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May 29th, 2005
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... on today's program we spotlight Gabriel … First Name Basis and it's by Gabriel Mark Hasselbach. We'll tell you a bit about Gabe & his music and we'll spin a few selected tracks from the album as part of the showcase feature. In hour two there's brand-new music & another Fresh Trax segment. Average White Band highlights today's feature with a track from the new one. We'll also be hearing from Keiko Matsui with a tune from her latest; plus we're introducing the fresh & cool sounds of Amarosa, Cascadu, and Camiel. But in the meantime, sit back & relax and get set for two full hours of pure listening pleasure starting with Patrick Yandall - so it's on with the show!

In This Issue:

Gabriel...First Name Basis - GMH

El Baile Del Sol - Bartolomucci & Carlucci
Work To Do - AWB
Gentle Sands - Keiko Matsui
East River Sail - Cascadu
I'm Ready - Camiel

Then & Now - Ronny Jordan

SPINLIST: Spinlist Ed#365

Showcase CD
Gabriel...First Name Basis - Gabriel Mark Hasselbach:

An award-winning composer and recording artist, Hasselbach grew up in Denver Colorado before relocating to Canada's West Coast in the late 70s. Gabriel's initial taste of success came as an original member of the Powder Blues Band. In 1981, however, he set out as a solo artist.

In that regard, he's done it all! A handful of releases based in straight-ahead jazz, a series of albums that delve into New Age music, some excursions into rap & hip hop, and several fantastic smooth jazz projects that rate at or near the top of the heap. Adept at playing a variety of instruments from trumpet, flugelhorn, & flute to trombone & digital winds, Gabriel chooses his musical weapons wisely. Versatile & well-versed, Hasselbach has forged a career as a pioneer and innovator on the Canadian contemporary scene & with each successive project he continues to raise the bar!!

Gabriel's Horns, his previous album released just last year, broke Gabriel's sound onto the scene in the USA. The success of that album prompted the issue of the follow up project titled Gabriel ... First Name Basis. This is an another excellent effort & one on which Hasselbach continues to provide ample proof that he belongs among the elite of Canada's Smooth Jazz artists. For the project Gabriel enlisted the aid of a couple of Vancouver's choicest musicians in the likes of Miles Black & Tony Chamberlist. The pair contribute keyboard work & drums/percussion respectively and are also credited as co-writers & co-producers on the album. The resulting endeavor shows Gabriel at his best! Several selections rank among the finest that he's ever recorded and undoubtedly Gabriel will win over a new legion of fans with this release!
(Photo Courtesy of Gabriel) So it's with great pleasure that we place Gabriel ... First Name Basis & Gabriel Mark Hasselbach in our music spotlight. Launching the feature is the easy & melodic tune The Look in Your Eyes. Tempting Fate, one of the more progressive pieces opens hour 2. And then finally we conclude the feature & the show with the lead single entitled Take That! Indeed we will gladly 'take that' and more from Gabriel...First Name Basis!

CD: Gabriel ... First Name Basis
Label: Wind Tunnel Multimedia
Web Sites: Gabriel ; GMH

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Fresh Trax: Part One
El Baile Del Sol - Lou Bartolomucci & Tony Carlucci:
Amarosa is the latest project initiated by Lou Bartolomucci & Tony Carlucci, two of Toronto's most highly regarded & versatile musicians. For many years trumpeter Tony Carlucci has been part of the Studio and TV Scene in Toronto having played with various artists including Cory Hart, Percy Sledge, & Alfie Zappacosta. Tony connected with Lou Bartolomucci in the 80s to head up Synthetic Earth, a jazz-fusion group that were runners up in a competition held in Los Angeles. This led to a record deal & the release of their first album. Since then, Tony has gone on to compose music for TV & film. Meanwhile, Bartolomucci focused his efforts on jazz studies and on performing on guitar & piano. Upon graduating from York University, Lou became part of the session scene. He performed with and directed many local artists and has also worked with names such as Lou Christie & Gary US Bonds. Additionally, he's contributed to a few feature films as well as composing for TV.

Re-enter Tony Carlucci. The two found their styles highly compatible - the result being Amarosa, their latest project featuring a soothing blend of smooth & Latin jazz. In that regard, this one delivers. The music is well crafted with musicianship of the highest caliber and from that effort we're featuring a fantastic tune titled El Baile Del Sol!

CD: Amarosa
Label: Amar/Independent
Availability: cdbaby
Work To Do - Average White Band:
The band may have been white, but they were far from average. Formed in Scotland back in 1972, the original lineup recorded ten albums, earned three Grammy nominations, and enjoyed a huge worldwide following. Additionally, Pick Up the Pieces and their AWB release reached the top of the Pop and R&B charts in 1975. All of this resulted in Average White Band being one of the most sampled bands ever. The group disbanded in early 80s, but reformed in 1989 around founder members Alan Gorrie and Onnie McIntyre. In the time since, they've toured continuously and have issued several fine cds. Greatest and Latest is their most recent effort and presents a collection that spans the past 16 years of Average White Band at its best! The majority of the selections are from their last four albums; but also included are three brand new tracks, among them a special "Nu Jazz Mix" of their smash hit "Work To Do" and we have that for you !

CD: Greatest & Latest
Label: Liquid 8
Web Site: AWB

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Fresh Trax: Part Two
Gentle Sands - Keiko Matsui:
Among her influences, Keiko lists artists as diverse as Rachmaninoff and Maurice Jarre and as a result of this, she's developed a style that's been lauded as one of the most distinctive in contemporary music. Ms Matsui began piano at the age of 5 and was performing her own compositions in junior high. Keiko graduated from university in Japan majoring in children's culture. Nevertheless, she continued with her musical studies at the Yamaha Foundation, earning top honours. As a result, Matsui was selected to be a Yahama recording artist when she was just 17. She composed her first major film score later that same year and fronted a jazz combo. After recording 4 albums in Japan, Keiko's critically acclaimed North American debut followed in 1987. Now with a total of 20 solo releases to her credit, Walls of Akendora is her latest effort. On this album as with its predecessors, Keiko continues to set her own course with a level of artistry that continues to be astounding!

CD: Walls of Akendora
Label: Narada Jazz
Web Site: Keiko Matsui
East River Sail - Cascadu:
Steeped in the musical traditions of Trinidad, Cascadu began studying percussion back in 1978 all while pursuing a degree in Biogeography at York University. He played steel drums with a campus-based performing group and with a noted Toronto steel orchestra. His love for Latin and Brazilian music, and the desire to develop as a musician brought him to New York in 1984. Cascadu simultaneously established a successful career as a marine biologist, and as a professor of marine sciences. In that regard, Caribbean Odyssey his debut release, is an exploration not only of his Caribbean heritage but also is an expression of his consciousness. From that effort, we have East River Sail, and a track that well show cases the convergence of these unique & highly appealing combination of factors & influences !

CD: Caribbean Odyssey
Label: Cascadu Music
Web Site: Cascadu
I'm Ready - Camiel:
A new name on the North American music scene, Camiel began playing classical guitar at the age of 10. Soon after, electric jazz guitar captured his imagination & he began to blend that with electronic music. At the Amsterdam Conservatory Camiel studied composing, recording, and arranging and since then, he's developed into an artist that's on the cutting edge of the Dutch Pop scene. In addition to his studio work Camiel released Sunset his debut album a couple of years back. The project met with rave reviews as it presented a modern mix of soul, Latin, and Jazz, all blended with a sprinkling of electronica. In many ways the music scene in Europe is light years ahead of our own & it's only recently that the album made its way to this side of the Atlantic. Lucky for us though as it's one of the finer releases to this point in the year. From Sunset we have the refreshing sounds of Camiel & I'm Ready !

CD: Sunset
Label: Rendezvous Entertainment

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Web Site :
There are many huge pluses to producing a totally independent radio program such as Cafe Jazz. One of the biggest is the freedom to step outside the norm. We make the rules ... and then we turn around and break them!! As such, it's a treat to present a total of 25 tracks & a special edition of AH in two parts. Today we're exploring a few recent releases, among them the latest from Paul Taylor & Ken Navarro. Then there's something from Kem, DTTB & David Sanborn. We have the advance from Brian Bromberg as well as one from Mindi Abair. Nelson Rangell & Seal are on the show and we're introducing the sounds of Audio Caviar. But, there's much much more including favourites from 3rd Force, Steve Oliver, Norman Brown, & Chieli Minucci. Those are all on this show and we've also included a special extended installment of T&N for added pleasure. On this occasion we're featuring the music of Ronny Jordan, so I hope you can stay with us for that. In the meantime Acoustic Alchemy starts things with a tune that very well could have written for or about our program. From their new one called American / English, we have The 14 Carrot Café! That's some just some of the music that you'll hear, so once you're done listening to part 1 please be sure to click on the second paw for part 2 & another full hour of great grooves!

Then & Now Feature: Ronny Jordan

The Antidote
4th & B' way

The Quiet Revolution
4th & B' way

Light To Dark
4th & B' way

A Brighter Day
Blue Note

At Last
N-Coded Music

After 8
N-Coded Music

Ronny Jordan: Jordan grew up the son of a preacher, and not surprisingly, the music that he heard at his church became an integral part of his formation. Thru Gospel he learned the intricacies of melody & harmony as well as the most difficult lesson of all, when playing less was in fact more. Ronny's talents first received broad recognition in 1992 with the release of The Antidote, his groundbreaking debut CD. Now regarded as somewhat of an acid jazz classic, many compositions on the album featured the unlikely fusion of Rap with Smooth Jazz. This opening chapter of Jordan's career well disguised the fact that Ronny had been playing in clubs and exploring various musical avenues throughout most of the 80s.

The self-taught guitarist has now issued eight solo projects, a total that includes a best of release. Nevertheless, Jordan exhibits the confidence and maturity in his compositions and playing that can only come about through many years of honing one's craft. As we briefly review some of the highlights in Ronny's career, we're pleased to present music from six of those releases.

To start T&N, we're heading straight back to 1992 and Jordan's groundbreaking debut release for After Hours & the namesake of our segment. We then move to Tinsel Town & Closer Than Close. Part 2 of the feature (which kicks off hour 2 of this extended edition of After Hours) spotlights the title tracks from both A Brighter Day & At Last. Finally Bahia Magic from Ronny's current release wraps things up the presentation.

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