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September 3rd, 2006
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The Sounds of Summer :
Smooth Grooves from the Summer of '06!

On our second annual instalment of The Sounds of Summer Review; we're checking out some of the hottest music from the past couple of months. Featured selections are by The Jazzmasters, Fourplay, Patrick Yandall and Lisa Hilton; also included are favourites from Oli Silk, Marion Meadows, Vince Mai, and Pamela Williams. New to the show is Larry Antonino and we're also introducing the vocalist calling herself Boca. And certainly no tribute to summer would be complete without the hot & funky sounds of Matt Marshak and Summerfunk. They're all right here. So be sure to catch the Sounds of Summer exclusively on CJ, your connection to all the greatest grooves from the summer of '06!
In This Issue:

Samoa Soul - Patrick Yandall
Mornin' Noon & Night - Boca
Village Strut - Larry Antonino
Free As The Wind - Jazzmasters
Kind of In Love - Lisa Hilton
My Love's Leavin' - Fourplay

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Highlights Hour One
Samoa Soul - Patrick Yandall:

Well our old friend Patrick Yandall is back with a new one, his seventh and latest project, entitled Samoa Soul. We here at the Café have been closely monitoring Patrick's career for many years and of late, it appears Yandall has transformed into a mini musical juggernaut. While his output has been nothing short of prolific, recent releases have also seen the "axe man" from San Diego take his creativity to new heights, in particular, From the Ashes and Eyes of Mars drawing much critical acclaim. Unfortunately, that phrase can sometimes turn out to be a hex, as critical acclaim often translates into inaccessibility. Fortunately, it's been just the opposite; Yandall has not only garnered increased attention from Smooth Jazz radio, he's also attained a broad and loyal following. And, if I may be so bold, I'm pleased to mention our own modest show has played some small part in Patrick's success to date. Indeed, Mr. Yandall achieved the notoriety of making our in-house "most played" list with both past projects!

Will Samoa Soul top these? Judging from the early balloting, the verdict is a resounding 'yes!'; so the smart money is riding on Yandall to three-peat as far as our list is concerned. In the meantime, I couldn't think of a better way to debut this latest masterpiece than by spinning the opening track! And, if by chance you've been feeling a bit logy or sluggish, have no fear! Dr. Yandall's sure-fire intensified Samoa Soul groove remedy most definitely is the cure!

CD: Samoa Soul
Label: Zangi Records
Site: Patrick Yandall

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Mornin' Noon & Night - Boca:
As a young girl, Boca dreamed of learning piano and with the support of her father, she set out in pursuit of her passion. Music provided a creative outlet and soon it became her main form of expression. Immersed in singing, composing, and performing thruout her high school years, Boca attended Humber College where she discovered a love for world music; the stylings of Jobim, Salsa, and Latin/Jazz in particular, became her focus. She graduated with highest honours and soon expanded her performing radius to include Detroit and LA. While living in Detroit, she released her debut wherein she accompanied herself on piano. Relocating to LA, Edge of the Night is now her third release and from it, we're featuring the exceptional lead single!

CD: Edge of the Night
Label: Fuze Music Group
Village Strut - Larry Antonino:
Although his name is new to our show, Antonino is considered by many as one of the most innovative bass players on today's music scene. A native of Santa Cruz, Antonino's distinctive sound has been described as exciting and fresh. Now based in Southern California, Larry has performed and recorded with artists such as Ronnie Laws, The Jazz Crusaders, Jeff Beck, Bobby Caldwell, and Al Jarreau. He also was awarded a gold record for his contribution to the soundtrack for the 1997 Tom Hank's film, "That Thing You Do!" From his latest release entitled Village Strut, we have the terrific title track and lead single that features Rob Mullins on keys!

CD: Village Strut
Label: BCS Records

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Highlights Hour Two
Free As The Wind - Jazzmasters: It was back in the early 90s when Paul Hardcastle issued the first Jazzmasters project, an album that presented a unique hybrid of dance music and jazz and which featured Helen Rogers on vocals & Gary Barnacle on sax & flute. Although the cd was originally available only as a Japanese import, a few stations in the U.S. playing the smooth jazz format picked up the recording. In due course, the Sound of Summer, as Hardcastle later nicknamed the project swept across the US and around the world. The cd enjoyed overwhelming popularity being named jazz record of the year and remaining on Billboard's Contemporary chart for over 52 weeks.

So now, as we celebrate our own Sounds of Summer special, it's only fitting that we feature a track from Jazzmasters V and the latest installment in the series. Back again handling vocals as she has on all the previous Jazzmasters releases is Helen Rogers. Meanwhile, it's Snake Davis in the sax chair, a spot which has been primarily his since Jazzmasters II. From Jazzmasters V we have the liberating sounds of Free As The Wind!

CD: Jazzmasters V
Label: trippin 'N' Rhythm Records
Site: Paul Hardcastle
Kind of In Love - Lisa Hilton: Self-taught on piano, Lisa Hilton was composing her fist simple songs at seven and by the age of eight, she was already studying classical and modern piano literature. Nevertheless, Lisa quit playing in her teens after becoming disillusioned with her education in music. Art and photography became Hilton's main interests in college and following graduation, she turned to art direction, designing for high profile clients like CBS and Twentieth Century Fox while writing and directing a successful children's book. However, in the course of things, it was David Foster reigniting Lisa's long lost love for music. Subsequently she released Seduction, her debut in 1997.

The Malibu based composer & pianist is back with yet another tasty assortment, now her 8th project since re-discovering her passion. On the disc entitled Midnight in Manhattan, Ms Hilton explores jazz in an acoustic setting presenting as elegant and refined a collection as you'll hear anywhere. From that release, we're featuring Kind of In Love, just one of several favourites. While the melody is delicate and pure, it's Ms Hilton's own playing, subtle, enchanting, and always impeccable, that makes this piece sparkle!

CD: Midnight in Manhattan
Label: Ruby Slippers Productions
Site: Lisa Hilton
My Love's Leavin' - Fourplay feat. Michael McDonald: The members of the super-group Fourplay reunite for X which, when counting their seasonal release from a few years back, is coincidentally their tenth album overall. On this latest project, Messrs James, East, Carlton, and Mason continue to deliver more of the solid sounds that have made them smooth jazz's # 1 instrumental band. Nonetheless, the first single to radio features the blue-eyed-soul of the man who may very well be the format's #1 vocalist. Joining Fourplay is Michael McDonald as they team on the 20-year-old classic My Love's Leavin', from Steve Winwood's 1986 Back In The Highlife release. In a word, the treatment is inspired as smooth perfectly draws on the legacy of a bygone era in soft rock!

Label: Bluebird/RCA Victor
Site: Fourplay

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Web Site :
On this edition, more great grooves from the summer of '06, including music from The Rippingtons, Chris Standring, Ultrablue, J Thompson, Paolo Rustichelli, and Wayman Tisdale as we explore their recent projects. Typically, our focus is new-and-never-before-been-played-on-our-show tracks as we try to "spread the luv"; this segment is no different as all the music is brand new to the show. There's the latest from Eliane Elias, Marilyn Scott, and our friends, the Las Vegas based Brothers Brown, who record as Everett B Walters. Artists making their debuts on Café jazz include a project called Soul Providers, featuring Bob Baldwin, the group Westbound out of Italy, and acclaimed bassist John Menzano. First up is Gil Parris!

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