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Favourites for 2008 !

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Our 5th annual recap of favourites !!
An * indicates a hold-over from 2007.
Click on any of the artwork for additional info.

Our Top 50
Albums !!
Les Sabler - Sweet Drive
#1 Sweet Drive*
Les Sabler

Chris Geith - Timeless World

#2 Timeless World
Chris Geith
Jim Savitt - Second Light

#3 Second Light

Jim Savitt
Nate Harasim - Love's Taken Over

#4 Love's Taken Over

Nate Harasim
Jessy J - Tequila Moon

#5 Tequila Moon

Jessy J

Marcos Ariel - 4 Friends

#6 4 Friends
Marcos Ariel
The Sax Pack - The Sax Pack

#7 The Sax Pack
The Sax Pack
Chris Standring - Love and Paragraphs

#8 Love and Paragraphs
Chris Standring
Matt Marshak - On The Rocks

#9 On The Rocks
Matt Marshak
Mike Levine - From The Heart

#10 From The Heart
Mike Levine
Vibes Alive - After Hours

#11 After Hours
Vibes Alive
Present Tense - Smooth Talkin'

#12 Smooth Talkin'
Present Tense
Warren Hill - La Dolce Vita

#13 La Dolce Vita
Warren Hill
Lori Andrews - After Hours

#14 After Hours
Lori Andrews
Paul Hardcastle - Hardcastle 5

#15 Hardcastle 5
Paul Hardcastle
Mike Catalano - A Manhattan Affair

#16 A Manhattan Affair*
Mike Catalano
Nick Colionne - No Limits

#17 No Limits
Nick Colionne
Tim Bowman - Tim Bowman

#18 Tim Bowman
Tim Bowman
East of West - Crossing Borders

#19 Crossing Borders
East of West
Ken Navarro - The Grace of Summer Light

#20 The Grace of
Summer Light

Ken Navarro
Bob Baldwin -

#21 NewUrban

Bob Baldwin
Jim Adkins - City Streets

#22 City Streets
Jim Adkins
David Benoit - Heroes

#23 Heroes
David Benoit
Rick Braun and Richard Elliot - R n R

#24 R n R*
Rick Braun & Richard Elliot
Earl Klugh - The Spice of Life

#25 The Spice
of Life

Earl Klugh

The Final 25

Everette Harp - My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Brian Simpson - Above The Clouds

Above The Clouds*

Brian Simpson
Kevin Kooyumjian - Monterey Cool

Monterey Cool

Kevin Kooyumjian
Terry Disley - Across the Pond

Across the

Terry Disley
Jimmy Sommers - Sunset Collective

Sunset Collective

Jimmy Sommers
Jay Soto - Stay Awhile


Jay Soto
Voodoo Village - Sleight of Hand

Of Hand

Gabriel - Cool Down

Allistair Elliott - Urban Nights


Bradley Leighton - Soul Collective

Soul Collective
Bob Gaynor - Bob G's Cool Jazz Tunes

Cool Jazz

Bob Gaynor
Jeff Kashiwa - Play


Gerald Veasley - Your Move

Your Move

Steve Oliver - One Night Live

One Night

Steve Oliver
Marc Antoine - Hi-Lo Split


Marc Antoine
Hiroshima - Little Tokyo


Denny Jiosa - Dreams Like This

Dreams Like This

Denny Jiosa
Darren Rahn - Once in a Lifetime

Once in a

Darren Rahn
David Wells - Friday Afternoon


David Wells
Omar Akram - Secret Journey


Norman Brown - Stay With Me

Stay With

Jaared - Addiction


Dave Sereny - Take This Ride

Take This

Oli Silk - The Limit's The Sky

The Limit's
The Sky

Oli Silk
DeeLight - Dolalalaleng / Summer Love

/ Summer Love


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Top Artist
1.Les Sabler*
2.Chris Geith
3.Acoustic Alchemy*
4.Special EFX*
5.Nate Harasim*
6.Marc Antoine*
7.Ken Navarro*
8.Paul Hardcastle*
9.Jim Savitt
10.Matt Marshak*
11.Terry Disley*
12.Jessy J
13.Patrick Yandall
14.Marcos Ariel
15.Chris Standring
16.The Sax Pack
17.Jim Adkins
18.Mike Levine
19.Vibes Alive
20.Jimmy Sommers
21. Tim Bowman
22.Warren Hill
23.Brian Simpson*
24.Mike Catalano*
25.Lori Andrews
26.Everette Harp
27.Present Tense
28.Bob Baldwin
29.Bradley Leighton
30.Denny Jiosa
31.Nick Colionne
32.David Benoit
33.Earl Klugh
34.East of West
36.Gerald Veasley
37.Peter White*
38. Jay Soto*
39.Rick Braun
& Richard Elliot*
40.Voodoo Village
41.Kevin Kooyumjian
42.Jeff Kashiwa*
43.Steve Oliver
44.Allistair Elliott
45.Norman Brown*
46.Gregg Karukas*
47.Marion Meadows*
48.Slim Man*
49.Bob Gaynor
50.Max Groove
Honourable Mention: (alpha order)
Fourplay / Hiroshima* / Eric Marienthal* / Nils* / Darren Rahn / Oli Silk / David Wells

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Top 50 Selections
1.Groove On - Jim Savitt
2.Morning Starlight - Chris Geith
3.Love and Paragraphs - Chris Standring
4.La Dolce Vita - Warren Hill
5.Sweet Sundays - Tim Bowman
6.Tequila Moon - Jessy J
7.Fallin' For You - The Sax Pack
8.Friday Afternoon - David Wells
9.Undercover - Bradley Leighton
10.Lost in the Moment - Jim Adkins
11.Love's Taken Over - Nate Harasim
12.A Little Bit Closer - The Sax Pack
13.Kissed by Nature (remix) - Eliane Elias
14.Out of Nowhere - Jimmy Sommers
15.Human Nature - David Benoit
16.View from my Window - East of West
17.Living Under The Sun - Stevie Williams
18.Old School - Everette Harp
19.Marimba - Paul Hardcastle
- Stuart Steinhart
21.Groove - Present Tense
22.Night Owl - Max Groove
23.No Limits - Nick Colionne
Ocean Blue - Earl Klugh
25.Life in the Fast Lane - Dave Koz
26.Headin' Home - Mike Levine
27.On The Rocks - Matt Marshak
28.Third Wind - Bob Baldwin
29.Candlelight - Voodoo Village
30.After Hours - Vibes Alive
31.On The Upside - Steve Oliver
32.Jamaican Wind - Jaared
33.Traveling Light - Gerald Veasley
34.Sin Ti/Without You - Jessy J
35.West Coast Stranger - Matt Marshak
36.Sweet Drive - Les Sabler
37.Lucky Star - Paul Hardcastle
38.Simple Song - Darren Rahn
39.Run Away With Me - Omar Akram
40.Morning Glorious
- Tom Grant
41.Daydreamer - Warren Hill
42.Carmencita - Mike Levine
43.Dolalalaleng - DeeLight ft Claudia Valtierra
44.City Lights - Lori Andrews
45.Passionate Eyes - Marcos Ariel
46.Song For My Father - David Benoit
47.Movin' Up* - Jeff Kashiwa
48.Where There's Smoke - Native Vibe
49.Blue Skies, Bright Dreams - Ken Navarro
50.Meet Me In Rio - Fred Engler
Honourable Mention: (artist alpha order)
Shine* - Blake Aaron
Summer Happiness
- Marcos Ariel
It Is What It Is - Bob Baldwin
Sunday Night* - Rick Braun & Richard Elliot
Renaissance - David Crawford
Mojito - Allistair Elliott
View From Above - Walle Larsson & Fjord 7
Chris Geith - Sweet Sensation
Hiro Chill*
- Hiroshima
Chill Pill - Denny Jiosa
Rush - Kevin Kooyumjian
Nuno* - Vince Mai
Thru D Nite - Park Lane
- Present Tense
Can You Stop The Rain - Les Sabler
Club Street* - Les Sabler
Sirens - Jim Savitt
Back on the Hudson - Shilts
Chill or be Chilled
- Oli Silk
The Last Kiss - Brian Simpson
Light House - Vibes Alive
Ivory Coast - Voodoo Village

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Top Canadian Albums
#1 Sweet Drive*
Les Sabler
Les Sabler - Sweet Drive

Warren Hill - La Dolce Vita

#2 La Dolce Vita
Warren Hill

Gabriel - Cool Down

#3 Cool Down

Allistair Elliott - Urban Nights

#4 Urban Nights
Allistair Elliott

Darren Rahn - Once in a Lifetime

#5 Once in a Lifetime*
Darren Rahn

Dave Sereny - Take This Ride

#6 Take This

Dave Sereny
Stuart Steinhart - Edification

#7 Edification
Stuart Steinhart
Jesse Cook - Frontiers

#8 Frontiers
Jesse Cook
Fred Engler - Since Then 'till Now

#9 Since Then 'till Now
Fred Engler
Vince Mai - MBand

#10 MBand*
Vince Mai
Four80East - En Route

#10 En Route*

Top Canadian Artists

1.Les Sabler*
2.Warren Hill
3.Allistair Elliot
5.Darren Rahn
6.Vince Mai*
7. Stuart Steinhart
8.Jesse Cook
10.Brian Hughes
Honourable Mention:
Fred Engler / Dave Sereny*
Top Selections by a Canadian Artist / Band

1.La Dolce Vita - Warren Hill
2.Cool Down - Gabriel
3.Edification - Stuart Steinhart
4.Simple Song - Darren Rahn
5.Sweet Drive - Les Sabler
6.Daydreamer - Warren Hill
7.Meet Me In Rio - Fred Engler
8.Can You Stop The Rain - Les Sabler
9.View From Above
- Fjord 7
10.Nuno* - Vince Mai
Honourable Mention: Mojito - Allistair Elliott
Club Street* - Les Sabler

Discovery, Debut, Break-thru, & Comeback Artists of the Year
Top Vocalists
Chris Geith
Jesse J
Jim Savitt
The Sax Pack
Vibes Alive
Mike Levine
Present Tense
East of West
Jim Adkins
Kevin Kooyumjian
Voodoo Village
Allistair Elliott
Bob Gaynor
Omar Akram
Stevie Williams
Slim Man*
Eliane Elias*
Claudia Valtierra* (DeeLight)
Ken Norris* (DeeLight)
Michael Franks
Honourable Mention
Stuart Steinhart / Fred Engler / Park Lane
Honourable Mention
Diane Marino

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