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April 24th, 2016
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This Week at the Café: Timeline Series - Wayback in '99!
On this edition it's the sixth and latest installment in the timeline series with Joyce Cooling, Kevin Toney, The Rippingtons, Brian Culbertson, Special EFX. Bona Fide, Steve Oliver, 3rd Force, Spyro Gyra, and Roberto Perera - and to paraphrase an old Prince song - it's not two thousand - no it's not yet time. So tonight we're gonna party cuz it's Wayback in '99 ... on Café Jazz, your champagne of smooth jazz radio!
In This Issue:

Before Dawn - Joyce Cooling
Extra Sensual Perception - Kevin Toney
Revelation of the Heart - 3rd Force
Oceanna - Special EFX
Love the Way - Roberto Perera
Riding 'Til Dawn - Gota

AFTER HOURS: More Wayback
PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#657

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Highlights Hour One
Before Dawn - Joyce Cooling:
When Joyce Cooling burst onto the music scene in 1996, it well belied the fact that she had been honing her chops for the better part of a decade. After moving to San Francisco from New Jersey, Cooling had dabbled on keys and percussion. Then things crystallized one afternoon while listening to a Wes Montgomery record - Joyce picked up her roommate's guitar and from then on it was almost as if the guitar had chosen her. Self-taught for the most part, Cooling developed a unique finger picking style - in time this led to various gigs including straight-ahead sessions with jazz giants such as Getz, Henderson, and Byrd. Then, in the mid-80s, she met keyboardist Jay Wagner - soon they discovered their songwriting compatibility and subsequently they developed into one of the most dynamic act in the 'bay area'. In short order, Cooling's South of Market single made her a household name in smooth circles - from Keeping Cool and Ms Cooling's Heads Up sophomore cd, we have the early morning rhythms of Before Dawn! Joyce Cooling Then & Now Spotlight Feature Ed #432 - January 28th, 2007

CD: Keeping Cool (1999)
Label: Heads Up

Joyce Cooling - Keeping Cool

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Kevin Toney - Extra Sensual Perception
Extra Sensual Perception - Kevin Toney:
Detroit native Kevin Toney got his start with Donald Byrd in 1972 and subsequently he became an integral member of The Blackbyrds, a jazz-funk unit that featured some of Byrd's best students. After seven albums, including three gold releases and hits like the #1 Walking in Rhythm, Toney released a cd in 1982 that he headlined. Even so, for the rest of the 80s, he played as a sideman for the likes of Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra, and Ray Charles. After a stint as musical conductor first for Patti Austin and then for Michael McDonald, Toney directed the music for a variety of productions including "Ain't Misbehavin' ". Nonetheless, by 1994, KT was set to pursue his solo career in earnest. The Lovescape cd yielded a major hit in "Kings" and then what followed was a series of well received releases that earned Toney the nick name "the master of elegant funk" as described by noted critic Jonathan Widran. From the '99 Extra Sensual Perception release, we have the title track and a tune that clearly marked Toney's arrival as one of the great keyboardists of the day! Kevin Toney Then & Now Spotlight Feature on Ed#405 - May 7th, 2006

CD: Extra Sensual Perception (1999)
Label: Shanachie Entertainment
3rd Force - Force Field
Revelation of the Heart - 3rd Force:
One the most creative projects to appear in the 90s was the combo known as 3rd Force. At its nucleus, the band was propelled by the synergy generated by William Aura, Craig Dobbin, and Alain Eskinasi. William Aura, who was the group's producer and main writer, had enjoyed a significant solo career thru the 80s and early 90s with about a dozen albums under his own name. Always a strong believer in the power of music many of Aura's compositions were specifically composed for the healing arts. Craig Dobbin, on the other hand, was a classically trained pianist who had composed extensively for TV and film. Meanwhile, Dutch-born Alain Eskinasi had studied African drums for 6 years in Gambia & for a time he'd been a key member of The Soto Koto Band. Emerging with their debut in 1994, and with frequent guest appearances by many musicians known in the genre, 3rd Force made an unprecedented impact on smooth - one that has never really been equaled. From one of their best, the '99 Force Field release and an album that featured Craig Chaquico, Grant Geissman, John Klemmer, and Bryan Savage, we present the exquisite Revelation of the Heart with Paul Taylor and Brian Hughes guesting! 3rd Force Then & Now Spotlight Feature Ed #363 - May 15th, 2005

CD: Force Field (1999)
Label: Higher Octave

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Highlights Hour Two
Special EFX - Masterpiece
Oceanna - Special EFX:
A native New Yorker, Chieli Minucci attended Ithaca College and it was there that he became exposed to jazz. Upon returning to NYC, Minucci met up with drummer & percussionist George Jinda. The two hit if off and in the course of events, they recorded 13 albums as Special EFX before creative differences led to an amicable parting of the ways - their final collaboration Body Language was issued in 1995. Jinda recorded one additional Special EFX project the following year and shortly thereafter he suffered a debilitating stroke, one from which he sadly never recovered. Meanwhile, Minucci pressed ahead with his career, as an Emmy award winner, a producer, a guest musician, and a solo performer. Nevertheless, it was with the support of George and his wife, that he resurrected the Special EFX banner in 1999 with the release of Masterpiece. From that effort, which Minucci dedicated to his long-time friend and former partner, we present a gem of a tune entitled Oceanna with David Mann featured on sax! Special EFX Then & Now Spotlight Feature Ed #466 - January 13th, 2008

CD: Masterpiece (1999)
Label: Shanachie Ent.
Roberto Perera - In the Mood
Love the Way - Roberto Perera:
Roberto Perera's desire to play a variety of styles led him to experiment with & transform the rare 36-string Paraguayan harp. After completing a course of studies in his native Uruguay, Perera relocated to the USA: eventually he settled in Miami where he made a name for himself on that city's burgeoning Latin music scene. Perera released his solo debut in 1990 and then the following year, he moved to the Heads Up label, an association that continued for many years. Always striving to stretch the boundaries of his instrument, a device that had traditionally been reserved for folk music, Roberto's passion & talent led Jazziz magazine to declare him "a present-day champion" of his chosen apparatus. From In the Mood, Perera's superb release from 1999, and our pick as the top album for the year, we've selected three tracks. First up, the exquisite Love the Way, a melodic gem that's highlighted by the tasty guitar of Richard Smith!

CD: In the Mood (1999)
Label: Heads Up / Telarc
Gota - Let's Get Started
Riding 'Til Dawn - Gota:
To cap off Wayback in '99, we present one of our favourites from the year, by the acclaimed arranger & percussionist known as Gota. Born in Kyoto Japan, Gota Yasheki learned to play traditional drums from his father. Now in the midst of a near 40-year career, Gota's resume includes work not only in his native land but also in France and Britain. It was while he was in the UK that Gota earned his reputation as a dance producer and songwriter. He's worked with artists such as Soul II Soul and Oleta Adams and he also spent several years touring with Simply Red. In the early 90s, Gota became progressively more interested in techno and in the process he earned the nickname, the Groove Activator. From Gota's 2nd in a series of fabulous solo releases, we switch to overdrive with the highly switched on sounds of Riding 'Til Dawn!

CD: Let's Get Started (1999)
Label: Instinct

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Wayback in '99 Continues: … more of our time travelling adventure. Included are Boney James, David Benoit, Marion Meadows, and Craig Chaquico - all as part of a 2-hour 25-track set. But right off the mark, there's a tune that sets the perfect mood for celebrating and it's by Norman Brown.Playlist for Ed#657

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