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December 17th, 2006
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This Week at CafeJazz.ca!
Trends in music come and go but for our final regular program in 2006, we've decided to stick with our tried and true philosophy of doing it with fervour and style, things that may be lacking in many of the musical presentations currently in vogue. Each of our shows attempts to be more than an end unto itself. Rather, it's part of an ongoing journey, one that I embarked on back in 1996 and one that continues thru to the present with many an unexpected twist or turn along the way. Where this all eventually leads, may be anyone's guess, but as in life, the fun is not in the final destination, but in the getting there. And to keep us company all the while, there's just the perfect musical mix for any discriminating listeners. Hope that it's you and that you'll enjoy the show!
In This Issue:

Forgotten Melody - Wayne Jones

Colours - Jonathan Butler
Spellbound - Joe Sample
Carmen Cadillac - Skywalk
Midnight Cruise - Danny McCollim
Off The Cuff - Windows

Prelude to A Café Jazz Christmas
The Top Ten

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Showcase CD
Forgotten Melody - Wayne Jones:

Wayne Jones's career as a bassist came about by accident, quite literally. Jones had started in music as a drummer but in his teens, an industrial mishap left him with only partial use of his left thumb. Since his love of music prevented him from abandoning his passion for playing, Jones took up the bass instead. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Jones confides that the music scene in that country is relatively small. Nevertheless, he's earned his oats, having studied some of the finest American musicians - The Crusaders, Grover Washington Jr. and Lee Ritenour, have all influenced his style while Marcus Miller has imparted the single greatest impact on his playing. Over the last three decades, Jones has operated in a variety of musical settings. With a frankness that is characteristic, Jones articulates, "You have to play many styles of music here to survive." From original recording and cover bands to freelancing for sessions or for film and TV, the wonder from down under has 'done it all'! All that is, except issuing an album under his own name.

Having first entertained the idea of a solo project around seven years ago, that long-held dream has finally come to fruition with the release of Forgotten Melody. Described as "a jazz tinged, funk and groove based feast" by the editor of Australian Musician Magazine, Jones delivers a fantastic first effort that comes as an extremely pleasant surprise to those of us here in 'the other hemisphere' who haven't previously had the opportunity to experience the craft of this wonderfully gifted musician! So it's now with the utmost relish that we place Wayne Jones and Forgotten Melody in our spotlight and to that end we have three tasty melodies that touch upon a variety of influences. First up is Written Hour, a rather engaging play on Lee Ritenour's surname.
The Band:(top) Ash Crick and Ron Peers
Gerry Pantazis and James Sandon
That's followed by the title track at the top of hour 2 while Jones's own cover of the Marcus Miller classic, Run For Cover draws favourable comparisons to the original, in fact if anything it may actually be a bit stronger. Funky rhythms abound thruout and with all respect due Mr. Jones, this leads to the inevitable conclusion, the name of the album may be more than a trifle misleading. The project not only injects the music scene with a much-needed infusion of style, substance, and energy, to the contrary of what its title may suggest, Forgotten Melody is also noteworthy and highly memorable as a debut effort!

CD: Forgotten Melody
Label: Dim and Dimmer
Site: Wayne Jones

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Back Trax: Part One
Colours - Jonathan Butler:
Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Butler was raised the youngest of twelve children. Growing up under the veil of apartheid, an official government policy of discrimination against non-whites, he found an escape in music. He began singing publicly at the age of seven and even before his teens, he performed thruout the poverty-stricken countryside as part of a traveling variety show. As a 13-year-old, Butler made history, when his debut single became the first record by a black artist to ever be played on white radio in South Africa. Soon after, he relocated to England where his self-titled album broke internationally while earning a Grammy nomination. Throughout the years, his music has frequently exhibited a blend of African flavours appealingly mixed with jazz, R&B, and pop influences. The 1990 Deliverance mini-album in particular, yielded one of his finest and most liberating tracks!

CD: Deliverance (1990)
Label: Jive
Site: Jonathan Butler
Spellbound - Joe Sample:
A native of Houston Texas, Sample was a founding member of The Crusaders, playing with that band for nearly 30 years until about 1991. Concurrently, he enjoyed a highly successful solo career with approximately 20 projects to his credit. Sample's 1989 Spellbound album still rates as a personal favourites here at The Café and from that effort, we've selected Spellbound itself, the title track!

CD: Spellbound (1989)
Label: Warner Bros.

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Back Trax: Part Two
Carmen Cadillac - Skywalk:
The legendary fusion group enjoyed a creative longevity that spanned a couple of decades, tracing its earliest roots to 1979 when keyboardist Graeme Coleman hooked up with bassist Rene Worst. Tom Keenlyside on sax, guitarist Ihor Kukurudza, percussionist Jim McGillveray, and drummer Lou Hoover rounded out the combo; but by the time of their 1980 debut, Harris Van Berkel and Kat Hendrikse had assumed the guitar & drummer's chairs respectively. Skywalk continued to record thruout the 80s and in addition to their frequent appearances in their home base of Vancouver, they performed at festivals in Montreal and Calgary while in 1986, they made a major tour of the US where they enjoyed their greatest popularity. By 1989, Miles Black had replaced Coleman who left to compose scores for film. Meanwhile, the band members have remained active in various aspects of the Vancouver music scene and from time to time, they've continued to perform as Skywalk into the new millennium. In all, they assembled a catalogue of six albums, those being:
1) Live in Detroit (for CBC)
2) Silent Witness
3) The Bohemians
4) Paradiso
5) Larger than Life
6) Great Northern
A seventh project, a compilation called The First 20, was issued a few years back. This proved to be their most recent, but for today's track, we revisit the 1992 Larger Than Life release!

CD: Larger Than Life (1992)
Label: Bluemoon
Site: M.Black ; T.Keenlyside ; R.Worst
Midnight Cruise - Danny McCollim:
Spokane native McCollim was born in the mid 50's and began playing piano when he was 4. He developed a love for jazz while in high school and studied classical music all through college. Graduating from Berklee in Boston in the early 80's, McCollim has worked with many great musicians; Michael Brecker, Steve Smith, and Larry Coryell are just a few of the big names on a list that also includes The Mills Brothers, The Platters, The Drifters, as well as numerous bands in both the Spokane and Boston areas. Having taught jazz studies at both the Community College and Whitworth College in Spokane Washington for the past several years, McCollim's two great passions remain performing and composing. The release of WayLive back in 1999, was the realization of a dream and from that effort, we have the incredible sonic imagery of the opening track!

CD: WayLive (1999)
Label: DRM
Off The Cuff - Windows :
Originally formed in the early 80s, the LA band Windows delivered eleven projects over the course of about a dozen years. Guided by bassist/vocalist Bernard "Skipper" Wise and his writing partner keyboardist Ed Cohen, the group's was a hybrid sound, and plumbed various forms of fusion while simultaneously examining avenues with more polish and sheen. Thruout a good portion, Peter White performed regularly on many Windows albums appearing as a more or less 'permanent guest', while, in turn, Wise helped launch White's solo career producing his first two releases. Later Wise went on to form Colour Club with Les Pierce, and for a time oversaw both Windows and Colour Club, recording three more albums with the latter. Although Windows' fortunes culminated with the 1989 number one radio album The French Laundry, some of the finest fruits of Wise's and Cohen's creativity ripened afterward, the 1990 follow up Blue September being among those most particularly noteworthy. On this occasion, we're revisiting My Red Jacket and what was the next to last effort under the Windows banner for the carefree stylings of Off The Cuff featuring the saxwork of Gary Meek!

CD: My Red Jacket (1995)
Label: Blue Orchid
Site:Skipper Wise

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Web Site
Part 1: A Prelude to A Café Jazz Christmas!
With Christmas Day only about a week away, we're getting into the spirit of the season with one full hour of uninterrupted music. Included on this edition are several tracks representing the best new seasonal releases we've come across in 2006; they are from Celtic Woman, Hall & Oates, and Rosie Carlino. So you can listen for tracks from each of those. We also have selections from Melissa Manchester as well as from Johannes Linstead and Brian Lubeck, the latter two appear on the same cd with Tom Michaud as We Three Strings. Otherwise we're rounding out the hour with all the best there is in smooth seasonal music. Here's a quick run down of what you'll be hearing on this Prelude to A Café Jazz Christmas!

Johannes Linstead
We Three Strings
Earthscape Media.com
Melissa Manchester
Platinum Christmas III - Sony/BMG
Celtic Woman
A Christmas Celebration
Hall & Oates
Home for Christmas
DKE Records
Rosie Carlino
Merry Christmas, Love Rosie
Quillian Ent.
Bryan Lubeck
We Three Strings
Earthscape Media.com

Featured Selections
Steve Laury - Silent Night
Rick Braun - O Tannenbaum
Jim Brickman - Dreams Come True
Chris Blizzard - Joy to the World
Johannes Linstead - What Child Is This
Melissa Manchester - My Christmas Song For You
Celtic Woman - The Wexford Carol
Daryl Hall & John Oates - No Child Should Ever Cry On Christmas
Rosie Carlino - Christmas Eve With You
Bryan Lubeck - The First Noel
Lori Andrews - O Come O Come Emmanuel
David Benoit - Do You Hear What I Hear?
Chris Bennett - Snowfall
Russ Freeman - Hark the Herald Angels Sing
Planet 9 - We 3 Kings
Part 2: The Café Jazz Top Ten Album Countdown!
Our second installment of this new feature is also the final one for 2006. We've selected a track from each of the top 10 albums for December 11th as compiled by smoothjazz.com. Now you know that we here at the Café enjoy doing things just a bit differently than everyone else, so you won't always hear the tracks that you might expect to hear. Here's what we're playing!

Top 10 with a twist: Artist, Album, & Track
#10.Eric Darius: Just Gettin' Started - Secret Soul
#9.Peter White: Playin' Favorites - Déjà Vu
#8.David Benoit: Full Circle - Six PM
#7.Marion Meadows: Dressed to Chill - Coco Flow
#6.Kirk Whalum: Forever, For Always, For Luther Volume II - Give Me the Reason
#5.Wayman Tisdale: Way Up - It's A Good Day
#4.Pieces of Dream: Pillow Talk - House Arrest
#3.The Jazzmasters: Jazzmasters V - Moon Trekin'
#2.Boney James: Shine - The Total Experience
#1.George Benson & Al Jarreau: Givin' It Up - Ordinary People

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