing the disc. Building a clientele of private students in addition to being part of the faculty at Palomar College and teaching sectional clinics during the day at various high schools, Jacobson launched his career performing smooth jazz covers at weddings. He later expanded his sets to include more show tunes, jazz standards, and R&B, and with the release of I Wanna Be With You, he moved to doing more shows with a band.

Receiving considerable airplay with that initial project, Turn on the Charm is Jacobson's recently issued sophomore effort. Boosted by the enthusiastic response of audiences at his live shows, the dynamic saxplayer wanted to record tracks that would perform well live, that would get people up on their feet. From that effort, we have Get Up, the rousing opener on the disc! And, as a bit of a footnote, "Turn On The Charm" was recently nominated for Best Jazz Album of the Year for the 2007 San Diego Music Awards!

CD: Turn On The Charm
Label: EPJ
Site: Keith Jacobson

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Today's focus is new music - we have 14 never before been played on our show trax with something brand new from saxman Everette Harp and from saxlady Candy Dulfer. Darren Rahn is on the show, first time for him. We have a bit more from Sweet Drive by Les Sabler - as well, we're exploring releases from Bob Madsen, Brian Simpson, Mike Catalano, and Shakatak. Otherwise you'll be hearing from Paul Taylor, Danny Lerman, Nate Harasim, Ken Navarro, and Rick Braun & Richard Elliot - while as an added bonus we have another tune from Acoustic Alchemy and This Way, our showcase album!

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