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July 3rd, 2011
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This Week at
... in the spotlight is Andy Snitzer. The latest from the globe-trotting saxplayer is aptly titled Traveler and par for the course we've selected a real nice trio of tracks, all as part of the showcase segment. In the second half of the show we're back with our chill-out feature and some of the best laid back grooves on today's downtempo scene. Appearing on this installment are Billy Paul Williams and Briza with David Arkenstone & Nicholas Gunn, while also slotted are Konstantin's Kool&Klean, Michael e and Candy Dulfer. But helping fill the void are the likes of Joyce Cooling, Nils, and David Benoit plus there's Rocco and Rahj, Nicholas Cole, and Greg Anderson as well as David King who debuted on our show just a couple of weeks ago!
In This Issue:

Traveler - Andy Snitzer

Ocean Eyes - Konstantin
Café Tranquillo - Michael e
Midnight Moon - Briza
Anything You Need - Candy Dulfer
Miles To Go - Billy Paul Williams

PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#622

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Showcase CD
Traveler - Andy Snitzer:

Philadelphia's Andy Snitzer turned to the sax when he was 15 and after a year of classical studies at Northwestern in Chicago, he moved over to the University of Miami. In his senior year, Snitzer was discovered by Bob James and he went on to tour with James while also appearing on a series of his albums. At the same time, Andy earned an MBA from the School of Business at NYU which led to him joining the JP Morgan investment firm. While also emerging as a first call sessionist, Snitzer debuted in 1994 with Ties That Bind - the success of that release confirmed that music would be his full-time calling. While issuing about a half-dozen critically acclaimed cds under his own name, those solo efforts have to a certain extent been overshadowed by some of Snitzer's high-profile sideman gigs.

Andy Snitzer - Traveler
Andy Snitzer
Andy Snitzer
photo by: Bodo Malo
In addition to touring with the Rolling Stones, Snitzer has recorded with Bette Midler, Aretha Franklin and others, while he's also backed Paul Simon, a position that he currently enjoys. With a break in the action, Andy recorded Traveler, a project inspired by his wayfaring adventures and one that to quote Andy, nicely 'resonates in our sphere'. On the aptly-titled disc, Snitzer reflects on some of these junkets while exploring many of the avenues on today's jazz scene. The excursion begins in France with Marseille the lead single, a tune that combines diverse influences with an ethereal ambiance. The journey continues with the title tune Traveler providing a perfect soundtrack to just chill relax, and watch the world go by; while the city of Lausanne situated on the shores of Lake Geneva and nestled in the Swiss Alps is our final destination. Accessible yet avant-garde, on Traveler Andy Snitzer shows all the polish of a performer who has played the world stage several times over!

CD: Traveler (2011)
Label: Native Language

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Chill-Out Feature: Part One
Konstantin - Kool&Klean Volume I
Ocean Eyes - Konstantin:
Kool&Klean is a concept that we introduced on Café Jazz a few weeks back and at that time it was Volume II in the series that premiered on the show. The project was conceived by saxman Konstantin, who has continued to make inroads on the smooth scene since his 2004 debut. Inspired by Paul Hardcastle's Jazzmasters, Konstantin has hit upon a groove that shows brilliance in its mere simplicity. From the first in what we hope will be a multi-disc venture, we have the sinuous Ocean Eyes!

CD: Kool&Klean Volume I (2010)
Label: KVK Music
Michael e - Café Tranquillo
Café Tranquillo - Michael e:
With 8 projects to his credit since his 2006 debut, British producer and keyboardist Michael e has proven time and again, that he's easily the most prolific, imaginative, and consistent player on today's downtempo scene. Now in late breaking news, there happens to be yet another album in the works that we will have on the next Fresh Trax feature; even so, the plan now being to give you a healthy double dose from Michael, both this show and next. This time we have the chillout vibe of 2009's Café Tranquillo and the title track!

CD: Café Tranquillo (2008)
Label: Chillball Music

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Chill-Out Feature: Part Two
Briza - Ambient Café
Midnight Moon - Briza:
The 2006 project entitled Briza saw the pairing of David Arkenstone and Nicholas Gunn, two of the top names in new age music. Arkenstone played keys and guitar in a variety of bands and crisscrossed the country playing pop sounds of the day. As the synergy between computers and instruments increased, he turned to creating his own sound and has recorded about 20 albums. For his part, British-born Gunn studied at the prestigious Royal School of Music. His family relocated to So-Cal when Gunn was in his teens and it was there that he took to playing flute in concert bands and wind ensembles. His debut proved a bestseller and he's since gone on to become one of the world's most commercially successful flautists. From their one-off issue as Briza, we present the atmospheric Midnight Moon!

CD: Ambient Café (2006)
Label: Gemini Sun Records
Candy Dulfer - Funked Up & Chilled Out
Anything You Need - Candy Dulfer:
Candy Dulfer's 2009 deluxe double cd entitled Funked Up & Chilled Out, was a project whose title well encapsulated the saxlady's dichotomous approach to the record. Long known for the energy of her live show, Dulfer had often delved into the ambient - and over the years, it's here that we've been drawn. From the downtempo/lounge-oriented half of that project, we have the lo-fi Everything You Need!

CD: Funked Up & Chilled Out (2009)
Label: Heads Up / Concord Music Group
Billy Paul Williams - Miles To Go Miles To Go - Billy Paul Williams:
Billy Paul Williams was born in Jamaica and grew up in a home filled with music. When Williams just six, his father who was a musician turned minister, left the island with his family in the hope of making a better life. After several moves, the Williams clan landed in Miami where Billy Paul received a university scholarship and majored in studio music and jazz. After stops in Germany and Switzerland, Williams joined friends on a two-year Asian tour before returning to the 'Magic City'. In addition to playing guitar, bass and keys, Williams has done background vocals for Latin stars Shakira and Chayanne. Additionally, the composer/producer scored #1 on Billboard in 2002 with the up tempo club hit called "Sex". In comparison, 2003's Miles to Go was a downtempo/chillout affair with jazz overtones. From that effort and an obvious nod to the great Miles Davis, we have the laidback groove of the title track featuring the trumpet of Jason Carder!

CD: Miles To Go (2003)
Label: Kriztal Entertainment

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Play Time: … front and centre is another installment in the connections series. The operative concept for inclusion on this show is the phrase Play Time and that's the moniker we adopted for the feature after a track by electric violinist Evan Garr. Yes-sir-ee we're feeling a little frisky with this 13 track set, all the selections being linked with "play" as part of the song title or band name. Now I will admit we've cut ourselves a fair bit of slack with tracks such Paul Hanmer's Playola or Pineapple Getaway from Fourplay. Even so, with the likes of Brian Culbertson, Marc Antoine, and Kirk Whalum there is little if any doubt, this set is destined to be the life the party! Playlist for Ed#622

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