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August 26th, 2007
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This Week at - Launch of Season 11!
Our season premier features Nate Harasim in the spotlight as we showcase Next In Line, his debut.You'll want to stay with us for Fresh Trax coming up in hour 2 with all the latest & best in new music. Headlining this installment are Brian Simpson and Rick Braun & Richard Elliot. Also appearing are Dan Carlin & Friends, while new to the show is the music of Mike Catalano and Bob Madsen & The World Machine. That's followed later that same hour by a retro pack of classics including The Clayton/Scott Group, Special EFX, Gene Dunlap, & Art Porter Jr.!

450th Anniversary Program - The Very Best of Café Jazz!
The long wait is nearly over! The very next show is three hours packed with some of the best selections we've played over the past 10 seasons and that's right around the corner!

In This Issue:

Next In Line - Nate Harasim

The Cat's Meow - Dan Carlin
Take Me Back To Rio - Mike Catalano
What Cha Gonna Do? - Brian Simpson
In Her Arms - Bob Madsen
R n R - Braun & Elliot


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Showcase CD
Next In Line - Nate Harasim:

Although still only in his twenties, Nate Harasim's finesse as a musician belies his early years and results in as auspicious a smooth jazz debut as we've seen in recent times! Beginning with his first piano lessons, Harasim had long envisioned a career as a performer - his zeal led to early admittance to the Flint Institute of Music where his talents were duly recognized with various scholarships and awards. Pursuant to joining the school jazz band, at age 16 Harasim formed MoJazz - a group which played a straight-ahead style and which went on to open for the likes of Norman Brown and Pamela Williams. However, in spite of Harasim's best efforts to keep the group together, after high school the players went their separate ways. For his part, Nate enlisted in the US Navy and for a time jumped out of helicopters as a rescue swimmer - that is until he learned about the Naval School of Music. He auditioned and was accepted.

Nate Harasim - Next In Line
After completing his tour of duty, Harasim was fuelled by a passion to record a solo project. He set up shop in a small apartment just outside of Detroit but upon obtaining a Yamaha endorsement deal, he relocated to San Diego where he'd previously been stationed. Shortly after connecting with a couple of like-minded musicians, namely Mitch Manker and James East, Harasim's Next In Line debut was born!
Nate Harasim Nate Harasim
Photo:CD Insert
In spite of the fact there isn't a weak track on this exceptionally well-crafted disc that Harasim wrote, arranged, engineered, and produced, we were obliged to narrow our selection down to just three, understandably the ones we settled on are in a word superb! As we place album & author in our showcase spotlight, first up is the sumptuous Holloway Cruise with the aforementioned Mitch Manker on trumpet. Harasim is simultaneously master of melody, mood, and groove on 92101! And, although we close the feature with the album's high-octane namesake, Next In Line the title track, never content to rest on our laurels, we snuck in the ever-so-sweet vibe of Sweet Dreams, a previously unplayed track, into the After Hours portion of the show! Nate Harasim's Next In Line is indeed auspicious and sure to among the Café Jazz elite for 2007!

CD: Next In Line
Label: Independent/NuGroove
Site: Nate Harasim

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Fresh Trax: Part One
Dan Carlin & Friends - Prowlin'
The Cat's Meow - Dan Carlin & Friends:
This latest issue from Dan Carlin & Friends affords the opportunity to re-introduce Dan Carlin, whom we featured on Ed#399 back in 2006 around the time of his debut. With a career that stretches back to the 60s, several high-energy acts such as Blue Cheer, Robert Conti, and Michael Pinera appear as part of Carlin's resume. Accompanied by a select gathering of musicians, the veteran fusion-based guitarist is back with Prowlin', his sophomore project upon which he again explores a mix of world influences. From that we release we have a delicious tune purr-fectly entitled The Cat's Meow!

CD: Prowlin'
Label: Rhombus Records
Site: Carlin/Rhombus
Mike Catalani - A Manhattan Affair
Take Me Back To Rio - Mike Catalano:
It's hard to say what it is, but during a 30-plus year career, it's been one affair after another for Mike Catalano! Catalano's latest project is a follow-up of sorts to his 1989 debut. Released only in Brazil and Japan, that album brought together many of the best musicians from both New York & Rio de Janeiro for A Rio Affair. Catalano then went on to compose for TV, for programs such as the hit series A Current Affair. Now as Catalano once again willingly succumbs to his dual passions for Manhattan music scene and the rhythms of Brazil the love story continues with A Manhattan Affair. Delivering a polished smooth jazz mix generously seasoned with Brazilian spice, A Manhattan Affair provides not only a pleasant summer sojourn, it may also prove to be one of the more memorable musical excursions of the year. From that effort, we're featuring the fantastically flavoured Take Me Back to Rio!

CD: A Manhattan Affair
Label: Catman Records
Site: Catalano/Catman

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Fresh Trax: Part Two
Brian Simpson - Above The Clouds
What Cha Gonna Do? - Brian Simpson:
A longtime jazzer, Brian Simpson made a brief detour into the world of pop in the early 90s touring with Teena Marie, Sheena Easton, and Janet Jackson while co-writing the 1991 #1 hit The First Time by Surface. Thereafter returning to his roots, so to speak, Simpson had a solo release (1995's Closer Still) and a couple of others as a member of Rhythm Logic, but primarily he worked as a studio musician and for about 10 years, he was musical director for Dave Koz. That all changed with Simpson's sophomore It's All Good release, which turned into the breakthru story for 2006 - the title track hit #1, and remained in the Top 5 for four months, the follow-up Saturday Cool went Top 15 while the cd achieved the #19 spot for the entire year on Billboard's contemporary jazz chart. This of course came as little surprise to us here at the Café since we were high on the project from the moment it debuted on Ed#376 of our show back in September of 2005. Now, you can judge for yourself, but for our part, we have similar expectations for Simpson's latest effort and it's advance single!

CD: Above The Clouds
Label: Rendezvous Entertainment
Site: Brian Simpson
Bob Madsen & The World Machine - Above and Beyond The Call Of Beauty
In Her Arms - Bob Madsen & The World Machine:
Although originally afflicted with an affinity for heavy metal, Bob Madsen discovered the bass guitar's compositional possibilities thru the music of Stanley Clarke, Al DiMeola, and the like. While in his 20s, Madsen played thruout Northern California in a variety of cover bands but by 1998, he had begun work on a solo project. However, that was put on hold for the next several years when the Concord CA native & his family relocated to the Sierra Foothills where Madsen started a real estate appraisal firm. A 2004 appearance at a players' clinic rekindled Madsen's passion to complete his album, which, because it was entirely self-financed, came together rather slowly with Madsen taking on various side jobs in order to fund the endeavour. Nevertheless, come together it did. Now with a wide variety of styles represented on the disc, we've opted for the comforting In Her Arms, a piece replete with sensitivity and emotion!

CD: Above and Beyond The Call Of Beauty
Label: The Highlander Company Records
Site: Bob Madsen
Rick Braun & Richard Elliot - R n R
R n R - Rick Braun and Richard Elliot:
The eagerly anticipated collaboration from Rick Braun & Richard Elliot is finally here and it's being touted as "the jazz event release of 2007". When Braun & Elliot, two of the top names in the genre, first formed ARTizen Music a few years back, it was only fair to expect a joint venture somewhere along the way. However, with record exec responsibilities now added to their already busy schedules, it's been nearly three years with over half a dozen other projects released on their label since that event. However, for fans & for music lovers in general, the long wait is over. After setting aside a bit of time for themselves, for some musical "rest and relaxation" if you will, Rick & Richard infuse some much needed gusto into a somewhat languid summer scene with R n R, the album's robust title track!

CD: R n R
Label: ARTizen Music Group
Site: Rick Braun ; Richard Elliot

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Certain Select Affiliates :
Today's focus is new music with 15 new-never-before-been-played-on-our-show trax. Here's a quick run down of our line up; just out of the wrapper are Spyro Gyra, Greg Adams, and Najee. We have a bit more from Acoustic Alchemy and their new one. There's the latest from Kirk Whalum, Jimmy Sommers, Lisa Hilton, and Dave Sereny. Keyboardist Burt Brion is on the show, first time for him as well as for flautist David Crawford and DeeLight out of Germany. Other music that you'll be hearing includes Ben Tankard and Joey Sommerville, while as an added bonus we have another tune from Nate Harasim and Next In Line our showcase album. They're all right here in what is sure to be another action-packed fun-filled hour of fantastic musical entertainment. In the meantime, it's Blake Aaron launching the coolest of grooves for Café Jazz and After Hours!

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