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Our 6th annual recap of favourites !!
An * indicates a hold-over from 2008 while ** designates a carry-forward from a previous year.
Click on any of the artwork for additional info.

Our Top 50
Albums !!
Gregg Karukas - GK
#1 GK
Gregg Karukas

Joe Ercole - Exposed

#2 Exposed
Joe Ercole
Tom Grant - Life Is Good

#3 Life Is Good

Tom Grant
Marion Meadows - Secrets

#4 Secrets

Marion Meadows
Joyce Cooling - Global Cooling

#5 Global Cooling

Joyce Cooling

Cindy Bradley - Bloom

#6 Bloom
Cindy Bradley
Jonathan Fritzén - VIP

#7 VIP
Jonathan Fritzén
Cecil Ramirez - Talk To The Hand

#8 Talk to The Hand
Cecil Ramirez
Paul Brown + Marc Antoine - Foreign Xchange

#9 Foreign Xchange
Paul B + Marc A
Nils - Up Close and Personal

#10 Up Close and Personal
Althea René - No Restrictions

#11 No Restrictions
Althea René
Pete Gitlin - Full Circle and The Great Temptation

#12 Full Circle & The Great Temptation
Pete Gitlin
Paul Hardcastle - The Collection

#13 The Collection
Paul Hardcastle
The L.A.Chillharmonic ft. Richard Smith - L.A.Chillharmonic

#14 L.A.Chillharmonic
Jay Soto - Mesmerized

#15 Mesmerized
Jay Soto
Peter White - Good Day

#16 Good Day
Peter White
Patrick Yandall - A New Day

#17 A New Day
Patrick Yandall
Jessy J - True Love

#18 True Love
Jessy J
Mark Barrios - West Tampa Style

#19 West Tampa Style
Mark Barrios
Wayne Jones - Saturday Street

#20 Saturday Street
Wayne Jones
Oli Silk - The Limit's The Sky

#21 The Limit's The Sky*
Oli Silk
Daniel Domenge - Patchwork

#22 Patchwork
Daniel Domenge
Richard Elliot - Rock Steady

#23 Rock Steady
Richard Elliot
Torcuato Mariano - So Far From Home

#24 So Far From Home
Torcuato Mariano
Mike Catalano - A Manhattan Affair

#25 A Manhattan Affair*
Mike Catalano

The Final 25

Terry Disley - Across the Pond

Across the

Terry Disley
Rick Braun - All It Takes

All It Takes

Rick Braun
Bahama Soul Club - Rhythm Is What Makes Jazz Jazz

Rhythm Is What Makes Jazz Jazz

Bahama Soul Club
Four80East - Roll On

Roll On

Dave Koz - Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits

Dave Koz
Matt Finley - Brazilian Wish

Brazilian Wish

Matt Finley
The Rippingtons - Modern Art

Modern Art

The Rippingtons
Philippe Saisse - At World's Edge

At World's
Tom Braxton - Endless Highway

Endless Highway

Tom Braxton
Brian Bromberg - It Is What It Is

It Is What
It Is
Brian Bromberg
Warren Hill - La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita*

Warren Hill
Brian Kelly - Afterplay


Brian Kelly
Anthony James Baker - Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead

Anthony James Baker
Tim Bowman - Tim Bowman

Tim Bowman*

Tim Bowman
Nate Harasim - Love's Taken Over

Love's Taken Over*

Nate Harasim
Boney James - Send One Your Love

Send One Your Love

Boney James
Paula Atherton - Groove With Me

Groove With Me

Paula Atherton
Russ Kunkel - Rivage


Russ Kunkel
Mike Levine - From The Heart

From The Heart*

Mike Levine
Matt Marshak - Family Funktion

Family Funktion

Matt Marshak
Velez Brothers - Feel The Rain

Feel The Rain

Velez Brothers
Terry Disley - West Coast Jazz Impressions

West Coast Jazz Impressions

Terry Disley
Gabriel - Cool Down


Chris Geith - Timeless World

Timeless World*

Chris Geith
Paul Jackson Jr. - Lay It Back

Lay It Back

Paul Jackson Jr.

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Top Artist
1.Gregg Karukas*
2.Marion Meadows*
3.Peter White*
4.Tom Grant
5.Paul Hardcastle
6.Joe Ercole
7.Jonathan Fritzén
8.Joyce Cooling
9.Patrick Yandall*
10.Richard Elliot*
12.Terry Disley*
13.Rick Braun*
14.Cecil Ramirez
15.Richard Smith /
16.Cindy Bradley
17.Jay Soto*
18.Althea René
19.Matt Marshak*
20.Daniel Domenge
21. Paul B & Marc A
22.Oli Silk*
23.The Rippingtons
24.Jeff Kashiwa/Sax Pack*
25.Pete Gitlin
27.Les Sabler*
28.Jessy J*
29.Torcuato Mariano
30.Wayne Jones
31.Nate Harasim*
33.Mark Barrios
34.Paula Atherton
35.Pamela Williams
36.Dan Siegel
37.Philippe Saisse
38. Chieli Minucci
39.Dave Koz*
40.Boney James
41.Tom Braxton
42.Paul Taylor
43.Spyro Gyra
44.Earl Klugh*
45.Matt Finley
46. Candy Dulfer
47.Mike Catalano*
48.Marc Antoine*
49.David Benoit*
50.Bahama Soul Club
Honourable Mention: (alpha order)
3rd Force / G Adams / AJ Baker / B Bromberg / N Brown* / W Hill* / P Jackson Jr. / Tea / Velez Brothers

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Top 50 Selections
1.Morning Glorious - Tom Grant
2.Dolores in Pink - Joyce Cooling
3.But Rich Rhythms - Bahama Soul Club
4.Falling Through Time - Cecil Ramirez
5.Ladies' Night Out - Althea René
6.Exposure - Joe Ercole
7.Daydreamer* - Warren Hill
8.Brooklyn Bounce - Cindy Bradley
9.Global Cooling - Joyce Cooling
10.Smiling South - Brian Kelly
11.Mexico - Russ Kunkel
12.Back to the Road - Torcuato Mariano
13.No Restrictions - Althea René
14.Daylight - Gregg Karukas
15. Block Party - Paula Atherton
16.Rio de Maio - Cecil Ramirez
17.Ocean Tide - The Parlett/Colah Project
18.In Motion - Jonathan Fritzén
19.Ibiza - Tea
20.Martinis at the Velvet Lounge? - Brian Bromberg
21.Soul Purpose - Tom Braxton
22.Golden Cup - Terry Disley
23.The Circle - Paul Hardcastle
24.Cool Down - Gabriel
25.Happy To C U - Nils
26.Hold On Tight - Boney James
27.Jennette - Pete Gitlin
28.Tropical Rain - Jessy J
29.Back in Five - Wayne Jones
30.Life in the Fast Lane* - Dave Koz
31.Good Day - Peter White
32.In Deep - Candy Dulfer
33.Steady As She Goes - Walter Beasley
34.Seventh Heaven - Oli Silk
35.Survival of the Hippest - East Bay Soul
36.License to Chill - Richard Elliot
37.Bridges of Paris - Paul B. + Marc A.
38.Little Sunflower - Alexander Zonjic
39.Last Summer - Daniel Domenge
40.Flirt - Marion Meadows
41.She's So Precious - Anthony James Baker
42.Christiane - Rick Braun
43.Bayou Blues - Jay Soto
44.Gaslamp Groove - Matt Marshak
45.After All This Time - Four80East
46.Babaloop - Joe Ercole
47.Future Boogie - Down to the Bone
48.L.A.Chillharmonic - The L.A.Chillharmonic
49.Bouncin' Back - Mark Barrios
50.Paris Groove - The Rippingtons
Honourable Mention: (artist alpha order)
Marimba Island - Paula Atherton
Bloom - Cindy Bradley
She's the One - Rick Braun
Soul Dance** - Norman Brown
Foreign Exchange - Paul B. & Marc A.
The Big Windy Cat - Nick Colionne
Smooth James - Daniel Domenge
CD 101.9 - Candy Dulfer
Move On Up - Richard Elliot
Make It Flow - Jakob Elvstrøm
Meet Me In Rio* - Fred Engler
Another Year - Matt Finley
VIP - Jonathan Fritzén
Full Circle - Pete Gitlin
Love's Taken Over* - Nate Harasim
Not In Love With Me - HP Hoeger & T Partl
Manhattan - Gregg Karukas
Mesa Moon
- Gregg Karukas
Ocean Blue* - Earl Klugh
Purple Day - Vince Mai
Summertime - Clarence McDonald
Soul Sugar - Marion Meadows
Soul Intent
- Pieces of a Dream
Ice Cream - Jack Prybylski
Club Street* - Les Sabler
The Rover - Philippe Saisse
Chill or be Chilled - Oli Silk
Chamaleons - Velez Brothers
Bright - Peter White
I Am There - Patrick Yandall

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Top Canadian Albums
#1 Roll On
Four80East - Roll On

Warren Hill - La Dolce Vita

#2 La Dolce Vita*
Warren Hill

Gabriel - Cool Down

#3 Cool Down*

Les Sabler - Sweet Drive

#4 Sweet Drive*
Les Sabler

Alexander Zonjic - Doin' the D

#5 Doin' the D
Alexander Zonjic

Les Sabler - Live

#6 Live
Les Sabler
Darren Rahn - Talk Of The Town

#7 Talk Of The Town
Darren Rahn
Vince Mai - Stretchy

#8 Stretchy
Vince Mai
Fred Engler - Since Then 'till Now

#9 Since Then 'till Now*
Fred Engler
Dave Sereny - Take This Ride

#10 Take This Ride*
Dave Sereny

Top Canadian Artists

1.Les Sabler*
4.Warren Hill*
5.Vince Mai*
6.Alexander Zonjic
7. Jesse Cook
8. Darren Rahn*
9. Fred Engler*
10.Dave Sereny*
Honourable Mention:
Ray Garand
Top Selections by a Canadian Artist / Band

1.Daydreamer* - Warren Hill
2.Cool Down* - Gabriel
3.Little Sunflower - Alexander Zonjic
4.After All This Time - Four80East
5.Purple Day - Vince Mai
6.Meet Me In Rio* - Fred Engler
7.Shot In The Dark - Four80East
8.Rue Clarendon** - Nura
9.Bogata by Bus - Jesse Cook
10.El Baile del Sol** - Amarosa
Honourable Mention: The Space** - Andrew Glover
La Dolce Vita* - Warren Hill

Discovery, Debut, Break-thru, & Comeback Artists of the Year
Top Vocalists
Joe Ercole
Cindy Bradley
Jonathan Fritzén
Cecil Ramirez
Daniel Domenge
Pete Gitlin
Paula Atherton
Mark Barrios
Tom Braxton
Bahama Soul Club
Matt Finley
Anthony James Baker
Brian Kelly
Velez Brothers
Steve Ngondo (Tea)
Angie Brown (S-Tone Inc.)
Ann Walsh
Eliane Elias*
Swing Out Sister
Honourable Mention
Steve Baxter / Cinematone / Russ Kunkel / Vision Jazz
Honourable Mention
HP Hoeger & T Partl

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