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June 25th, 2006
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Special Presentation - The Quarterly Review:
On this edition, our second Quarterly Review for 2006, we present some of the finest tracks it's been our pleasure to unearth over the past 90 days. This line-up has its fair share of top-billed stars including Peter White, Marion Meadows, David Benoit, Everette Harp, and Bobby Lyle, not to mention Chris Standring, Nestor Torres, Dan Siegel, Nelson Rangell, and Pieces of a Dream. Granted we take a decidedly different slant than commercial radio in presenting some of our favourites. Add to these a few fantastic selections from Matt Marshak, Oli Silk, Ultrablue, Ron Boustead, Vince Mai, Gene Dunlap, Gene Cannon, José Valentino, and a handful of other new or perhaps undiscovered talents. We have them! They all contribute to making this Café Jazz an incredible listening experience!

In This Issue:

Beat Street - David Benoit
Just As You Are - Everette Harp
Hands On - Bobby Lyle
Bright Spot - Jack Prybylski
Spring Lake - David Stellmach
Street Talk - Dan Siegel


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Highlights Hour One
Beat Street - David Benoit:

CD: Full Circle
Label: Peak Records
Site: David Benoit

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Just As You Are - Everette Harp:

CD: In The Moment
Label: Shanachie Entertainment
Site: Everette Harp
Hands On - Bobby Lyle:

CD: Hands On
Label: Heads Up International

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Highlights Hour Two
Bright Spot - Jack Prybylski:
His name is Jack Prybylski and he's a seven-time winner as Top Saxophonist for the Buffalo Music Awards. The western NY native got his hands on a sax in the third grade and was hooked, cutting his teeth on the music of Chicago and Earth, Wind and Fire. His explorations led him to jazz, and players such as Tom Scott and David Sanborn. After deciding on a career as a musician, Prybylski graduated from the State University of New York. With over a decade of experience as a teacher and player, he's been a part of eight releases, seven with the eclectic Buffalo-based band Them Jazzbeards as well as a solo project released in 2001 that received airplay on smooth jazz radio. Jack is now back with Window Shopping, his sophomore project produced by Ken Navarro; Navarro's always-tasty guitar work is also featured on two of the tracks. Window Shopping picks up where the debut Soho Strut left off. And dare I say, with Navarro's aid, the production is a bit more lush and the overall presentation a degree more crisp...qualities certain gain many new fans for Mr. Prybyski and his captivating style. From Window Shopping we have the Navarro-written Bright Spot and an album highlight!

CD: Window Shopping
Label: SuShan Music
Spring Lake - David Stellmach:
So who is David Stellmach? Although Stellmach earned a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and a Master's degree in Occupational Therapy, he's also a highly gifted pianist and composer. David grew up listening to his grandfather perform polkas on the accordion, but it was David's father, a jazz fan, who introduced him to the music of Dave Brubeck. The progressive sounds of Genesis, Yes, Emerson-Lake-and-Palmer and other '70's groups influenced his early musical direction while later the works of Keith Jarrett helped shape his style. The music on Piano Solos, Stellmach's debut, has been favourably compared to that of George Winston, who Stellmach cites as his greatest influence. Stellmach met Winston one night back in 1990 after a show and got to play the piano with him for a few minutes; Winston even went on to provide advice and recommendations over the years. Nevertheless, Stellmach's style developed into one that is uniquely his own.
In recognition, Rendezvous Records selected one of Stellmach's finer tracks for what is now the second in their series. From the compilation Rendezvous Lounge 2, we present the exceptional Spring Lake!

CD: Rendezvous Lounge 2
Label: Rendezvous Records
Piano Solo
Street Talk - Dan Siegel:

CD: Departure
Label: Native Language
Site: Dan Siegel

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Web Site :
On this edition, more smooth grooves from the past 3 months. Included are Wayman Tisdale, Greg Adams, Larry Carlton and Simply Red. Also appearing are Shilts, Annette, Maysa, and Waldino. Those and more in an action packed fun filled extravaganza that's coming in at around 120 minutes of great music; we've also included a couple of selections that are new to the show from Michael Franks and 2AZZ1, and those are towards the end of the feature!

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