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This Week @ Cafe - Edition #507
December 21st
Edition # 507
A Café Jazz Christmas !
Our 7th Annual Bacchanalia
Direct from studio B, it's our once a year musical gift!! May you and yours experience all the warmth & joys of the season - Merry Christmas and all the best for a smooth and jazzy 2009!!
Featured Selections & Play List: Spinlist
We Three Kings - J.Dee
Skating - Slim Man
Carol of the Bells - Dotsero
Silent Night - Spyro Gyra
Deck The Halls - Chris Geith
We Three Kings - Brian Auger
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #506
December 14th
Edition # 506
Tim Bowman (self-titled cd)
Tim Bowman
Bowman is not only back with perhaps his most articulate project to date, its also one which may well establish a new smooth jazz paradigm for many years to come!!
Back Trax:
Steve Cole - When I Think Of You
Joe DeRenzo - Lenore
Matt Marshak - Friday Afternoon
Azymuth - Last Summer In Rio
East West Connection - Surgical Spirit
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #505
December 7th
Edition # 505
David Benoit
One of the aspects most revealing on Heroes is Benoit's ability to glide between styles, not only between tracks but often within a single track!!
Fresh Trax:
Russ Hewitt - Lydia
Jeff Lorber - Come On Up
The JWB - Midday
Mark Rossi - Giovanni et Paulo
Plunky - Drive It
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #504
November 30th
Edition # 504
Hardcastle 5
Paul Hardcastle

Having sold 11 million records worldwide, Hardcastle has created his fair share of instant hits with this latest installment in the series having spawned his most recent pair of chart-toppers!!
Back Trax:
Kenny Kleinpeter - Into Your Eyes
Karl Denson - Flute Down
Dean James - Market Street
Al Stewart ft. Peter White - End of the Day
Chris Geith - A Window On The World
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #503
November 23rd
Edition # 503
La Dolce Vita
Warren Hill
Italian for "the sweet life", the phrase La Dolce Vita takes on added meaning with Hill's latest and perhaps most inspired effort to date!!
Fresh Trax:
Pete Gitlin - Chronic Ironic
Tony Guerrero - Flutterbye
Kim Waters - Take Me Away
Phillip Brooks - Just Between Us
Althea Rene - No Restrictions
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #502
November 16th
Edition # 502
Dreams Like This
Denny Jiosa
Intriguingly complex, frequently emotional yet highly creative, Dreams Like This stands out as one of Denny Jiosa's most accomplished efforts to date!!
Back Trax:
Mike Gealer - Dancing In The Park
Dirk K - The Wave
Bob James / Earl Klugh - As It Happens
Kuh ft. Gerald Albright - Kuh's Theme
Fishbelly Black - Ven a Gozar
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #501
November 9th
Edition # 501
The Grace of Summer Light
Ken Navarro
With his latest release and 18th overall, Navarro rekindles the spirit of individuality and the enthusiasm that for years has been sadly lacking on "mundane radio" !!
Fresh Trax:
Robert Harris - City Lights
Shaun LaBelle - Desert Nights
Arturo Romay - Cuerdas del Corazón
BK Jackson - Find Your Way
Wayman Tisdale - One On One
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #500
November 2nd
Edition # 500
The Very Best of Café Jazz
A Celebration of 500 Shows!!
The longest-running independently produced smooth jazz radio program on the planet hits another milestone with the 7th annual installment of our "very best of"!!
Peter White - Smooth Sailing
Freddie Ravel - Sol to Soul
Paul Horn - Dida
Benoit/Freeman - It's the Thought ...
David Garfield - Desert Hideaway
Gerald Veasley - Optimistic
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #499
October 26th
Edition # 499
No Limits
Nick Colionne
With a style that stretches across urban and contemporary, Nick Colionne's star continues its meteoric rise so that "No Limits" is rightly the phrase of the day!!
Fresh Trax:
Kim Pensyl - When Katie Smiles
Mark Barrios - Bouncin' Back
Paul Jackson Jr. - Bay Shore Drive
Ryan Farish - Holding Hands
Fred Engler - Meet Me in Rio
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #498
October 19th
Edition # 498
The Spice of Life
Earl Klugh
Earl Klugh has been lauded first as a prodigy and groundbreaker, then a defining figure, and ultimately, as one of the true statesmen of contemporary jazzl!
Back Trax:
Ken Ross - Gemini Rising
Steve Veale - The Girl Next Door
Lao Tizer - Golden Soul
Kim Waters - Nightfall
John Tesh - Montery Nights
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #497
October 12th
Edition # 497
The Quarterly Review
Q3 for '08
We round the final turn and head into the home stretch for 2008 with the third in our yearly series called the Quarterly Review! Included on this edition are Tim Bowman, Dave Koz, Nick Colionne, and Warren Hill!
Jonathan Fritzén - Deep Down
Freddie Fox - Still Lovin' You
Evan Knight - Magic In The Air
Gary Carpenter - Dance of the Courtesans
Jason Miles - Strawberry Moon
Erly Thornton - Embarkation
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #496
October 5th
Edition # 496
Love's Taken Over
Nate Harasim
Look for a bit of a "love hangover" on our part with Love's Taken Over and Nate Harasim as odds on favourites to be among our choices as best for the year!!
Fresh Trax:
Al Williams III - I Never Thought
Fourplay - Fortune Teller
Tom Grant - Morning Glorious
Ray Rosario - Let's Get Closer
Michael Lington - Angelina
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #495
September 28th
Edition # 495
After Hours
Vibes Alive
In the way that time serves to heighten the bouquet of any fine wine, it's clear from the initial listen, the years have worked a similar magic with music of Vibes Alive!!
Back Trax:
Ramsey Lewis - Jackson Park
Sea Level - Fifty-Four
Tim Bowman - I'll Be There
Paulinho Da Costa - African Sunrise
Gregg Karukas - Alligator Alley
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #494
September 21st
Edition # 494
Sleight of Hand
Voodoo Village
Known for generations as a region ripe in superstition, the band Voodoo Village threatens to redefine the term as one of the most endearing projects to ever come out of Memphis!!
Fresh Trax:
Patrick Charles - Breathe
Airborne - Brazilian Praise
Ronnie McNeir - Song for my Brothers
Vadim Brunell - Memories
Dave Koz - Life in the Fast Lane
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #493
September 14th
Edition # 493
Smooth Talkin'
Present Tense
While their live show has been drawing rave reviews, Present Tense's studio efforts maintain that same level of integrity and intensity!!
Back Trax:
Vibraphonic - Can't Get Enough
Jim Savitt - The Way Home
Kirk Whalum - Now ' Til Forever
Jay Rowe - Jay Walking
Pete Escovedo - La Samba
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #492
September 7th
Edition # 492
The Sounds of Summer
4th Annual
The days may be getting shorter but this show is sizzlin' - the 4th annual installment in our sun-drenched Sounds of Summer series of specials!!
Featured Selections:
Nick Colionne - No Limits
Max DiFaz - Feels Like Fifty
Alex Bershadsky - Drift
Shilts - Back on the Hudson
Gerald Albright - What You See ...
Greg Kavanagh - Jamaka
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #491
August 31st
Edition # 491
City Streets
Jim Adkins
Classy, upbeat, and polished, Jim Adkins' City Streets heralds what is easily one of the catchiest and most charismatic releases for the year!!
Fresh Trax:
Vibes Alive - After Hours
Tim Bowman - Sweet Sundays
Warren Hill - La Dolce Vita
Oli Silk - Chill or be Chilled
Native Vibe - Where There's Smoke
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #490
June 29th
Edition # 490
Smooth Jazz In Canada Eh!!
6th Annual Presentation
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the unique
vibe of a radio show unlike any other, as we pop the cork for our 6th annual made in Canada special !!
Rhonda Smith - Rhondasm
NEWA - Seduction Island
Joni Mitchell - Lucky Girl
Demo Cates - Asian Nights
Linstead & Gunn - Torre De Oro
JB Carbou - Wolcott
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #489
June 22nd
Edition # 489
The Quarterly Review
Q2 for '08
A comprehensive review of the best tracks from the past 90 days with Earl Klugh, David Benoit, Denny Jiosa, Ken Navarro, Jim Adkins, Will Donato, & Terry Disley!!
Al Turner - Dreamin'
Kyle Wolverton - Somaya
Walter Duda - Funktioning Smoothly
Al DeGregoris - BC's Bounce
Sekou Bunch - Smooth Sailing
Voodoo Village - Candlelight
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #488
June 15th
Edition # 488
My Inspiration
Everette Harp
In addition to the maturity that can only come thru years of honing one's craft, the project is lovingly dedicated to Harp's father and displays an extra heart-felt quality !!
Back Trax:
Tony Windle - Spring's Hope
Evan Marks - Three Day Weekend
Alex Bugnon - Heart of New York
Dan Moretti - Nights of Waiting
Fareed Haque - Sacred Addiction
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #487
June 8th
Edition # 487
On The Rocks
Matt Marshak
Within a few short years Matt Marshak has laid the groundwork for a highly promising career while emerging as a standard-bearer for a new generation of performer!!
Fresh Trax:
Denny Jiosa - Just The Thought Of You
Brian Culbertson - Let's Stay In Tonight
Gabriel - East Coast
Terry Disley - Out To Sea
Ken Navarro - Blue Skies, Bright Dreams
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #486
June 1st
Edition # 486
Monterey Cool
Kevin Kooyumjian
It's with the utmost pleasure that we present an inspiring microcosm of the famed California coastal music scene with Mr. K and his Monterey Cool release!!
Back Trax:
Dan Farrow - How Much I Want You
Dwight Sills - Caribbean Soul
Hadley Hockensmith - Lullaby
Bill Evans - The Sunday After
Tower of Power - Cruise Control
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #485
May 25th
Edition # 485
The Sax Pack (self-titled)
The Sax Pack
An energetic, entertaining, and exciting debut catapults Messrs. Kashiwa, Waters, and Cole to supergroup status as
The Sax Pack!
Fresh Trax:
Larry Lagerberg - Footprints in Paradise
Jim Adkins - Lost in the Moment
David Benoit - Human Nature
Park Lane - Thru D Nite
Will Donato - Laws of Attraction
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #484
May 18th
Edition # 484
Bob Baldwin
Drawing on jazz and R&B, Baldwin adds touches of Hip-Hop and other fresh flavours, again affirming his course in music, a path he's trodden successfully over the years!!
Back Trax:
Bob Bangerter - Drive Time
Wilton Felder - Inherit The Wind
Stefán Dickerson - Pescadero Pointe
Alfonzo Blackwell - Passion
Paul Ventimiglia - Weedy Wack
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #483
May 11th
Edition # 483
Tequila Moon
Jessy J
Drawing inspiration from the tenor techniques of Boney James and Joe Henderson, Jessy J serves up a potent blend of Latin beats and samba rhythms!!
Fresh Trax:
Gail Jhonson - My Soldier
Allistair Elliott - Midnight Waltz
Lawson Rollins - Café Jobim
Rob Mullins - Back in the Day
Stevie Williams - Living Under The Sun
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #482
May 4th
Edition # 482
4 Friends
Marcos Ariel
Continuing on a path that he's traversed for the past quarter century, Marcos Ariel delivers an inventive and balanced program with typical brilliance and creativity....
Back Trax:
David Bach - Chill
Ottmar Liebert - Isla del Sol
José Padilla - Come Back
Kenny Blake - European Underground
Chris Rea - On the Beach
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #481
April 27th
Edition # 481
Love and Paragraphs
Chris Standring
Poised to rival the mega-success of some of Chris's finest projects, Love and Paragraphs may ultimately prove to be Standring's most articulate effort to date!
Fresh Trax:
Bradley Leighton - Undercover
Nate Harasim - Feel The Love
Present Tense - Groove
André Berry - Shine Like A Diamond
David Wells - Friday Afternoon
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #480
April 20th
Edition # 480
From The Heart
Mike Levine
Combining R&B, Smooth and Latin Jazz styles with that unique Floridian flavour, Mike Levine has crafted From The Heart into a genuine winner !!
Back Trax:
P.C.S. - Caribbean Romance
Harry Hmura - Feel The Spark
Henry Johnson - Romance Me
Justo Almario - Jugando
Yulara - Om Namah Shivaya
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #479
April 13th
Edition # 479
Crossing Borders
East Of West
Possessing a welcome degree of complexity with just the right amount of oomph, Crossing Borders marks East of West as a force to be reckoned with!!
Fresh Trax:
Eliane Elias - Kissed By Nature (remix)
Jesse Cook - Café Mocha
Max Groove - Night Owl
Earl Klugh - Driftin'
Jerry D - Back To Motown
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #478
April 6th
Edition # 478
The QR - 2008 Q.1
Best from The First 90 Days
Now celebrating our 5th anniversary since we began The Quarterly Review feature, The QR covers the finest and freshest in new music for the preceding 90-day period !!
Serengeti - Jeff Oster
Shag Carpet - Brian Bromberg
Down to Business - Mark Elliott
Simple Pleasure - Jeanne Ricks
Continuando - Marc Macisso
Poiema - Jay Leach
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #477
March 30th
Edition # 477
After Hours
Lori Andrews

After Hours fittingly profiles Lori's creative forays into contemporary instrumentals presenting a body of work that ultimately extends well beyond the ordinary!!
Back Trax:
Fingerpainting - Ozzie Ahlers
So Cal - Dirk Richter
Spring Ain't Here - Pat Metheny Group
Jus' Feel It - André Berry
Play Time - Evan Garr
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #476
March 23rd
Edition # 476
Secret Journey
Omar Akram

Akram attains unparalleled levels of artistry while fashioning exquisite melodies and sculpting a listening experience that is without equal !!
Fresh Trax:
Dorcas's Lament - Dr. Guy's MusiQologY
Jamaican Winds - Jaared
She's All That - Bob Baldwin
Traveling Light - Gerald Veasley
On The Upside - Steve Oliver
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #475
March 16th
Edition # 475
Sunset Collective
Jimmy Sommers

Having spent somewhere around 15 weeks at the #1 spot on's Indie Chart, Sunset Collective promises to be Sommers' most successful project to date!!
Back Trax:
The Art of Cool - Christoph Spendel
Cruise Control - Andrew Oh
Tuesday's Love - Rhythm Logic
Sunrise - Chet Atkins
Island Girls - Rob Mullins
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #474
March 9th
Edition # 474
Timeless World
Chris Geith

A project that was two full years in the making, Timeless World represents some of the finest that the smooth jazz genre has to offer !!
Fresh Trax:
Edification - Stuart Steinhart
Fallin' For You - The Sax Pack
Passionate Eyes - Marcos Ariel
Sax-O-Loco - Kenny G
Rush - Kevin Kooyumjian
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #473
March 2nd
Edition # 473
Second Light
Jim Savitt

Savitt is poised to build on momentum he's already enjoyed with a project that has the full potential to be one of the top break-thru releases for the year!!
Back Trax:
L'Arc En Ciel De Miles - Incognito
Ridin' The Tide - Oceans
Little Kiss - Paul Rozmus
Marianne - Ed Calle
Seducción - Charo
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #472
February 24th
Edition # 472
Little Tokyo

As innovative & dynamic as ever, Hiroshima incorporate many exotic & mystical elements thereby elevating their music to an almost spiritual level !
Fresh Trax:
Laws of Groovity - Patrick Yandall
Headin' Home - Mike Levine
Love & Paragraphs - Chris Standring
View From Above - Fjord 7
Crossing Borders - East of West
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #471
February 17th
Edition # 471
Brighter Moments
Lake Effect

Lake Effect is an exciting collaboration presenting a hybrid blend of Latin, funk, jazz, and R&B activated by flashy rhythms and innovative grooves!!
Back Trax:
Living on Sand - Leo Gandelman
Morning Star - Sherry Winston
Slider Inside - Porcupine
Would You Fall - Robert Condon
On the Radio - Urban Knights
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #470
February 10th
Edition # 470
Above and Beyond ...
Bob Madsen

The album title Above and Beyond the Call of Beauty provides a pretty good indication as to what Bob Madsen's artistry is all about!!
Fresh Trax:
While the World ... - Brian Hughes
Timeless World - Chris Geith
Tequila Moon - Jessy J
City Lights - Lori Andrews
Afrika - Jonathan Butler
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #469
February 3rd
Edition # 469
The Best of 2007
Part 3

We're back with the third and final installment in our best of review and
a collection that spotlights the absolute finest in what '07 had to offer !!
Featured Selections & Spin List: Spinlist for Ed #469 - The Best of 2007 Part 3
Blue Water - Eric Marienthal
Noodle Soup - Four80East
When It Rains - Darryl Williams
Earthlight - Stardelay
Chill - Bill McGee
Listen to the Wind - Slim Man
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #468
January 27th
Edition # 468
Keiko Matsui

Moyo sees the blends of a variety of exotic elements that set the album apart as a landmark release in what has already been a remarkable & highly significant career!!
Back Trax:
The Shadow of the Cat - Gato Barbieri
Big City Dreams - Jim Adkins
Gerty's Dream - T-Square
Keep Me In Your Dreams - Joe Ercole
Summer Nights - L.A. Jazz Syndicate
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #467
January 20th
Edition # 467
More Faves !!
Pt.2 in Our Annual Review

We're picking up where we left off a couple of weeks ago with part 2 in our 3 part series as our continuing mission takes us where no radio program has gone before !!
Featured Selections & Spin List: Spinlist for Ed #467 - The Best of 2007 Part 2
For A Smile - Marc Antoine
Daydreamin' - Jay Soto
Soulsax - Candy Dulfer
Midnight Breeze - Nils
Let's Get Close - Brian Simpson
Q It Up - Rick Braun & Richard Elliot
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #466
January 13th
Edition # 466
Jeff Kashiwa

Kashiwa really lets loose on this one with some great licks and in point of fact does live up to the promise of the title with some of his finest playing ever!!
Fresh Trax:
I'll Tell You Tomorrow - Valarie King
Big Sun - Bob Gaynor
Tropic Breeze - Mark Hollingsworth
West Coast Highway - 25th Street Band
Groove On - Jim Savitt
This Week @ Cafe - Edition #465
January 7th
Edition # 465
Faves from '007!!
Pt.1 of Our Annual Review

The first show in 2008 begins our 8th annual review. Part 1 includes
Euge Groove, Mike Catalano, Hiroshima, Lao Tizeer, and Walter Beasley !!
Featured Selections & Spin List: Spinlist for Ed #465 - The Best of 2007 Part 1
Dolalalaleng - DeeLight / Claudia Valtierra
92101 - Nate Harasim
Club Street - Les Sabler
Bahia - Earth, Wind & Fire
Simple Pleasures - Spyro Gyra
Shaken Not Stirred - Terry Disley

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