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June 19th, 2011
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This Week at the Café: The Quarterly Review: Q2 - 2011!
... it's the second in our 2011 series called the Quarterly Review with all the best from the past 90 days. Included on this edition are Bob Baldwin, Michael Franks, Paul Hardcastle, and Euge Groove. Also on the show are selections by Andy Snitzer, Cindy Bradley, and Rob Tardik, while a 6-pack of featured tracks includes Gail Jhonson, Dotsero, and Shakatak as well as John Costello, Jeff Gaeth, and David King. But leading in, there's a breezy boogaloo starting to blow - it's called The Windy Dance and it's by Nick Colionne!

In This Issue:

Make It Happen - Gail Jhonson
Waterfall - Shakatak
That's Just The Way It Is - Dotsero
You Know the Way - Jeff Gaeth
Fine Wine - John Costello
Is This Heaven - David King

ONE YEAR AGO:The Q2 Review for 2010 PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#620

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Highlights Hour One
Make It Happen - Gail Jhonson:
She hails from Philadelphia and is a graduate of Berklee in Boston. She has an impressive resume that includes recording and touring with the likes of Morris Day, Kevin Toney, Bobby Womack, Ray Parker Jr., Patti Austin, Peabo Bryson, Jeff Lorber, and Paul Taylor to name but a few. She serves as music director for Grammy winning Norman Brown, while she herself was Grammy nominated for her previous cd. She's the radio host for Jaz-Pel Journey and she's been called 'the first lady of jazz'. She's Gail Jhonson and her latest release entitled HerStory is the culmination of her life's work in music! From cd #4 in her catalogue Ms Jhonson makes it happen on our show with an aptly track!

CD: HerStory (2011)
Label: 111 East Jazz Records

Gail Jhonson - HerStory

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Shakatak - Across The World
Waterfall - Shakatak:
"Shakatak have enjoyed a level of success and career longevity rarely paralleled in contemporary music but then Shakatak is a particularly unusual group. Because of the nature of their music their fan base is one that is far reaching while always retaining an "underground" element." So goes the band's promo literature but, at least as partial testament to the veracity of the statement, it was just last year that Shakatak celebrated their 30th Anniversary! "This music still glows as brightly as that first hearing ... Shakatak aren't just a band, they were the soundtrack to our lives", that's from Ronnie Scott's House Magazine, a venue where they have frequently appeared. Now as we enter the fourth decade since the band's inception, there is no let up in site - the foursome continue to perform all over the planet from Thailand and Cape Town to Latvia and Jakarta. In addition, they recently issued their latest cd with the rather apropos title of Across the World! !

CD: Across The World (2011)
Label: Secret Records
Links: Anderson Odell Saward Sharpe
Dotsero - Storyhouse
That's Just The Way It Is - Dotsero:
Steered by the brother combo of Stephen Watts on sax and David on guitar, the band known as Dotsero has enjoyed 20-plus years as one of the premier ensembles on the contemporary jazz scene. Their critically acclaimed debut released in 1989, brought Dotsero to national prominence; their sophomore release enjoyed a 5-week ride as a #1 record; meanwhile other releases have faired nearly as well having cracked the top 10 or top 30 on several charts. Even so, the Watts' main claim to fame has always been the energy of their live show - they frequently appear at Jazz @ Jack's, Denver's hottest jazz and comedy room and a venue that they co-own. In keeping with this, smooth jazz broadcast pioneer Art Good has booked the band to appear in October at the 25th Annual Catalina Island JazzTrax Festival. It's their 3rd appearance at what is billed as the Grand Daddy of 'em all! No doubt, the Watts boys will be performing music from their latest cd entitled Storyhouse, their first since a 2008 seasonal release and their 11th overall. From that effort, Steve and Dave lay it on us with a track that's matter-of-factly called That's Just The Way It Is!

CD: Storyhouse (2011)
Label: Cinderblock Records

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Highlights Hour Two
Jeff Gaeth - Shoestrings
You Know the Way - Jeff Gaeth:
A native of western New York, Jeff Gaeth moved to LA in 1974, and after attending UCLA, he proceeded to make a name as a sideman by backing the likes of Donna Summer, Michael Jackson, and Diana Ross as well as famed jazzman Horace Henderson to name a few. He also spent a number of years as an LA sessionist while also contributing to the music scenes in Denver, Colorado Springs, and San Diego. For the past few years, the well-travelled Mr. Gaeth now calls the Big Island of Hawaii his home and has three releases to his credit. Following the issue of his 2005 debut which faired particularly well in Europe, Shoestrings is his most recent effort released just this past May. While grounded in contemporary jazz, the project is a reflection of the many influences Gaeth has been exposed to over the years and as he puts it, "my music is the true essence of what I am about"!

CD: Shoestrings (2011)
Label: Puna
John Costello - Beyond Smooth
Fine Wine - John Costello:
Composer, songwriter, producer, musician, singer and record label exec John Costello is a Chicago native who began piano and organ at the age of five. At 15 he moved to Phoenix with his mother and after high school, for a time he attended Arizona State. Opting for the experiences of life on the road, Costello toured throughout the US with a variety of bands, before forming the band, The Connection in 1987. Since that time the group has played over 400 gigs for military personnel in 28 countries. Back in Phoenix, Costello has become involved in a variety of business projects and operates as president of Wild Whirled Music, Fervor Records, and Muzik Headz. Additionally he's composed for network TV and independent films, while producing others and recording his own material. From John's 2010 Beyond Smooth released on the Fervor Records label, Costello debuts on our show with the fragrance of Fine Wine!

CD: Beyond Smooth (2010)
Label: Fervor Records
David King - The Universal Dream
Is This Heaven - David King :
Based in Scotland, guitarist David King was influenced from an early age by all the rock styles he was exposed to through his many visits to Glasgow's famed venue The Apollo. However, after being introduced to the music of Martin Taylor, King developed a passion for jazz and a few of its smooth proponents in Larry Carlton and Pat Metheny. Later on, a chance glimpse of Acoustic Alchemy on TV in the late 80's proved pivotal in his development as both a player and a composer. Following a variety of experiences in band settings, King obtained a degree in media composition and, returning to his home studio, he issued his debut in 2007. The recently released The Universal Dream is already King's 3rd effort and judging by the music contained therein, we are indeed going to take great delight in catching up with David King and his previous efforts. Suffice it to say, there is much more to come from his stellar effort in the weeks ahead. Moreover it would be remiss of me not to extend a big tip of the Café Jazz top hat to Norrie at Smooth Jazz in the Mix for turning us on to Mr. King and his music!

CD: The Universal Dream (2011)
Label: Independent

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
More of the Q2 Review: Continuing with more of the best tracks from the past 90 days, this edition has Down to the Bone, Yellowjackets, and Paul Taylor. Also appearing are Three Deep and Brian Hughes; while debuting are Phil Casagrande and a tune from Danny McCollim; all as part of an exciting 14 track set! Playlist for Ed#620

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