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March 6, 2005
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The show must go on! You may notice that for this program I developed a rich baritone voice that would be the envy of many an opera singer. Well, perhaps I'm just hoping, as I was actually labouring under the influences of a cold. Regardless, we have an excellent program that includes current favourites from Marion Meadows, Nils, and Joyce Cooling. Now I have to hand it to our research department. Just check out what our crack team of Smooth Jazz experts discovered on Saxophonic from Dave Koz. The results are undeniable. There's also a gem buried here and there such as the track from Glenn McNulty that opens our final set. Then there's our own unique interpretation of the term classic track which provides musical treats from Rick Braun, Randy Crawford and Joe McBride. I do hope that you can join me as I share my passion for the exceptional!
In This Issue:

Love Coloured Soul - Ken Navarro

Espana - Will Donato
Daylight - Adani & Wolf
For Your Love - Lin Rountree
That's the Way... - Nelson Rangell
When I Get Back... - The Longo Brothers

Then & Now Feature - Swing Out Sister

Showcase CD
Love Coloured Soul - Ken Navarro:

Since the release of his debut, Ken Navarro has not only been one of the most prolific artists in Smooth Jazz, he's also been one of the hardest working. Navarro began his recording career as a premiere session player in Los Angeles and in short order, he had worked with a lengthy list of diverse artists that included Doc Severinsen, John Pattitucci and Dave Koz. However, in 1990, Navarro chose to go the solo route and simultaneously launched his own Positive Music record label.

Over the years Ken has crafted a string of superb albums that rate high on melody, are uplifting and are always delivered with the utmost taste. And as a result, it's no wonder that Navarro has become recognized as a premier performer and leading stylist in the genre. Now you know that with Navarro's name on a project, it's a guarantee that it's going to be great!

Love Coloured Soul is the latest addition to an incredible catalogue. After hearing this album, all I could say was "Bravo Mr. Navarro!" because he's done it again!

Now back on his own Positive Music label, this record undoubtedly represents some of Navarro's finest work to date...from melodic and moving to soft and soothing and so it's with great pleasure that we place Love Coloured Soul in our musical spotlight. To begin our feature, we're present a comforting piece titled Parallel Lives. Summer of Love opens hour 2 and I'm certain your heart will melt just the way mine does every time I hear this track. Finally, as we sign off, we have You Are Everything, the lead single and a selection that nicely encapsulates the pure essence of Navarro's wonderful sound & style!

CD: Love Coloured Soul
Label: Positive Music
Web Site: Ken Navarro

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Fresh Trax: Part One

Espana - Will Donato:
Donato is an exciting young saxplayer based in Southern California. He has already amassed an extensive list of credits having worked with many great Smooth Jazz stars such as Steve Oliver, Steve Reid, and Gregg Karukas. Donato has also done a fair bit of soundtrack work for a few movies including Thelma & Louise and The Untouchables. In addition, Will has recorded several solo projects with Will Power as his latest & perhaps most focused effort to date. This album reflects the romantic spirit of Donato's music and is lovingly dedicated and I quote "as a celebration of love to my beautiful wife Diana". From Will Power we have a gorgeous track titled Espana that features the trumpet of Tony Guerrero. I know you'll love this one.

CD: Will Power
Label: Generation Records
Web Site: Will Donato

Daylight - Adani & Wolf:
Adani & Wolf are the Dutch duo of Rob Gaasterland and Daniel Testas. The two first came together in the late 90s to launch Project 2000. That proved to be an award-winning drum & bass effort whose music was used for TV on both sides of the Atlantic. Since then they've worked at widening their sound in the studio with their production credits on Praful's One Day Deep as their biggest success to date. Bolstered by that triumph, the pair decided to create their own album, one on which they further explore the world of chill while infusing elements of South European and Latin American music. From their self-titled debut, Daylight is the advance single and we have that one for you.

CD: Adani & Wolf
Label: Rendezvous Entertainment

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Fresh Trax: Part Two

For Your Love - Lin Rountree:
Rountree began playing the trumpet at the age of eleven in his hometown of Alexandria VA. Upon graduating from high school, he was awarded a scholarship at Florida A&M and played in their famed marching band. After A&M and after living in a few different locals Lin moved to Detroit. In the past few years has established himself at the forefront of that city's music scene. His band has been featured at numerous festivals & venues. Meanwhile Groovetree, his debut record, was released just a couple of months ago. The album has already attracted a fair degree of favourable attention for it's catchy & groove-laden tracks. From that effort we've selected For Your Love, the lead single and the opening track, which features Tim Bowman on guitar!

CD: Groovetree
Label: BDK Records

That's The Way of the World - Nelson Rangell:
A Denver Colorado native, Nelson began in music at the rather late age of 15 when he took up the flute. He soon discovered that he was blessed with a natural gift and a passion for music and within six months, he was studying at the Interlochen Arts Academy. Shortly afterward, Nelson started playing the sax, and a few years later won Downbeat's Best Jazz Soloist competition on both the high school and college level. His first solo album released in 1987, received much critical acclaim and with each subsequent record, Rangell's popularity has continued to grow. In a feature a short while back, Jazziz magazine described Rangell's style … "as rich in inspiration and powerfully unique in voice". My American Songbook is his latest and from that effort we've selected That's the Way of the World, one of the best covers ever for any EW&F track!

CD: My American Songbook
Label: Koch Records
Web Site: Nelson Rangell

When I Get Back To You - The Longo Brothers:
Hailing from Toronto, brothers Larry & Frank Longo have had many of their songs used for commercials as well as for TV programs such as Saturday Night Live. Over the years they've written for & produced a variety of artists. The two have had several top 10 songs in Canada and have also enjoyed airplay in the US. Manhattan is their brand new project, a cool compilation of SJ and easy listening tracks. From that effort, When I Get Back To You is the tune that we've selected. The tune features the Brothers Longo on keys, guitar, percussion & background vocals while Paul Zaza guests on bass on the track.

CD: Manhattan
Label: Lonsong Music

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Web Site :
On today's edition we have music from Jim Adkins and All-for-7. There are selections from Nicolas Bearde, Jeff Lorber, Frankie Cendejas, Bobby Caldwell & Pamela Williams as we explore each of their recent releases. SOS is featured on T&N. We begin with a tune by Artie Traum from Acoustic Jazz Guitar and then use a great track from Jesse Cook & his live album to cap things off. There's more but you need to check things out for yourself!

Then & Now Feature: Swing Out Sister

It's Better To Travel
PolyGram Records

Kaleidoscope World

Get In Touch With Yourself / Fontana

Where Our Love Grows

Swing Out Sister: Long a Café Jazz favourite, Swing Out Sister are quickly approaching their 20th anniversary as a band. In spite of the success of Breakout, one of their earliest singles, Corinne Drewery & Andy Connell have never attained more than a small but avid North American fan base. They've achieved much greater success back home in the UK, but where their sound has met with the greatest acceptance is Japan where they are one of the most popular acts in the country. Since the formation of the group back in 1985, the SOS sound has been characterized by lush & sophisticated arrangements. Their music is jazz-tinged, is laden with catchy hooks and is always impeccably presented. The results are a listening experience that is both emotionally complex and yet highly accessible.

With the release of Where Our Love Grows, Swing Out now have a total of sixteen projects to their credit, a list that includes a few compilations, a live cd, and several albums that been issued exclusively in Japan. In spite of this latter fact, we had no shortage of material for our feature. Digging deeply into our SOS library, we ended going all the way back to 1987 and their debut effort. And in the process we came up with Twilight World, Heart for Hire, Incomplete Without You and Where Our Love Grows. These tracks are from the above albums respectively and are presented in chronological order.

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