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March 8th, 2009
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… Althea René is in the spotlight with No Restrictions. Then following in the second hour is another Fresh Trax segment with all the latest and best in new music. Stay with us and catch the action with Richard Elliot and The Rippingtons. Also appearing is saxlady Paula Atherton, while debuting are French guitarist Daniel Domenge and drummer Russ Kunkel. Later that same hour, we're dusting off a snappy batch from back in the day - this time we're featuring Vancouver's Ray Garand and saxman Everette Harp as well as keyboardist Dan Farrow and William Aura and 3rd Force - otherwise there's a genuine flash of excitement with the likes of Boney James, Gregg Karukas, Norman Brown, and Earl Klugh!
In This Issue:

No Restrictions - Althea René

Smooth James - Daniel Domenge
Block Party - Paula Atherton
Paris Groove - The Rippingtons
Mexico - Russ Kunkel
Move On Up - Richard Elliot

Special Feature - Overdrive
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Showcase CD
No Restrictions - Althea René:

It's been a couple years since we last heard from the talented Ms Rene. A Detroit native, Althea grew up in a musical family - her dad was a sideman for a number of Motown artists while her mother played classically. Rene picked up the flute at the age of four and underwent a lengthy period of classical direction including several years of training at Howard University in Washington DC. After college, her focus switched to Jazz and R&B and for a time she studied with Donald Byrd while gaining inspiration from Hubert Laws. In '97, René began to tour with Straight Ahead, an internationally acclaimed and all-female jazz band. This time proved critical to Althea's development and the fine-tuning of her style. This all led to the release of her 2000 debut. Althea's In The Moment was issued in 2006 and although it was her third release, it was her first on the national level. Correspondingly, Althea's playing showed a leap in both form and content!

Althea René - No Restrictions
In the time since, René has continued to build on her reputation with a variety of guest spots particularly as part of several smooth cruises. Now Houston based, No Restrictions is the title of her fourth and latest release and one, which seems to quite nicely sum up Althea's current musical philosophy! It's therefore, with pleasure that we pause to present Althea René and No Restrictions as the focus for our spotlight feature!
Althea RenéAlthea René
We've chosen a compliment of exceptional selections - beginning with the aptly titled Ladies Nite Out! Now here's just a fabulous track that, in addition to Althea's always-tasty flute, features the saxwork of none other than Candy Dulfer and the bass playing of Ms Rhonda Smith! At the top hour #2, Althea cools it down with a cover of Narada Michael Walden's I Love Your Smile - just before taking it back up with the title track. An all-star cast highlights this up-tempo groover with Freddie Fox, Mel Brown, Michael White, and Michael Broenig all appearing on what is likely one of the finest selections René has recorded to date! Althea René Then & Now Spotlight Feature Ed #402 - April 9th, 2006

CD: No Restrictions (2008)
Label: Red Cat Music Group
Site: Althea René

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Fresh Trax: Part One
Daniel Domenge - Patchwork
Smooth James - Daniel Domenge:
Hailing from one of the wine producing regions in France, Domenge has played professionally for some 20 years. Influenced by guitarists from Wes Montgomery and Pat Martino to George Benson and Chuck Loeb, Domenge has taken part in a variety of bands while recording jingles and arranging for national and local radio. Some three years ago, he decided to start work on a smooth project, which he's only recently completed. From the effort entitled Patchwork, we've selected the opening track Smooth James!

CD: Patchwork (2009)
Label: Independent
Site: Daniel Domenge
Paula Atherton - Groove With Me
Block Party - Paula Atherton:
Born & raised in New York City, Paula Atherton began singing and studying the flute at the age of nine. She added the sax a few years later and then early on, she embarked on some extensive touring thru Japan, Monte Carlo, Portugal, the USA, and Canada. Her freshman album debuted on the national contemporary jazz charts in 2004 - and although it's been a few years between releases, Paula has just issued her follow-up in Groove With Me. With guest appearances from the likes of Greg Adams and Chieli Minucci among others, Ms Atherton is understandably excited about her new album and that's an enthusiasm that we readily share, particularly in regard to Block Party. With Paula sounding a lot like a smoother-Sanborn, the track is highlighted by the aforementioned Mr. Minucci and is today's choice for our Fresh Trax segment!

CD: Groove With Me (2009)
Label: Dream On Records
Site: Paula Atherton

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Fresh Trax: Part Two
The Rippingtons - Modern Art
Paris Groove - The Rippingtons:
It's been over two-and-a-half years since the issue of Russ Freeman and The Rippingtons last album - their 20th Anniversary release, which celebrated the band's first two decades as one of the leading pioneering ensembles on the contemporary scene. The project rippled to a wave of enthusiastic demand for the band's live show and consequently, the time since has been filled with extending touring. The unintended consequence is that fans have had to wait a bit longer than usual for the follow-up. They say every dark cloud has a silver lining and so it is with the soon to be issued Modern Art! The extra time between albums allowed Freeman and his new lineup (including special guest and returning saxophonist Jeff Kashiwa) the opportunity to work out the songs and help them evolve in some amazing ways. Additionally, it was the first time Freeman recorded his guitar parts first, which allowed for more spontaneity and a more natural interaction in the studio. With a release date that is imminent, we have the first single to radio in Paris Groove! The Rippingtons Then & Now on Ed #403 - April 16th, 2006

CD: Modern Art (2009)
Label: Peak Records / Concord Music Group
Site: The Rippingtons ; Ripps/Concord
Russ Kunkel - Rivage
Mexico - Russ Kunkel:
A veteran of over 30 years, Kunkel has backed many of the biggest names in music from James Taylor to Carole King and Joni Mitchell. After setting aside some time, Kunkel has just issued his debut, which includes a total of eight racks upon which he was the original drummer. Calling them covers would be an injustice as Kunkel vividly re-imagines these selections in a vivid and exciting way! From that release entitled Rivage, we have an ultra-moody take on the sweet baby James track Mexico featuring the saxwork of Steve Tavaglione and the piano of Jay Oliver!

CD: Rivage (2008)
Label: Chateau Beach Entertainment
Richard Elliot - Rock Steady
Move On Up - Richard Elliot:
Since the issue of his solo debut in 1986, saxman Richard Elliot has established himself as one of the bestselling and most dynamic players in the genre. After teaming with Rick Braun for both the launch of a record label and one of the top cds in 2007, Elliot is now back on track to take his solo career to even greater heights with his latest entitled Rock Steady. Slated for release in May on Artistry Music, the album is co-produced by Elliot and Braun and with a rousing version of an old Curtis Mayfield track called Move On Up as the lead single, Elliot once again proves positively he's one of the premier players on today's contemporary scene! Richard Elliot Then & Now Ed #396 - February 26th, 2006

CD: Rock Steady (2009)
Label: Artistry Music / Mack Avenue
Site: Richard Elliot ; RE/Mack

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Overdrive ... it's the second and final installment in a two-part series wherein each spin selection has the word drive in its title. A couple of weeks ago it was Drive Time and now with an adjusted gear ratio we're set for the Overdrive special. So stay tuned for selections such as East River Drive, Driven, and Lake Shore Drive, with 14 hard driving tracks in all. Opening things is Russ Freeman of The Rippingtons, and he's followed by Toronto's Four80East and Soundscape out of the UK, as well as Gregg Karukas. Set #2 has our old friend Peter White and continues with Chris Botti, Paul Taylor, Richard Smith, and Nate Harasim. While wrapping it up are Gary Goin, the late Art Porter Jr., Acoustic Alchemy and Michael Lington. So, as we rev things up starting with Russ Freeman, we're reminded of an old TV theme song from back in the day that had the line, "hear the tires humming, humming out a song"... the rhythm when we're rolling is music to our ears!

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