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May 24th, 2009
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This Week at ...
... slotted for this installment is Up Close And Personal by Nils - we've selected a trio of great tracks and have those ready & cued for the showcase segment. In hour 2, it'll be time for Fresh Trax with all the latest and best in new music. On this edition, we have Candy Dulfer while debuting is trumpet lady Cindy Bradley. Also appearing Australian bassman Wayne Jones and keyboardist John Pedersen while Joan and Cristian The Velez Brothers round out the set with a tune from their brand new release. Then later in the hour, we're gonna peal back a few calendar pages with a stack of tracks from back in the day - this time that includes Tom Grant and Detroit saxman Dave McMurray. As well, there's the British band Shakatak and Canada's own Brian Hughes - while casually strewn about are musical gems from the likes of Marion Meadows, Acoustic Alchemy, and Richard Elliot. But as we weigh anchor for a radio show unlike any other - we're heading back to a Louie Shelton track that's definitely all about the groove!

In This Issue:

Up Close And Personal - Nils

Back In Five - Wayne Jones
CD 101.9 - Candy Dulfer
Bloom - Cindy Bradley
Groovidi - John Pedersen
Chamaleons - Velez Brothers

Special Feature - Free As The Wind
SPINLIST: Spinlist

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Showcase CD
Up Close And Personal - Nils:

As a teen, Nils took up guitar in his native Germany but with limited educational & professional opportunities, he relocated to Southern California in the mid-80s. While making inroads in film and TV, he started doing a few sessions with '98 proving extremely busy! After appearing on George Benson's Standing Together, Benson returned the favour by contributing to Nils's own Blue Planet debut. Meanwhile it was later that same year, that top producer Paul Brown radared Nils and this led to appearances on releases by Gabriela Anders and Rick Braun. The following year, Nils played on the 2nd LA Jazz Syndicate cd and then for the next few years, he stayed active with a variety of projects while writing, arranging, and recording tracks in his home studio. Allowed the luxury of tweaking certain stylistic elements, Nils was able to fine-tune his sound, all of which resulted in the mammoth 2005 Pacific Coast Highway release!

Nils - Up Close And Personal
Nils - Live!
Now a couple of cds later, Nils is back with Up Close And Personal, his fourth and latest and an effort upon which "the man from Munich" displays more of his winning form! As such, it's time now to get to know Nils a bit more intimately with Up Close And Personal as the focus for our spotlight feature! We've chosen our usual complement of three terrific tracks - beginning with the ever so e-z Happy To C U. The gentle caress of Catalina creates a wonderfully mellow mood at the top of hour #2. Meanwhile Nils bids us 'bon voyage' with Jazz Cruise, a fast-paced party rocker that features saxman Shilts chipping in on the track! Conveying some of his most revealing material to date, Nils delivers on the promise of the album title with an effort that's melodic, polished, and mature! Nils Then & Now Spotlight Feature Ed #443 - May 20th, 2007

CD: Up Close And Personal (2009)
Label: Baja/TSR Records

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Fresh Trax: Part One
Wayne Jones - Saturday Street
Back In Five - Wayne Jones:
Wayne Jones had started in music as a drummer but a mishap in his teens left him with only partial use of his left thumb and so he took up the bass instead. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Jones has operated in a variety of musical settings over the last three decades. With a characteristic frankness, he articulates, "You have to play many styles of music here to survive." From cover bands and sessions to film and TV, the wonder from down under had just about 'done it all' - except for issuing an album under his own name. Although it was 7 long years in the making, that dream was fulfilled with the 2006 issue of Forgotten Melody, which in spite of a title that might suggest something to the contrary, was indeed a highly memorable debut and one of the more pleasant surprises for the year! Now the bass phenom is back with his Saturday Street sophomore release, and from that effort, we have a great ska-flavoured tune in the rocksteady Back In Five!

CD: Saturday Street (2009)
Label: Dim + Dimmer
Candy Dulfer - Funked Up!
CD 101.9 - Candy Dulfer:
Aside from a bit basic training from her father Hans Dulfer a renowned jazz sax player in his own right, Candy Dulfer was pretty well self-taught how to play. In 1987, she opened for Madonna in Rotterdam and later appeared with Prince on Saturday Night Live. Additionally, she recorded a few tracks with Dave Stewart one of them being "Lily Was Here". After being featured in a Dutch film, the single went to #1 all across Europe and led to Dulfer's 1990 debut, which sold in excess of a million units. Fast forward to the present and Ms Dulfer's latest called Funked Up and Chilled Out (a double cd) and from the first half of that effort we have the raise the roof CD 101.9, named for the legendary but now 'de-funked' NYC smooth station!

CD: Funked Up! (2009)
Label: Heads Up

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Fresh Trax: Part Two
Cindy Bradley - Bloom
Bloom - Cindy Bradley:
After choosing the trumpet in the 4th grade for the school band program, Cindy Bradley went on to earn a bachelors in jazz studies from Ithaca, and a masters in performance from the New England Conservatory. Relocating to NYC shortly thereafter, Bradley honed her chops as a sideman, touring and recording with a variety of groups from funk, top 40, and R&B, to jazz-fusion and straight ahead bands. After her premier release a couple of years back, the budding performer is now set to burst into full blossom with her major label debut. From the appropriately entitled Bloom, a project in collaboration with ace-producer and Grammy-winner Michael Broening we have the advance in the title track. Stay tuned as we present Ms Cindy Bradley, poised as a serious contender for 'the breakthru artist' for the year!

CD: Bloom (2009)
Label: Trippin 'n' Rhythm Records
Sites - Cindy Bradley: Michael Broening:
John Pedersen - Groovidi
Groovidi - John Pedersen:
Based in the San Diego area, John Pedersen is a church organist-pianist and a piano instructor who has five solo releases to his credit extending back to 1997. In addition to explorations in electronica, chill, smooth jazz, and solo piano, Pedersen also has a free downloadable collection of piano tracks entitled, "Selected Piano Works" available at ''. Nonetheless, from his most current effort in Groovidi from a couple of years back, there's the in the pocket title track!

CD: Groovidi (2007)
Label: Paradise Jazz Music
Velez Brothers - Feel The Rain
Chamaleons - Velez Brothers:
Hailing from Puerto Rico, we have Joan and Cristian the Velez Brothers. Joan Velez was 11 when he started playing, but he took to the tenor sax about a year later. Early on, he was influenced by the rhythms of his homeland and by the traditions of Cuba and Brazil. For his part, Christian started on percussion while also dabbling in guitar, trumpet, and bass - by 16 he was playing professionally. Now Illinois based, the brothers Velez released their debut early in 2008 and have just issued their sophomore follow-up project called Feel The Rain. From that release, we have the exceptional Chamaleons with "the big windy cat", Nick Colionne, guesting!

CD: Feel The Rain (2009)
Label: Edson Records

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Free As The Wind ... this chapter is going to be a blast with another of our theme shows - this one is called Free As The Wind as each of our spins has the word wind, windy, or some such variation as part of its title. So stay tuned for tracks such as Jamaican Wind, Windmill, and The Big Windy Cat as we present 13 "gusty tunes" in all. Opening the first set and the show is Steve Oliver and then following we have Gregg Karukas, saxman Jaared, and Nick Colionne. It's Jim Adkins kicking off set #2 and then we continue with Herb Alpert & Bob Baldwin. Then there's Lee Ritenour and the legendary Crusaders with the classic track that lent its name to this segment. Then in the end, we have Russ Freeman & Craig Chaquico teaming for a tune from the cd From The Redwoods to The Rockies; as well there's Doc Powell's Double Scale project - finally the late Artie Traum and keyboardist Chris Geith close the show. But as we set sail on a one hour whirlwind cruise there's a gentle breeze just starting to blow with Steve Oliver and the track Tradewinds on our Free As The Wind special!

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