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April 19, 2003
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This is your time, to relax, unwind and feel good. We have a terrific program lined up! On this edition, we introduce the music of Dan Nash and his latest release "Into A Fire". There are current hits from Larry Carlton,Nelson Rangell, Chieli Minucci and Bob Baldwin, among others. And then for your added listening enjoyment we have our customary sprinkling of smooth jazz classics. Duncan Millar, Eddie Bullen, Greg Vail, Ray Obiedo, Gregg Karukas and Michael Franks are all featured. We're particularly pleased to present Spring's Hope from Tony Windle which highlights the closing set in Hour 1. If you love great music, you owe it to yourself to catch the show. You won't want to miss it !

Showcase CD
Bridge the Gap - Les Sabler :
Born and raised in Montreal, Sabler graduated as a jazz major from Concordia University before relocating to Florida’s West Coast in 1978. For a time he continued his studies at University Of Miami and then turned to performing professionally. In 1989, Les was commissioned to compose and produce a soundtrack for the documentary Lost Treasures Of The Titanic for Canadian TV. In the 90s, he had a pair of releases that gained considerable airplay on SJ radio in the US. Between these projects he was selected by the Walt Disney Corporation to perform at the opening of Pleasure Island. The last few years have seen Les devote much of his time and energy to touring and to working on his latest album entitled "Bridge The Gap". On the project Sabler shares production duties with fellow Floridian, Allon Sams, one of our favourites here at CJ. The collaboration works exceedingly well, resulting in a polished product that shows Sabler at his best!

Les Sabler

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Fresh Trax: Part One
Holding Back the Years - Tom Scott :
A veteran of the contemporary music scene, Scott grew up in a musical environment. His dad was a composer who wrote the original music for classics TV shows such as Dragnet, My Three Sons, Lassie and The Twilight Zone among others, while his mom was an accomplished pianist. Tom started in music at the age of 8 when he picked up a clarinet and attempted to imitate Benny Goodman. His early career included many straight-ahead jazz dates before he moved over to the world of pop. In this regard Scott has participated in over 500 recording sessions, including work with Joni Mitchell, Michael Jackson, Steely Dan and many more too numerous to mention. Throw in several scores for TV and movies and about 25 or so solo projects and you begin to appreciate Scott’s scope as a musician. For these various efforts Tom has earned twelve Grammy nominations, winning on two occasions. Tom’s latest release is New Found Freedom.From that effort, we’ve selected the second single to be released and one which is highlighted by the playing of Jonathan Butler on guitar.
Red Moon - Peter Kater :
Kater is known not only for his critically acclaimed releases of which he’s had over 25, but as well for the scores that he’s written for TV, film, and theatre. Of German birth and descent, Peter moved to the US from Munich, at the age of four and began studying the piano, when he was just seven. Seven years of classical training were followed by a period of playing in several Rock & Roll bands in and around the New England area, all the while Kater continued to study contemporary improvisation. Peter moved to Colorado at the age of eighteen, and shortly after turned to playing improvisational music exclusively. At the age of 20 he was awarded a scholarship to the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles but he quit after only two months, preferring instead to lead life as a professional musician. He moved back to Colorado, releasing his first album of piano solos, in 1983. In the time since, Kater has explored a variety of styles ranging from contemporary jazz, to World Fusion, new age and various collaborations. In connection with this, Kater has just released Red Moon, an album within which he skilfully combines many elements of contemporary instrumental music with some of the most expressive influences of Native American music. The cd is a reunion of sorts as Kater has recorded with several of his guest artists on previous projects. From that effort we’ll have Red Moon, the title track, with Paul McCandless featured on the penny whistle and sax together with R. Carlos Nakai on vocals.

Peter Kater

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Fresh Trax: Part Two
Charlotte's Song - Peter White :
White is not only one of the hottest artists in contemporary music, he’s also much in demand for session work and various guest spots. On this occasion we have a beautiful piece that Peter composed and dedicates to his daughter Charlotte. The tune is Charlotte’s Song and it appears on Golden Slumbers, subtitled A Father’s Lullaby. That’s a project that was spearheaded by the Brothers Koz, that’s Dave of course and brother Jeff. The concept for the cd however, may well have originated with Unique Koz, Jeff’s wife. Shortly after the birth of their daughter, Unique was searching for the perfect cd to not only calm the infant and help get her off to sleep, but something that would also make her introduction to music a positive one. As various musicians, many new fathers themselves, were brought together for the project, things just naturally seemed to fall into place, the result being Golden Slumbers.
Catalina Breeze - Solar Wind :
That’s the name under which bassist, composer, and producer Sean Mason has chosen to record. Mason’s debut, released back in 1999, received considerable airplay and garnered many rave reviews. The cd was also nominated for jazz album of the year at the 2000 Los Angeles Music Awards. For Blue Horizon, his follow up album, Mason has compiled a set of original tunes that include several radio friendly tracks as well as some hard-hitting fusion. Mason’s bass is the key ingredient throughout as he uses the instrument as both foundation and melody on several tracks. However, in a genuine attempt to provide something for everyone, special guests on the project are allowed the opportunity to stretch out on many of the tunes resulting not only in interesting melodies but excellent musicianship as well. In that vein, from Blue Horizon we'll be hearing a fantastic tune titled Catalina Breeze and features Eric Marienthal on sax on the track.

6 AM - Steve Briody :
Briody is a fine young guitarist based on Long Island in NYC. You may have very well have heard some of Steve’s work as many of his compositions have been used on radio & television and as well, the NY Islanders of the NHL chose to use one of his tunes as their theme music. For Briody it all began when he first picked up the guitar at the age of 10 and learned a few riffs from his older brother. After high school Steve attended the State University, where he played classical guitar and where he also played and wrote for their big band. He got a chance to perform in Europe, went to grad school, and as Steve puts it, was "lucky enough to have made a living as a guitarist for the last 10 years or so." During this period, he did gigs, sessions, and taught, but all the while Steve had it in his mind to record a cd of his own. This more or less brings us to the present as Briody has just followed through on his dream. Steve's self-titled debut is loaded with some of the top players on the Contemporary Jazz scene and is produced by Bill Heller of the Rippingtons. Bearing a style that’s been described as fresh, smooth and soulful, from that release we'll have Briody on a fantastic track titled 6 AM.

Steve Briody

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