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April 17, 2005
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Waiting just for you is another fabulous program, including the latest from 3rd Force as the showcase feature. The great vibe continues thru to the Fresh Trax segment. The Rippingtons highlight this installment with the advance from their forthcoming release. We' have an incredible track from Patrick Yandall & his soon to be released album. Nick Colionne provides us with a remix of a tune that was a huge hit and then we visit both coast of the USA for music from New York's Walter Duda & Michael Brandeburg out of San Francisco. That's only a small part of the sonic excitement. Herb Alpert, Acoustic Alchemy, George Benson & Spyro Gyra, all contribute to the musical mélange and ensuring that your completely saxafied are incredible pieces from Paul Taylor, Will Donato, & Steve Cole... only on Café Jazz, your passport to musical adventure!

In This Issue:

Driving Force - 3rd Force

High Flyin' (Remix) - Nick Colionne
Revitalized - Walter Duda
Saturday Love - Patrick Yandall
Midnight - Michael Brandeburg
Wild Card - The Rippingtons

Then & Now - Tim Bowman

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Showcase CD
Driving Force - 3rd Force:
For the past 10 years or more, 3rd Force has been a mainstay in Smooth Jazz. It was their second album that broke the sound of the Force onto the scene with a tune featuring Peter White that received major airplay. In spite of the tremendous success of that & their following releases, 3rd Force had operated strictly as a studio project until their live debut in 2002 at the Catalina Island Jazz Trax Festival.

At its nucleus, 3rd Force is propelled by the synergy generated by the trio of William Aura, Craig Dobbin, and Alain Eskinasi. Aura is considered a pioneer of New Age music. He has always been a strong believer in it's healing powers and many of his compositions were specifically composed for the healing arts. The Detroit-native enjoyed a significant solo career throughout the 80s and early 90s before 3rd Force and had recorded about a dozen albums under his own name.

Craig Dobbin, on the other hand, is a classically trained pianist who has composed extensively for television and movies. Meanwhile, Dutch-born Eskinasi is responsible for the group's distinctive rhythms. He studied African drums for 6 years in Gambia & for a time was a key member of The Soto Koto Band. Driving Force is their first record in about 3 years, their seventh album overall, and first for William Aura & Co. since that appearance at Catalina. Now boasting a slightly expanded lineup, 3rd Force is bolstered by the addition of R&B veteran Xavier Marshall & DJ Radius who chips in with scratches & assorted efx's. Also making their formal debut are longtime contributors Richard Hardy on saxes & flute and Mitch Manker on trumpet & flugelhorn. The new album maintains all the same key ingredients that have fueled the group's success plus incorporating many new & unique styles & sounds. Creating a layered sound that's laden with catchy hooks; the Force establishes a sonic stage of sorts that allows the talents of various guest artists to be spotlighted, among them Brian Hughes, Tom Scott, & Greg Adams.
This is a superb album that features some of this group's finest & most progressive work to date, and as such it's perfect for our feature. We begin with You Got It, a track highlighted by the great guitar of Marc Antoine. Ask Me Why, another sensational tune, opens hour two and features the saxwork of Eric Darius. And closing the show is the drive & energy of This Is The One. So 'may the Force be with you', 3rd Force that is, as we showcase Driving Force !!

CD: Driving Force
Label: Higher Octave Music

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Fresh Trax: Part One

High Flyin' (basement remix) - Nick Colionne:
Colionne grew up surrounded by jazz and initially learned guitar from his stepfather. Music was a matter, which the entire family took quite seriously. His parents would sometimes disagree as to whom Nick should emulate, Kenny Burrell or Wes Montgomery. In any event, Colionne turned professional while still in high school. For a time he played rock and R&B but before too long he landed a pair of gigs, first with The Impressions and then with Natalie Cole, which took him around the world. As a writer, Colionne has had his compositions recorded by the likes of Paul Anka and Johnnie Mathis. In the course of events, however, it was Wes Montgomery who won out as Nick returned to jazz. Eventually he went solo and now has several fine releases to his credit. It was Just Come On In, the 4th & most recent of these that generated High Flyin' a track that was a huge hit. Three Keys Music, the label that released that album recently issued Private Stock, a varied compilation featuring many artists on their roster and we go to it for High Flyin', a different mix perhaps but still a superb track!

CD: Private Stock - Volume 1
Label: Three Keys Music
Web Site: Nick Colionne

Revitalized - Walter Duda:
Duda is a New York based artist who plays keyboards, sings, produces, and composes. Walter is self-taught as a musician and surprisingly didn't start playing until he was already in college. Upon graduation, he became a foreign language teacher and was pursuing a Master's degree in humanities, when in a moment of self-realization, he discovered that music was the language that was his passion. His first recorded effort placed him as a finalist in a nationwide contest sponsored by the Berklee College of Music. This led to a variety of session work and eventually to a recording contract. In that regard, Duda's debut album was released back in late 90s. Sole Intention is his latest effort and although it's been a few years between projects it's been worth the wait as Walter serves up an interesting blend of styles. There are some great tracks here including the one that I've selected for this show. From Sole Intention we have Revitalized, an exceptional tune that features the saxwork of Danny Wilensky !

CD: Sole Intention
Label: World Alert Records

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Fresh Trax: Part Two

Saturday Love - Patrick Yandall:
The San Diego based guitarist has built an enviable reputation as the consummate working musician. In addition to his studio work, Patrick has enjoyed a highly rewarding & successful solo career with several well-received projects to his credit. Each album has seen Yandall further hone his considerable chops while continuing to refine his appealing blend of styles. As great as previous projects have been, things have suddenly been kicked up a notch with Just Be Thankful, Patrick's soon to be released sixth & latest effort. Now I don't mind saying this one's a gem and hopefully, it will be the release that propels Yandall into the upper ranks of "smooth jazzdom". From that album we have an intoxicating piece featuring the piano of Kevin Flournay. Propelled by the interplay between Yandall & Flournay, this one quite simply flows along with a hypnotic rhythm & groove that is totally irresistible !

CD: Just Be Thankful
Label: Apria
Web Site: Patrick Yandall

Midnight - Michael Brandeburg:
Brandeburg is an artist well known on the San Francisco music scene for his writing, his performances, and his production prowess. He earned a BA in Music Composition from San Jose State, went on to postgraduate studies at USC and also studied orchestration and composition. Michael has been involved with a variety of productions for TV and is co-owner of his own record label. As an accomplished drummer, he's played with many bay area musicians and has done loads of session work. For the past four years, he has produced and performed a very successful jazz series known as "Michael Brandeburg and Friends" which features many local top Jazz performers. On top of all that he found time to release an album of mainly original material titled Midnight. From that effort we have the title track with Ray Obiedo on guitar, and Norbert Stachel on Sax !

CD: Midnight
Label: MJBrandy Records
Web Site: Michael Brandeburg

Wild Card - The Rippingtons:
What started out in the late 80s as a studio project with a revolving set of musicians, evolved into the most popular smooth jazz ensembles of the 90s. A few years back, bandleader Russ Freeman helped launch the Peak Records music label. That and a slightly revamped line up have allowed the veteran group to maintain freshness in their sound and style. Wild Card is now the 3rd and latest release on Peak Records and from it we have the advance single and the title track with Eric Marienthal on sax !

CD: Wild Card
Label: Peak Records
Web Site: The Rippingtons

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Web Site :
We're doing more than our fair share of exploring on this AH segment. We've slotted Pamela Williams, Nicolas Bearde, & Nils, each with great never before been played on our show tracks. We also have selections from Bobby Wells & Kenny G from their new albums as well as many other fresh & cool sounds. Tim Bowman is featured on T&N with tracks from each of his four releases and we're also playing new music from O'2L & the Average White Band. Meanwhile it's another fantastic track from Chieli Minucci and his brand new release that gets us right into the great grooves of After Hours!

Then & Now Feature: Tim Bowman

Love, Joy, Peace



This Is What I Hear
Liquid 8

Tim Bowman: Bowman's early exposure to music came through his family's involvement in their church. He was infused with the desire to master the guitar when, at the age of 11, he was totally floored by someone playing in front of the congregation. Tim ended up playing in his church for eight years and eventually went on to win a two-year scholarship to the Detroit School of Music. For a time after high school, Bowman worked at an automobile assembly line but was laid off after only a few months. This proved to be a pivotal point in his life as from then on, playing music became his primary focus. Tim joined a gospel group and through his sister Vickie, he met Marvin Winans, whom Vickie would soon marry. Keeping things in the family, so to speak, Marvin gave Bowman a call when he needed a guitarist for his group The Winans, which went on to become the best-selling gospel act of the 80s. Bowman played with them for six years but left in 1987 in order to spend more time with his family. It wasn't until 1996 that Tim released his solo debut and decided to get back into music in a serious way.

That initial effort gained a fair bit of attention based on the strength of I'll Be There, a great track that introduced Bowman's unique blend of smooth and gospel to the smooth jazz listening audience. Now with the issue of This Is What I Hear, his 4th release, Bowman's musicality has been taken to a new level! We take this opportunity to take a capsulized musical look at Tim Bowman & his career on our Then & Now feature. To begin, we have I'll be there, the tune that started things. That's followed by Flyin' Away from the follow up album. From Smile, we chose Just Another Day and then close with the smooth groove of Summer Groove the track that has been the biggest hit to this point in Bowman's career!

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