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This Week @ Cafe - Edition #551
December 27th
Edition # 551
The Very Best of Café Jazz
A Celebration of Excellence!
… it's a special called The Very Best of Café Jazz as we celebrate 550 shows - this now being our 8th annual edition. So get set for two full hours of the absolute finest that we have to offer !
Highlights & Play List: Spin selections for our 8th Annual The Very Best of!!
Funkatazz - Dan Farrow
Java Dawn - Shakatak
Kingdom of Rain - The The
Bullseye - Peter White
One Wish - Hiroshima (Paul Hardcastle)
Cruisin' - D.Arkenstone & T.Weisberg
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #550
December 20th
Edition # 550
A Café Jazz Christmas !
The 8th in our series of Annual Bacchanalia!
A musical celebration unlike any other combines just the right amount of reverie with an equal measure of revelry!
Featured Selections & Play List: Complete list of selections for the 2009 edition of A Café Jazz Christmas!
The Wexford Carol - Celtic Woman
Deck The Halls - David Wells
Nonesuch - Craig Chaquico
Christmas is Coming - David Benoit
Greensleeves - Gregg Karukas
Joy to the World - Thom Rotella
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #549
December 13th
Edition # 549
True Love
Jessy J

Drawing upon the full richness of her Latin heritage and upon her love of jazz, Jessy J delivers a venture that's indelibly stamped with class and finesse !
Fresh Trax
Steppin in Blue - Ron Hutchens
Return to Rio - Lawson Rollins
Virtue - Rob Tardik
The J Spot - Clear Voyage
East Coast Steppin' - Art Sherrod Jr.
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #548
December 6th
Edition # 548
Family Funktion
Matt Marshak

Specializing in an exciting blend of soul, jazz, and R&B, Marshak has ... garnered an avid worldwide fan base playing gigs, festivals, and cruises from Bratislava to the Bahamas!
Back Trax
Take Ten - Paul Desmond
Pieds Contentos - Planet 9
PCH - Jeff Lorber
On The Cool Side - Patrick Yandall
Vai Minha Tristeza - Tom & Joyce
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #547
November 29th
Edition # 547
Looking Ahead
Anthony James Baker

With a fiery style that's already shown immense evolution, we share Baker's enthusiasm in looking ahead to more smooth, rich, & warm signature sounds in the years to come!
Fresh Trax
Feelin' Good - Marcin Nowakowski
Flying Free - Eric Roberts
Cloud's Rest - Pete Lacey
Song for Colleen - Craig Sharmat
How High Is The Moon - S-Tone Inc.
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #546
November 22nd
Edition # 546
Endless Highway
Tom Braxton

Now his 7th release, this may well be the one that catapults Braxton into the upper echelons of today's top stars, and deservedly so!
Back Trax
Night Flight - Greg Manning w. Mindi Abair
Bali Run - Fourplay
Somewhere, Nowhere - Citrus Sun
Porcelain - Moby
Todo Legal - Klaus Doldinger's Passport
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #545
November 15th
Edition # 545
The Collection
Paul Hardcastle

There have been a variety of Hardcastle compilations over the years. However, the most recent simply entitled The Collection may very well be the best of the bunch!
Fresh Trax
On Your Knees - Euge Groove
Bogata by Bus - Jesse Cook
Wanderlust - Vision Jazz
Ladies First - Weathertunes
Firedance - J.D. Daniel
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #544
November 8th
Edition # 544
All It Takes
Rick Braun

Expressive, varied, and innovative, All It Takes has what it takes to rank among Braun's most creative ventures to date!
Back Trax
El Jaguar - Strunz & Farah
Avalon - Checkfield
Times Gone By - Peace Of Mind
Lemon Tree - Thievery Corp. ft. Herb Alpert
City Lights - Daniel Deaguero
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #543
November 1st
Edition # 543
Saturday Street
Wayne Jones

... with great technique, catchy rhythms, and tasty melodies, Wayne Jones' Saturday Street provides ample evidence that Jones is primed and ready for the global stage!
Fresh Trax
Jet Lag Mambo - Steve Baxter
Just Past Midnight - David Arkenstone
Soul Purpose - Tom Braxton
Ibiza - Gil Parris
Pinky - Avenue H
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #542
October 25th
Edition # 542
Roll On

... DeBoer & Grace are back at it with Roll On, their 5th, most recent, and likely their most consistent effort in a string of genre-busting performances!
Back Trax
The Good, The Bad ... - Martin Fuss
Driving Beverly Hills - Mark Portmann
Morning Glory - Eric Gale
Best Friends - Byron Miller
Souvenue - Tea
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #541
October 18th
Edition # 541
L.A. Chillharmonic
The L.A. Chillharmonic

... Smith gleaned an idea that started as solo album but, as he brought together an all-star cast of LA-based players, it morphed into a truly auspicious project !
Fresh Trax
She's So Precious - Anthony James Baker
In The Zone - Sean Horsey
Gas Lamp Groove - Matt Marshak
Cosmic Cocktails - Cinematone
Can't Help Myself - The Sax Pack

This Week @ Cafe - Edition #540
October 11th
Edition # 540

The Quarterly Review
Q3 for 2009!l

Featured are Rick Braun, Peter White, George Benson, East Bay Soul, L.A. Chillharmonic, Dan Siegel, and ... There's only one place where you'll find them all and that's right here on the Quarterly Review!!
Burnin' - Paul Taylor
I Don't Believe - Dean Grech
The Happy Song - Johannes Linstead
Exciting Times - Dominic Amato
S'Easy Daddy - Emilio Palame Band
Make It Flow - Jakob Elvstrøm
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #539
October 4th
Edition # 539
Good Day
Peter White

Aided by "DC", who's recently engineered a slew of smoothies, as well as by Philippe Saisse, an adventurous sonic architect in his own right, here's a crew with a definite sense of mission!
Back Trax
The Lady In My Life - Stanley Jordan
Homecoming - Yellowjackets
You're The One - Snake Davis
New Frontier - Donald Fagen
In The Wind - Johnny A
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #538
September 20th
Edition # 538
Jonathan Fritzén

... Fritzén lays claim to the billing of the album title. So when you're thinking VIP in smooth jazz, more than likely the VIP you're thinking about is Jonathan Fritzén !
Fresh Trax
Sometime Tomorrow - Dan Siegel
Sweet Summer Nights - Najee
Moonlight Taboo - Urban Jazz Coalition
Tropical Rain - Jessy J
Martinis at the Velvet ... - Brian Bromberg
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #537
September 13th
Edition # 537
Foreign Xchange
Paul Brown + Marc Antoine

The initial sessions ... proved catalytic and ignited a flow that developed into a complete & genuine co-venture - one that blossomed in the true spirit and to the full promise of the album title!
Back Trax
E Jam - Sojourn
Lansana's Priestess - Donald Byrd
Festejo - Jay Leach
Bride of Summer - Jade Wrrior
Fever - Juluka
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #536
September 6th
Edition # 536
Cindy Bradley

A veritable 'tour de force' that's full of passion and yet more than just a bit poetic, Cindy Bradley's Bloom has all the poise, polish and allure of a future classic in the making!
Fresh Trax
Not In Love With Me - T.Partl & HP.Höger
Neptune's Waltz - Les Sabler
Shot In The Dark - Four80East
Summertime - Clarence McDonald
Spanish Harlem - Brian Tarquin
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #535
August 30th
Edition # 535
Sounds from the Summer of '09
5th Annual
... it's a special edition wherein we review all the hottest tracks from the summer of '09! And this time that includes Paul Hardcastle, Rick Braun, George Benson, Marion Meadows, and Richard Elliot!
She's the One - Rick Braun
Exotica - George Benson
Cherish the Journey - Marcus Johnson
Survival of the Hippest - East Bay Soul
So May It Secretly Begin - Anne Walsh
Channel Nineteen - DF Michael
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #534
August 23rd
Edition # 534
At World's Edge
Philippe Saisse

Using the technology prevalent in these digitized times ... the title At World's Edge suitably embodies the fact this project was a somewhat global affair!
Fresh Trax
Santa Fe - Shane Isenberg
Ultimate X - L.A. Chillharmonic
Good Day - Peter White
Ocean Tide - Parlett/Colah Project
Ibiza - Tea

This Week @ Cafe - Edition #533
June 28th
Edition # 533

Smooth Jazz In Canada Eh!
7th Annual Presentation

... we've included perennial favourites by Ray Garand, Shikandaza, & many more - all bear the "made in Canada" tag on a 100% Canadian review !
Eastside - Four80East
Blue Collar - Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Purple Day - Vince Mai
Dragon Passion - Aidan Mason
Still Dreamin - Richard Chadwick
Radiant Acquiescence - Alex Zografov

This Week @ Cafe - Edition #532
June 21st
Edition # 532

The Quarterly Review
Q2 for 2009!l

The second in our series for 2009 called the Quarterly Review, as we look back at all the best tracks from the past 90 days!
VIP - Jonathan Fritzén
U Know U Like It - Jason Weber
Meeting The One - David Wells
Chillin in the West - Bernie Williams
Little Sunflower - Alexander Zonjic
Ticket to Miami - Ronny Smith
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #531
June 14th
Edition # 531

Sometimes sultry, frequently funky, yet always polished, you'll be basking in the glow of this Shakatak release well after the last track fades!
Back Trax
Early A.M. Attitude - Grusin / Ritenour
She Walks This Earth - Sting
Paradise Island - Urban Jazz Coalition
Spanish Moss - Billy Cobham
You and Me - Urban Jazz Network
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #530
June 7th
Edition # 530
Jay Soto

Rhythmic, creative, and engaging it's inescapable, Jay Soto's Mesmerized is not only a winner-of-a-disc, it's easily earmarked for a place near the top of the heap in 2009!
Fresh Trax
Archangel - Hart Ramsey
A Distant Memory - Spyro Gyra
Songbird - Craig Chaquico
She's A Tease - Noel Webb
Secret of the Way - Jim Peterik's Lifeforce
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #529
May 31st
Edition # 529
Marion Meadows

With the recent issue of Secrets, now their fourth co-venture, Meadows & Broening once again live up to their billing as one of the most dynamic partnerships ...
Back Trax
She's Riding Again - Artie Traum
Time is Tight - Booker T. & the MG's
Summer Breeze - Bob Baldwin
Take the L ... - Brooklyn Funk Essentials
Dia del Sol - Present Tense
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #528
May 24th
Edition # 528
Up Close And Personal

Conveying some of his most revealing material to date, Nils delivers on the promise of the album title with a project that's melodic, polished, and mature!
Fresh Trax
Back In Five - Wayne Jones
CD 101.9 - Candy Dulfer
Bloom - Cindy Bradley
Groovidi - John Pedersen
Chamaleons - Velez Brothers
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #527
May 17th
Edition # 527
Global Cooling
Joyce Cooling

Familiar, friendly, and occasionally exotic, while stretching well outside the confines of the everyday, Global Cooling is a gleaming collation ...
Back Trax
Maputo - Bob James & David Sanborn
Guiding Light - The Chris Bangs Project
California Beach - Dr. Dave
Does Anybody.. - Chicago Transit Authority
In Effect - Marion Meadows
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #526
May 10th
Edition # 526
So Far From Home
Torcuato Mariano

With flavours of jazz laced with bits of fusion, Latin, pop, and the sounds of Brazil, Mariano provides ... ample evidence that he's among the elite of today's guitarists!
Fresh Trax
Ice Cream - Jack Prybylski
Smiling South - Brian Kelly
Bayou Blues - Jay Soto
The Circle - Paul Hardcastle
Future Boogie - Down To The Bone
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #525
May 3rd
Edition # 525
Joe Ercole

Running a gamut of tempos and textures from delicate to insistent, Joe Ercole is 'Exposed' as the diverse and major jazz-talent that he is !
Back Trax
Mr. White (4 Peter) - Double Play
Para Ti - El Chicano
I Told You - Zachary Breaux
Scarborough Fair - Sergio Mendes
In Memory of ... - Allman Brothers
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #524
April 26th
Edition # 524
Brazilian Wish
Matt Finley

Now here's as tasty and stylish a collection as you're likely to hear in some time ... Matt Finley's Brazilian Wish is clearly a musical wish fulfilled!
Fresh Trax
Dolores in Pink - Joyce Cooling
Sierra Nevada - Shakatak
360 - Chuck Loeb
Soul Sugar - Marion Meadows
The Rover - Philippe Saisse
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #523
April 19th
Edition # 523
Gregg Karukas

With his stylized approach, on GK Karukas delivers one impeccable track after another. Always melodic and smooth here's one album that's utterly tasteful ...
Back Trax
An Evening in Dallas - Joe McBride
Good 2 Go - Rick Derringer
Niculela Es Una Historia - Najee
Where Have I ... - Return To Forever
Streetwave - The Brothers Johnson
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #522
April 12th
Edition # 522
Daniel Domenge

Like a fine wine that's aged to perfection, this is a vintage collection for the connoisseur. As the sounds softly swirl, you'll not only savour the heady flavour ...
Fresh Trax
Mesmerized - Brian O'Neal
Golden Cup - Terry Disley
Back To The Road - Torcuato Mariano
I'm Waiting For You - Jackiem Joyner
Babaloop - Joe Ercole

This Week @ Cafe - Edition #521
April 5th
Edition # 521

The QR - Q.1 2009
The First 90 Daysll

We're looking back at all the best from the past 90 days on one of our regular features called The Quarterly Review with selections by Gregg Karukas, Boney James,
and The Rippingtons!
Easy Does It - Darren Rahn
Defining Moment - John Carrozza
Free Flyer - Jeff Kashiwa
Foreign Exchange - Paul B & Marc A
The Invisible - Velez Brothers
Shine On - U-Nam

This Week @ Cafe - Edition #520
March 29th
Edition # 520

A New Day
Patrick Yandall

Confident and engaging, compelling and charismatic, with A New Day Patrick Yandall affirms his place as a musically coercive voice on today's smooth scene!
Back Trax
It's You - Harvey Mason
Cruise Control - Michael Dowdle
Distant Rain - Allon Sams
Oye Como Va - Santana
Wherever You Are - Tom Borton
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #519
March 22nd
Edition # 519
Talk To The Hand
Cecil Ramirez

With melody, mood, and a peerless presentation, Talk To The Hand by Cecil Ramirez is as fine an initial outing as we're likely to hear in 2009!
Fresh Trax
Sedona's View - Alzie Ramsey
Cool Summer - Chris Grunder
When I See You Smile - Dean James
Stormin' Norman - Norman Connors
Jazz Cruise - Nils
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #518
March 15th
Edition # 518
West Tampa Style
Mark Barrios

Diverse and somewhat familiar while remaining focused and fresh, Mark Barrios does indeed serve it with style, with West Tampa Style that is, on this exciting debut!
Back Trax
Honey In The Soul - Inner Swing
Playing For Time - Mezzoforte
Room With A Groove - Michael Sims
One More Time - Michael White
Smile Happy - War
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #517
March 8th
Edition # 517
No Restrictions
Althea René

Now Houston based, No Restrictions is the title of Ms René's fourth and latest release and one, which seems to quite nicely sum up her current musical philosophy!
Fresh Trax
Smooth James - Daniel Domenge
Block Party - Paula Atherton
Paris Groove - The Rippingtons
Mexico - Russ Kunkel
Move On Up - Richard Elliot
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #516
March 1st
Edition # 516
Life Is Good
Tom Grant

Tom Grant returns to the contemporary scene with his 23rd release, while displaying a total command of the genre he helped pioneer!
Back Trax
Cruisin' Downtown - Soft Sugar
The Time Is Right - Birds Of A Feather
Like The River Flows - Rachel Z
Pretzel Logic - Steely Dan
dabadab - Reggie Worthy & D-Phunk
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #515
February 22nd
Edition # 515
Lay It Back
Paul Jackson Jr.

Paul Jackson Jr. does indeed "lay it back" on an album that is clearly a signpost in a lengthy and illustrious career!
Fresh Trax
Hold On Tight - Boney James
Falling Through Time - Cecil Ramirez
Manhattan - Gregg Karukas
Miles Away - Eric Essix
Soul Intent - Pieces of a Dream
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #514
February 15th
Edition # 514
Greatest Hits
Dave Koz

With a career firing on all cylinders, Dave Koz is not only one the most successful performers in the genre, he's also one of the hardest working !
Back Trax
Catalina Breeze - Solar Wind
Rio Wave - Brazilian Nights
Mood - Soul II Soul
Conditions of the ... - Norman Connors
Millennium Skyway - Kiss The Sky
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #513
February 8th
Edition # 513
Full Circle/Great Temptation
Pete Gitlin

... it's pretty clear that Pete Gitlin has come full circle! He's returned to a true passion and in the process, he's presented us with a project that is indeed greatly tempting!
Fresh Trax
Mellow Mood - Yaron Gershovsky
Steady As She Goes - Walter Beasley
I Am There - Patrick Yandall
Heading Wes - Galaxy Lounge
But Rich Rhythms - The Bahama Soul Club
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #512
February 1st
Edition # 512
The 3rd and Final Chapter
The Best of 2008
After 42 original shows featuring 1032 distinct selections and over 400 different artists, here's the heady climax to our 9th annual best of review!
Featured Spins & Spin List: Spinlist for Ed #512 - The Best of 2008 Part 3
Love's taken Over - Nate Harasim
Groove - Present Tense
Morning Starlight - Chris Geith
After Hours - Vibes Alive
Run Away With Me - Omar Akram
La Dolce Vita - Warren Hill
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #511
January 25th
Edition # 511
The Limit's The Sky
Oli Silk

This latest effort shows Oli poised for broader recognition; in fact, the first single to radio has already cracked R&R's nearly impenetrable top 30!
Back Trax
Simply Said - Kenny Garrett
Pathway to Glory - Loggins & Messina
Midsummer's Dream - Tim Weisberg
Quiet Passion - Onaje Allan Gumbs
Cruisin' - Nils
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #510
January 18th
Edition # 510
Part 2 in
The Best of 2008 Review!
...our review continues with selections by Nick Colionne, Paul Hardcastle, Dave Koz, Matt Marshak, Marcos Ariel, and Eliane Elias - as well as our most played tune for the entire year from Jim Savitt!
Featured Spins & Spin List: Spinlist for Ed #510 - The Best of 2008 Part 2
Out to Sea - Terry Disley
Passionate Eyes - Marcos Ariel
Groove On - Jim Savitt
Night Owl - Max Groove
I'll Tell You Tomorrow - Valarie King
Candlelight - Voodoo Village
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #509
January 11th
Edition # 509
Feelin' It
Freddie Fox

With selections that run the gamut from silky sweet to a thumping groove, Feelin' It heralds Freddie Fox's arrival as a formidable force for years to come!
Fresh Trax
B3 Soul - Novello
Ipanema My Way - D.E.Chung
Celestial Body - The Dan Siegel Project
Yes I'm Ready - Diane Marino
Father's Day - Matt Finley
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #508
January 4th
Edition # 508
2008 Faves - Pt. 1!
Our 9th Annual Review

... with the start of a new year, it's time to reflect on the music of 2008 with our 9th annual best of review - if it was great in '08, you're likely to hear it as part of this series!
Featured Spins & Spin List: Spinlist for Ed #508 - The Best of 2008 Part 1
Headin' Home - Mike Levine
Tequila Moon - Jessy J
Sweet Drive - Les Sabler
Lost in the Moment - Jim Adkins
Jamaican Wind - Jaared
On The Upside - Steve Oliver

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