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January 23rd, 2011
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This Week at
... the current show features Oli Silk - the new one is All We Need and that'll be the spotlight cd on the showcase segment. Cued for hour 2 is another installment of Fresh Trax highlighting a cutting edge blend of new music. Starring from Austria are Hp. Hoeger & Sugar Shake, as well as Mezzoforte out of Iceland. Debuting is Will Clarke recording as SureWill; while also appearing are Michael Paulo and The Rippingtons. Trailing the Fresh Trax is a four pack of tunes out of the Café Jazz archives. This time that includes Vibes Alive and Larry Gittens - plus we have Nick Colionne and Marcos Valle. But for the ice breaking track we're doubling back to the band Turning Point and their double cd called Matador!
In This Issue:

All We Need - Oli Silk

Magic - Michael Paulo
Postcard from Cannes - Rippingtons
Contigo - Hp.Hoeger/Sugar Shake
My Hero - SureWill
Berlin Boogie - Mezzoforte

AFTER HOURS : Best of '10 Epilogue
PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#599

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Showcase CD
All We Need - Oli Silk:

Hailing from London's west end, Oli Silk played a variety of gigs thru his teens while he debuted in October 2000 as half of the smooth duo Sugar & Silk. After a pair releases with bassist and long-time friend Danny Sugar, Oli next surfaced in 2004 on the debut for saxman James Vargas. Vargas had been the featured saxplayer on Sugar & Silk's sophomore cd and so now Silk returned the favour; he produced the album, shared in the writing credits, and appeared on all the tracks. The record caught the attention of Trippin' N Rhythm Records, who released the project in the US; this then led to an appearance by Vargas and Silk at the Catalina Island Jazz festival. Silk's own So Many Ways debut followed a couple of years later; an outstanding first effort the project earned Oli recognition as the Café Jazz break-thru performer for the year! Now you might say that we were a bit ahead of the curve, not unusual for a leading-edge, progressive program such as ours. Nonetheless we were in good company as Oli was also named Art Good's Jazz Trax debut Artist!

Oli Silk - All We Need
It seems without fail that we hear from Oli every couple of years or so and sure enough, Oli's The Limit's The Sky follow up released in 2008 gained him a nod as a nominee at the inaugural ASJA. Building on the momentum, Oli returns with All We Need, his highly anticipated third offering and likely his most polished project to date! So it's with a measure of satisfaction that we nudge Oli into the showcase spotlight!
Oli Silk
Oli Silk & Cindy Bradley at Catalina Island 2009
~ photo by Sherry Fisher
Leading in, is All We Need the title track that's in rotation at many finer smooth stations and that's currently climbing the charts. Trumpet lady and label-mate Cindy Bradley guests on Tokyo at the top of hour 2; the two have performed together on several occasions within the past couple of years and upon the track in mention they engage in an inspirational exchange. Meanwhile joining Oli on Ahead of the Weather, the show closer, is Carl Stanley on sax. And so with this trio of selections, it becomes fairly obvious that in so far as quintessential smooth listening is concerned, all we need is Oli and his appropriately titled cd!

CD: All We Need (2010)
Label: Trippin 'n' Rhythm Records

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Fresh Trax: Part One
Michael Paulo - And the Magenta Symphony Orchestra
Magic - Michael Paulo:
Beginning his career in his native Hawaii, Michael Paulo recorded four albums with the group Kalapana before he relocated to LA in 1981. A couple of years later he joined Al Jarreau's touring band and continued in that capacity for the better part of ten years, while also issuing an '88 solo debut. For a good part of the 90s, Paulo managed Noteworthy Records and toured with other performers, while also issuing a few more well-received cds. Although his own output has been a bit infrequent thruout the past decade, Michael has nonetheless remained active on the smooth scene. Currently he produces The Temecula Wine and Music Festival while continuing as host for Dolphin Days in Hawaii for year 14; moreover he's an artist in residence at The Java Jazz Festival - one of the largest in the world! On the record front, he's appeared on releases by Peter White, Steve Oliver and LA Chillharmonic among others. His new release was arranged and conducted by David Benoit and features the Magenta Symphony Orchestra out of Jakarta. From that effort we have Michael on a pretty piece called Magic, the aptly-titled opening track!

CD: ... and the Magenta Symphony Orchestra (2010)
Label: Apaulo Music Productions
The Rippingtons - Côte d'Azur
Postcard from Cannes - The Rippingtons:
Over the course of the past 25 years, Russ Freeman has frequently shown an affinity for naming selections and albums, or occasionally both, for exotic locals; Morocco and Aruba are just two of many that come to mind. The latest is called Côte d'Azur, a project that was inspired by Freeman's love of the French Riviera. All the selections relate to his extensive travels in region with his wife, Yaredt Leon, a successful songwriter in her own right who actually co-wrote a couple of the tracks with her husband and travel companion. From that effort we now feature Postcard from Cannes, a favourite tourist destination that also plays host annually to the famed film festival! The Rippingtons Then & Now on Ed #403 - April 16th, 2006

CD: Côte d'Azur (2011)
Label: Peak Records

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Fresh Trax: Part Two
Hp.Hoeger & Sugar Shake - Music Matters
Contigo - Hp.Hoeger & Sugar Shake:
When last heard from Hanspeter Höger came to us as half of the Austrian duo recording as Thompascal and Hp. Hoeger. Based in the picturesque region of Tyrol, Partl & Höger had collaborated for about 15 years with several projects and a variety of tracks on various compilations. Featuring some choice sampled vocals by an unidentified singer, Not In Love With Me, was our #2 vocal track in the past year. Now Hp. is back but this time he's hooked up with song-writer Christian Mueller otherwise known as Sugar Shake. Music Matters is their debut and from the effort we present Contigo, another prime example that the Euro-vibe is alive and well!

CD: Music Matters (2010)
Label: Hanspeter Höger, Sugar Shake
Links: Hp: SS: CD:
SureWill - Out Of The Shadows
My Hero, (Uncle Jim) - SureWill:
A veteran arranger, composer, and music director, SureWill is the moniker under which William Clark now records. Although his primary instrument is the keys, SureWill is a multi-instrumentalist well-versed on drums, bass, the alto sax and clarinet. With a background of over 30 years in music, he began playing in his church in Buffalo NY, but in the time since he's worked with Grammy-winners such as Al Jarreau, George Duke, and Janet Jackson. Having performed at a variety of premier jazz festivals and at several televised awards shows, SureWill is more than ready to step out of the shadows on his debut - from that release we have the funky and rhythmic My Hero (Uncle Jim)!

CD: Out Of The Shadows (2010)
Label: Sureraq Music
Mezzoforte - Volcanic Berlin Boogie - Mezzoforte:
Mezzoforte released their self-titled debut in 1979, and a few years later, they scored an international hit with the track Garden Party. Now over 30 years later, they still tour regularly with all original members sometimes appearing as part of a 6 to 10 piece band. As almost the entire world knows, Iceland recently experienced a mammoth volcanic eruption. But in the spring of 2008, the members spent a few days in a summer house in the southern part of the country writing music for the current album. Their close proximity to Hekla, Iceland's best known volcano sparked a song called Sleeping Volcano. Little did they suspect that a few months later an earthquake measuring 6.1 would trigger eruptions in Eyjafjallajökull, a mere 50 kilometers away. From that project, suitably titled Volcanic, Mezzoforte dust it up with the track Berlin Boogie, Germany's capitol and its largest city!

CD: Volcanic (2010)
Label: Mashhad Music

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Best of '10 Epilogue: … it's the final installment in The Best of 2010. Cued are 13 tracks that somehow escaped the main portion of our review - it would be remiss to omit these selections … so this last part of the re-cap remedies that situation. Included are selections from George Duke and Paul Brown as well as from Walter Beasley, Larry Carlton, and Gerald Albright … on The Best of 2010 - The Epilogue Edition! Playlist for Ed#599

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