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August 21st, 2005
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Only the second show into our new season & I get the feeling that the little show that could is nothing short of a musical juggernaut!! Just check this out. New tracks from Paul Brown, Soul Ballet, Richard Elliot, & Paul Hardcastle! A Back Trax segment that I'll stack against any set of music that you can hear anytime, anywhere. A couple of recent gems from Chieli Minucci & Hiroshima that are just begging to be played. Plus Will Donato, Pamela Williams, Joyce Cooling & more!!

Bus on Tour:
The Bus on Tour is pulling in for its next stop and it's my pleasure to announce that boarding the bus will be none other than Jeff Lorber, our showcase artist for the week!! More on that as soon as it is available.

In This Issue:

Flipside - Jeff Lorber

Gimme What You Got - Al Jarreau
Seduction - Special EFX
Shaker Song - Spyro Gyra
Here Comes the Night - 3rd Force
Cruisin' Your Way - Gota

Then & Now - David Garfield

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Showcase CD
Flipside - Jeff Lorber:
One of the pioneers of contemporary instrumentals, Lorber's love of jazz began while he attended the Berklee College of Music. In the late 70s, the Philadelphia native formed The Jeff Lorber Fusion, a group that combined many elements from funk, R&B, rock and electric jazz. It was also the group which featured a then little-known sax player named Kenny G. The unit quickly became one of the most popular acts of the day, but was disbanded at the height of their popularity when Jeff chose to switch gears & to focus instead on production and session work. In the course of events, Lorber returned to recording his own music in the early 90s and soon resumed his position as one of the most influential players of the day. Now seven cds into this phase of his career, Flipside is his latest release.

Like a fine wine, Lorber seems to just keep getting better with age as this project represents one of his most focused and refined efforts to date.
Photo courtesy of Jeff's Site The album title is meant to signify a dichotomy in the music. It's something familiar that's laced with an unexpected twist or turn. As such, it's not surprising that Flipside offers us all the elements that have been key to Lorber's success and yet presents many new musical vistas.

In any event, let's discover some of these vistas together as we place Lorber & Flipside in our music spotlight. To begin, we've selected a fabulous piece entitled Everybody Knows That. Then opening hour two is Ooh La La, the albums first single that's been on the charts for a while now. And finally to conclude the feature & the show we have the funky & groove laden Santa Monica Triangle. There's some real catchy stuff happening as Lorber & guest Paul Jackson Jr. play off one another. It's my favourite piece on the album & a great finale to our feature!

CD: Flipside
Label: Narada Jazz
Web Site: Jeff Lorber

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Back Trax: Part One
Gimme What You Got - Al Jarreau:
Milwaukee native Al Jarreau is the only vocalist in history to be presented with Grammy awards in three different categories and in 2001, Jarreau was awarded a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame for his musical contributions. However, music was not always the major force in Jarreau's life. Al excelled in sports and was an above-average student. He sang primarily for fun while earning a degree in Psychology & a Master's in Vocational Rehabilitation. In the 60s he relocated to San Francisco to begin a career in counseling. In the course of things Jarreau found himself performing at a small jazz club with a trio headed by George Duke. He cut his first album, a jazz based effort, back in 1965, & sharpened his musical teeth in clubs on both coasts before being discovered & signed to a deal. The rest is, as they say, a matter of record. In any event, we have a fabulous track from Al Jarreau from a time when he was still early in his career. It's undoubtedly one of his finest. So get set for a musical treat as we return to 1980 & those thrilling days of yesteryear as Al Jarreau sings again !!

CD: This Time (1980)
Label: Warner Bros.
Web Site: Al Jarreau
Seduction - Special EFX:
The place: NYC. The time: 1982. The scene: Chieli Minucci & the late George Jinda first meet during a series of jam sessions. The two hit it off and soon after began laying the groundwork for what was to become one of contemporary jazz's most endearing projects. In the course of events they recorded 13 cds as Special EFX. Creative differences eventually led to an amicable parting of the ways. Minucci launched his solo career while Jinda was involved with several varied projects including the release an additional Special EFX's cd, the only one on which Minucci did not play. Shortly thereafter, Jinda suffered an attack of asthma and diabetes that left him with a disabling neurological condition, one from which he never recovered. Minucci has continued his solo career & has since resurrected the Special EFX name. Nevertheless, on this occasion we're heading back to 1995 & the final cd that Minucci & Jinda recorded as Special EFX. From Body Language we have Seduction, one of the top tracks for the year & one of their finest !!

CD: Body Language (1995)
Label: JVC
Web Site: Minucci/Special EFX

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Back Trax: Part Two
Shaker Song - Spyro Gyra:
Band founder Jay Beckenstein enjoyed working many of the clubs in Buffalo NY while he attended college, but after a time he wanted something other than just being a sideman. Jay began doing some off night sessions and it was this that evolved into the band Spyro Gyra. At pretty well the same time, Beckenstein went into business with Rich Calandra & together they produced a number of local acts. When there was studio time left over, they would record Spyro Gyra. Having met with little success with the other groups, they pressed 500 albums of Spyro Gyra material. Within a year they had sold tens of thousands of copies, signed a record deal and launched the band's career. From that very first effort released back in 1976, we feature Shaker Song!

CD: Spyro Gyra (1976)
Label: MCA Records
Web Site: Spyro Gyra
Here Comes the Night - 3rd Force:
3rd Force has been, for lack of a better phrase, a tour de force in the world of SJ for the past 10 years or more. Band members William Aura, Craig Dobbin & Alain Eskinasi come from highly varied backgrounds that range from new age & classical music to African music, & as such have often produced efforts that straddle many boundaries. The tune that we've selected on this occasion is from Force of Nature, their sophomore release. It's Here Comes the Night, the track that broke the sound of the force onto the scene back in 1995 & features none other than Peter White on both guitar & accordion!

CD: Force of Nature (1995)
Label: Higher Octave
Cruisin' Your Way - Gota:
To cap off the BT feature we present one of our favourites from 2001. It's done by arranger & percussionist Gota Yasheki, who records as Gota. Born in Kyoto Japan, Gota was taught to play traditional drums by his father. Now in the midst of a 25-year career, Gota's resume includes work not only in his native land but also in France and Britain. It was while he was in the UK that Gota earned his reputation as a dance producer and songwriter. He worked with artists such as Soul II Soul and Oleta Adams and also spent several years touring with Simply Red. In the early 90s, he became progressively more interested in techno and earned the nickname, the Groove Activator. From Gota's 3rd in a series of fine solo efforts, we take great pleasure in presenting the highly activated sounds of Cruisin' Your Way!

CD: Day & Night (2001)
Label: Instinct Records
Web Site: Gota

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Web Site :
Just last week we presented a program filled with all new never before been played on our show music. So we've caught up a bit & we're back with our T&N feature, this time with veteran keyboardist David Garfield. Still, all but two of the tracks on today's edition are brand new to Café Jazz. Najee & Andreas Vollenweider have new releases and we have something from each of those. We'll be hearing something fresh from both Kevin Toney & Marion Meadows and we're introducing the sounds of Anthony Pope & Waldino. All that and more in a music filled hour!
Then & Now Feature : David Garfield

Los Lobotomys
Creatchy Productions

Tribute to Jeff
Creatchy Productions

Giving Back
Creatchy Productions

David Garfield: For many years David Garfield's name has been one of the most respected on the LA music scene. He's well known on the club circuit & he's issued a raft of fusion based albums with the groups Karizma & Los Lobotomys, as well as several more under his own name.
Photo courtesy of
David's Site
The Chicago-born musician began on piano when he was seven. He had an immediate connection with the instrument that was almost spiritual and he felt compelled to keep playing. Although he started with the rock tracks of the day from bands such as Led Zeppelin & Grand Funk, when in St. Louis he began to move ever nearer to jazz, which became his second love. David relocated to LA in the mid 70's or so, and since that time he's amassed an impressive set of credentials. He's scored and recorded for films and commercials, produced over 20 albums, launched his own label, and appeared on nearly 80 additional projects as a session player. The people with whom he's worked include such notables as Cher, Boz Scaggs, & Larry Carlton, to name but a few in a lengthy list. For a time Garfield toured with Earl Klugh and for 5 years in the 80s he was the musical director for George Benson with whom he continues to tour on occasion. He led a pair of high-energy fusion projects, the aforementioned Karizma & Los Lobotomys, through to the 90s & beyond and then in 1997, David finally launched his own solo career fronting an all star cast of players on a tribute to the late Jeff Porcaro. Giving Back, which was Garfield's release in 2004, was one of the finest break thru albums for the year.
As you can see, there is a wealth of material from David for us to draw upon, so for our feature we're presenting Garfield music from the 80s, 90s, & 00s. Although it wasn't released until 1997, to get things started we're heading back to 1989 and a tune that was recorded live by Garfield & Los Lobotomys. It's called Jorainbo & features guest Joe Sample. That's followed by E Minor Shuffle from Tribute to Jeff. Finally we have Desert Hideaway from Giving Back. Each of these pieces finds Garfield at the helm of a gathering of top self players. Each is quite energetic, so be please advised these are not for the faint of heart! Furthermore, by today's standards, these are lengthy tracks so you're unlikely to hear them anywhere on commercial radio. Nevertheless, here at 'The Café' we play what we like & we like music from David Garfield!

Web Site: Creatchy

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