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February 6th, 2011
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This Week at
... another choice show, this time with Will Sumner's new one in the spotlight. It's called Tracks and that's the feature cd on the showcase segment. Cued for hour 2 is a cutting edge blend of new music on Fresh Trax. Headlining the instalment are Paul Hardcastle and Larry Carlton. Composer Sonny Olsen out of Italy and British producer Michael e are both on the show, first time for either; while also appearing is Keiko Matsui to round things out. Trailing Fresh Trax is a vintage collection from the Café Jazz archives with Peter White and Mark Hollingsworth - plus we've included a couple of all-time favourites from our treasury of classics and those are by Duncan Millar and Chieli Minucci !
In This Issue:

Tracks - Will Sumner

Ghost of Aviation - Michael e
Sunday Afternoon ... - Sonny Olsen
Valentines - Paul Hardcastle
Awakening - Keiko Matsui
Bad Luck - Larry Carlton

AFTER HOURS : After Sunset
PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#601

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Showcase CD
Tracks - Will Sumner:

After attending the University of Minnesota, Will Sumner studied both at Berklee in Boston and Westminster College in Salt Lake City. By the time all was said and done, he emerged not only as an accomplished guitarist but also proficient on piano and violin. In the late 90s, Sumner debuted with his band Tropic Zone, a project which was recorded in Minneapolis - that was followed by a pair of releases under his own name in Desde Mi Corazon and Coast Drive issued in 2000 and 2003 respectively. Tracks from each have previously been featured on our show - but I digress!

In the intervening years, Sumner relocated to Carlsbad California in San Diego County and using this as home base, he's become well established on the So-Cal scene. Well known for the sensitivity of his compositions as well as for his expressive playing, Sumner's releases have been well received in the USA; additionally he's won recognition as a multiple winner at the United States Cine Awards, while he's also earned props at Film Festivals from New York to Italy!

Will Sumner - Tracks
Sumner's new one is simply called Tracks; it's his fifth cd overall and first since a 2008 seasonal release. With a nice mix of Latin and Brazilian styles together with flavours of pop and jazz, this is one slick but solid effort. The project features an organic mix colored with brilliant harmonies, beautiful textures, and vibrant improvisation; and apart from a bit of sax, bass, and some piano, Sumner handles all the instrumentation! So now, it's Will Sumner in the spotlight with Tracks as the subject for the showcase feature. First up, the dulcet tones of On Target see Sumner doubling on guitar and percussion.
Will Sumner
Will Sumner Live!
At the top of hour 2 is a tune called The Lake - a relaxing new-age weave with Will featured on both piano and guitar! While for the closer, we have a well-travelled track for our show in Wine Highway and one that celebrates California's famed wine-producing region! For many years Sumner has enjoyed a nice following, first in Minneapolis /St. Paul and then in the San Diego area. Now with some great arrangements, a nice mix of moods and melodies, and some pretty tasty playing, this latest cd shows Will is fully capable of taking his 'tracks' right across the nation!

CD: Tracks (2010)
Label: OceanStreet Records

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Fresh Trax: Part One
Michael e - Candy Shop Lounge Volume 2
Ghost of Aviation - Michael e:
Based in Sheffield England, Michael E played in various cover bands at US bases thruout Europe when he started to develop his compositional skills. With advancements in technology, it occurred to him that he could do it all - compose, perform, produce, and mix a record totally on his own. Out of this vision Michael realized his dream in 2006 and now has 8 projects to his credit; meanwhile he's appeared on about 70 down-tempo compilations. Today we're going to one of these called The Candy Shop Volume 2 released in 2010 for the track Ghost of Aviation. Now sometimes it does takes time for a new artist to be recognized - which happens to be the case in this instance as Ghost of Aviation is actually drawn from Michael E's debut! Nonetheless, here's Michael's account of the story of behind the track. "I was near completion of the track and it had no title, it was kind of brewing away and I decided to go for a cycle ride in the countryside near my home."
Michael goes on to say, "It was a beautiful summer's day and somewhere along the route I noticed a biplane in the sky doing acrobatics. The drone of the engines as the plane climbed and dived was almost like music. It had a melancholy air about it . . . . Voila!!!! I got back to my studio and incorporated the drone into the track and suddenly it had focus. I'd remembered a line from a Joni Mitchell song about Amelia Earhart, about the ghost of aviation. So, there I had it, a focus for the track and a title. It fit perfectly as far as I was concerned. Perfect." And a comment with which we happen to be in complete agreement!

CD: Candy Shop Lounge Volume 2 (2010)
Label: Blood Sugar Records
Links: Michael e: Candy Shop Lounge:
Michael e - Beautiful World Beautiful World
Michael e
Sonny Olsen - Latin Tempo
Sunday Afternoon in Habana - Sonny Olsen:
Composer Sonny Olsen started his career in Naples, Italy and early on he became involved with Italian state TV. In the mid '70s he moved to the USA where he continued with private studies while touring nearly every state in the Union. Fundamental to Sonny's musical development was the time he spent with the late Buddy Miles, the former drummer for Jimi Hendrix and Carlos Santana. Sonny recorded and/or toured with Buddy in both the U.S. and in Italy. Now residing back in Rome, Latin Tempo is Sonny's latest, and a cd that draws heavily on some of the influences from his years of professional life in Texas. From that effort we have Sunday Afternoon in Habana as Sonny Olsen debuts on our show!

CD: Latin Tempo (2010)
Label: Digital Marketing Group

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Fresh Trax: Part Two
Paul Hardcastle - Desire
Valentines - Paul Hardcastle:
Released just in time for Valentine's Day is Paul Hardcastle's Desire, a project that's appropriately been subtitled The Ultimate Seductive Album. Having produced a steady series of sensual selections over the past 20 years, Hardcastle gathers together many of his most intimate recordings into a single collection all augmented by three brand new tracks. From that mix we've chosen Valentines, a tune featuring the vocals of daughter Maxine as Hardcastle provides a soundtrack suitable for the most romantic day of the year! Love is in the air! Paul Hardcastle Then & Now Spotlight Feature - Ed#380 October 16th, 2005

CD: Desire (2011)
Label: Trippin 'n' Rhythm Records
Links: Fan Sites:
Keiko Matsui - The Road
Awakening - Keiko Matsui:
Over the course of three-decades, Keiko Matsui has attained unparalleled artistry while emerging as one the most respected performers in contemporary jazz. With sold-out performances around the world, the title of her latest release, and first in four years, reflects Keiko's passion for performing as it's entitled The Road. The album does indeed take us on a journey thru an eclectic mix of flavours with elements from Eastern, Spanish, and African music to name but a few. The release is Keiko's 22nd in America and like previous albums, this one has a number of noted guest musicians, among them drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, guitarist Alberto de Almar, & Cameroon born bass player &vocalist Richard Bona. Also appearing on a couple of tracks is Kirk Whalum, while Jackiem Joyner, her current sax player performs on soprano sax on the title track & the closing cut. In spite of this all-star back-up band, Keiko allows herself to stretch out on several selections. From this current effort we're featuring a progressive yet sensitive track called Awakening!

CD: The Road (2011)
Label: Shanachie
Larry Carlton - Plays The Sound of Philadelphia Bad Luck - Larry Carlton:
Born in Torrance California, Larry Carlton started guitar lessons when he was six and had his first professional gig when he was 14. Carlton honed his skills in the clubs and studios of greater LA and in 1968 he landed a tour backing the Fifth Dimension. By 1970, he'd shifted to doing studio work where he made a name for himself as a first call session player! The following year, the Crusaders invited him to join the band and he remained with the group until 1976. In between tours with the ensemble, Carlton played hundreds of sessions on every genre. His credits included the likes of Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell, Michael Jackson, Sammy Davis Jr., Herb Alpert, Quincy Jones, and dozens of other top names. Meantime, Carlton's catalog grew to include film soundtracks, television themes and more than a hundred gold albums. By the early 80's, he had already taken part in over 3000 sessions, and had won a Grammy in 1981 for the Hill Street Blues theme.

Now 30 or so years further into a career that's become legendary, Carlton is fresh off a 16-year stint with the super group Fourplay. He's issued 30 or so records, been nominated 19-times for a Grammy and won three, while receiving numerous additional accolades! On the new one, subtitled A Tribute to Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, Carlton covers the music of the songwriting and production team that defined an entire category of popular music having earned 175 gold and platinum albums. From that effort, we've selected the track Bad Luck as Larry Carlton Plays The Sound of Philadelphia!

CD: Plays The Sound of Philadelphia (2011)
Label: 335 Records

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
After Sunset: After a many week absence it's the return of the connections series - on this occasion all the selections are linked by having the word 'after' as part of the title. For lack of a better phrase, we're calling this the After Sunset edition for a tune by Joe McBride. By virtue of this, tunes like Afterglow by Pamela Williams, The Morning After from Joe Ercole, and After Midnight with Kevin Toney are among those being featured! Playlist for Ed#601

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