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Favourites in '05 !

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The Café Jazz Most Played !!

What an incredible year for music!! Over the course of 46 original programs and well over 130 hours of music, we've featured 1128 carefully chosen selections by 466 artists from several hundred albums. With that in mind, here's our short list of the absolute best in '05 !!
Information on all artists & selections is available in back issues of "show notes".

Most Played Albums ... Our Top 20

#1 Pacific Coast Highway

#2 Got It Goin' On!
Chieli Minucci

#3 Temptation
Jeff Golub

#4 American/English
Acoustic Alchemy

#5 Hardcastle 4
Paul Hardcastle

#6 The Eyes of Mars
Patrick Yandall

#7 All About Love
Nicolas Bearde

#8 Driving Force

3rd Force

#9 Love Coloured Soul
Ken Navarro

#10 Brian Simpson

It's All Good

#11 The City

Paul Brown

#12 Sweet Saxations
Pamela Williams

#13 Will Power
Will Donato

#14 First Name Basis

#15 Flipside
Jeff Lorber

#16 Nightlife

Paul Taylor

#17 The Best Inspirations

Steve Barakatt

#18 Modern Times
Marc Antoine

#19 Perfect Island Nights
Bobby Caldwell

#20 Retrofit
Daryl Stuermer

Most Played Artist

1.Paul Hardcastle/The Jazzmasters
2.Marc Antoine
4.3rd Force
5.Paul Brown
6.Chieli Minucci
7.Ken Navarro
8.Jeff Golub
9.Brian Culberston
11.Jeff Lorber
12.Pamela Williams
13.Bobby Caldwell
14.Paul Taylor
15.Acoustic Alchemy
16.Patrick Yandall
18.Brian Simpson
19.Nicolas Bearde
20.Will Donato

Most Played Selections

1.Pacific Coast Highway - Nils from Pacific Coast Highway
2.Serene - Paul Hardcastle from Hardcastle 4
3.The Juice - Chieli Minucci from Got It Goin' On !
4.The Crossing - Acoustic Alchemy from American/ English
5.Pacifica - Michael Lington from Stay With Me
6.Perfect Island Nights - Bobby Caldwell
7.You Are Everything - Ken Navarro from Love Coloured Soul
8.Tropical - Chuck Loeb from When I'm With You
9.Every Little Star - Nicolas Bearde from All About Love
10.California Vibes - Steve Barakatt from The Best Inspirations
11.Saturday Love - Patrick Yandall from The Eyes of Mars
12.It Could Happen - Brian Simpson from It's All Good
13.Take That! - Gabriel from First Name Basis
14.El Baile del Sol - Amarosa
15.So This Is Love - Lisa Hilton from My Favorite Things
16.Sweet Saxations - Pamela Williams from Sweet Saxations
17.Candlelight - Paul Taylor from Nightlife
18.Tiburon - DTTB from Spread Love Like Wildfire
19.China Latina - Hiroshima from Obon
20.Zanzibar - Daryl Stuermer from Retrofit

Most Played Canadian Albums
#1 First Name Basis


#2 The Best Inspirations

Steve Barakatt

#3 Amarosa

Lou Bartolomucci /
Tony Carlucci

#4 So Nice
The Clayton/Scott

#5 Dave Sereny
The Jazz Room Presents Smooth Jazz

#6 Bridge the Gap
Les Sabler

#7 My World
Jamie Bonk

#8 Nura (se lf-titled)


#9 Two Shots
Matt Dusk

#10 Big Money

Monkey House

Canadian Artists Most Played

2.Steve Barakatt
3.The Clayton/Scott Group
5.Dave Sereny
6.Jamie Bonk
7.Les Sabler
8.Ray Garand
Most Played Selections by a Canadian Artist

1.California Vibes - Steve Barakatt
2.Take That! - Gabriel
3.El Baile del Sol - Amarosa
4.Sensation - Steve Barakatt
5.Beata - Dave Sereny
6.Cold As Ice - Matt Dusk
7.Bridge the Gap - Les Sabler
8.All In My Mind - Liberty Silver
9.Caribbean Nights - Dave Sereny
10.Let's Waste Some Time - Marc Jordan

Discovery, Debut, Break-thru, & Comeback Artists of the Year
Most Played Vocalists
Female & Male
Brian Simpson
Patrick Yandall
Nicolas Bearde
Will Donato

Steve Barakatt
Daryl Stuermer
Jay Soto
Matt Bianco

Swing Out Sister
Matt Bianco Queen Latifah
Vanessa Williams Janita

Bobby Caldwell
Nicolas Bearde Michael Bublé
Donny Osmond
Boz Scaggs

Honourable Mentions
Mark Hollingsworth
Top Compilations
A Smooth & Soulful Christmas
40 Years - A Charlie Brown Christmas

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