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December 31st, 2016
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This Week at The Blue Moon 4!
It's the radio show so rare it comes but once a year - it's the Café Jazz Once in a Blue Moon Special. This is Volume 4 in the series and it's a 2-hour spectacular filled with all the fun you'd expect and more than a few surprises. Featured are Peter White, Ken Navarro, Euge Groove, Ray Obiedo and Chris Standring - there's Paul Hardcastle, Michael e and JJ Sansaverino. Also appearing are Greg Adams, Paul Brown, Bobby Wells, Dirk K, and Brian Simpson; meanwhile we're introducing Edda Borg, The JT Project, E-Von, The Smooth Jazz Alley and a host of others!

*A special nod to Michael e & Konstantin Klashtorni: Both recorded 3 projects during 2016 ... so we've nicely seasoned the show with several tunes by each!

In This Issue:

Where To? - Edda Borg
Eternal - The Smooth Jazz Alley
Morning in Beerse - Lawrence Blatt
For Sure - Al Gomez.
Good Ole' Jim - The JT Project
When I'm With You - JJ Sansaverino

The Blue Moon 4 (cont.)
PLAYLIST Playlist: The Once in a Blue Moon Special Volume 4!

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Highlights Hour One
Where To? - Edda Borg:
Hailing from Iceland, we have Edda Borg. A keyboardist who was classically trained Edda is a multi-faceted performer who is also known for her jazz and pop vocals, In that regard there's just a bit of irony in the album title, No Words Needed. From that release - and supported by some of the most celebrated musicians from the land of fire and ice, we have a selection that's simply solid from beginning to end!

*Featured performers on the track include Fridrik Karlsson - guitar; plus a brass section with Ari Bragi Karason - trumpet and flugelhorn, Samuel Jon Samuelsson - trombone, and Sigurdur Flosason - tenor sax.

CD: No Words Needed (2015)
Label: Edda Borg

The Edda Borg Music Project  - No Words Needed

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The Smooth Jazz Alley - Been A Long Time Comin'
Eternal - The Smooth Jazz Alley:
A San Francisco project that's been nearly a dozen years in the making, The Smooth Jazz Alley is the collaborative effort of Stan Evans on guitar and Marco Montoya on keys. The two had been longtime bandmates in the Latin fusion Grupo Caribe and then followed that with a recording born out of several jam sessions. In the ensuing period, they've honed a chemistry that is readily apparent with drummer Miguel Melgoza and the bass work of Kenny Franklin filling out the sound of the combo. The aptly titled Been A Long Time Comin' is the debut - from an initial effort that's nothing short of auspicious, we've selected the ever-lasting sounds of a track called Eternal.

*There's more TSJA in the second half of After Hours with C-Funk!

CD: Been A Long Time Comin' (2016)
Label: The Smooth Jazz Alley
Lawrence Blatt - Longitudes and Latitudes
Morning in Beerse - Lawrence Blatt:
Lawrence Blatt is an award wining artist with a passion for travel and for sharing his impressions of those locals though his original compositions. Having played for over 30 years, the San Francisco native decorates his melodies with layers of guitar work and many soothing percussive sounds. His latest project entitled Longitudes and Latitudes was produced by Will Ackerman and from that effort we have an acoustic gem entitled Morning in Beerse.

CD: Longitudes and Latitudes (2016)
Label: LMB Music
Al Gomez. - Catchin' a Vibe
For Sure - Al Gomez:
The well-travelled Gomez started on trombone in high school in the late 70s but later switched to the guitar. Having backed a wide variety of performers, the versatile guitarist released his Casa Groove debut in 2014. Now based back in his home state of Texas, Gomez recently issued the EP Catchin' a Vibe. From an x-ceptional sophomore effort we have the musical certainty of a terrific track called For Sure.

* For sure you'll wanna catch After Hours for more Gomez greatness and Catchin' a Vibe the title track!

EP: Catchin' a Vibe (2016)
Label: Shade Records

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Highlights Hour Two
The JT Project - Moments of Change
Good Ole' Jim - The JT Project:
The JT Project is a multi-dimensional tour de force spearheaded by the talents of Jacob Webb (keys & bass) and Todd Schefflin (saxes). The Project had previously issued four independent releases before striking a deal with Trippin N' Rhythm/Sony Music Entertainment. This led to Moments of Change, the 5th and most recent effort. Backed by the talents of many of the top jazz and soul musicians in NYC, Moments of Change spawned the single Overdrive which soared to the top of Billboard's Contemporary Jazz Charts. Even so, we've chosen a track that soars on its own; it's the spunky Good Ole' Jim, an expressive offering featuring the full-bodied flugelhorn of an artist identified only as S.O.A.R.

CD: Moments of Change (2016)
Label: Trippin N' Rhythm Records
JJ Sansaverino - When I'm With You
When I'm With You - JJ Sansaverino:
Mention the name JJ Sansaverino and if you are in the know what springs to mind is a not only a highly extensive but a highly impressive resume. An accomplished composer, arranger and musical director, who grew up in and around NYC, JJ was playing trumpet and violin by the age of eleven and the guitar by thirteen. He's toured Europe, he attended Berklee in Boston to study Big Band, he worked with George Clinton and Shabba Ranks, he was a regular on NBC's Today show, and he continues to perform worldwide with reggae legend Maxi Priest. Now a veteran of the music wars for over 25 years, JJ's welcoming mix of styles is ready to take the world by storm. Having previously issued a pair of projects under his own name, When I'm With You is his latest single and a harbinger that the best is yet to come!

Single: When I'm With You (2016)
Label: Innervision

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
The Blue Moon 4 (continued): Featured are Patrick Bradley, Steve Watson and Jay Rowe, while new to the show are The Jazz Holdouts and Dave Bradshaw. But stay tuned - there's a second full hour with Mark Barrios, Will Sumner and reprise appearances by many of our Blue Moon favorites! Spins for The Blue Moon 4 Special!

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