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The Once in a
Blue Moon Special
Volume 3

This Week at Café

December 27th, 2015
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This Week at The Blue Moon 3!
Just in time for the holidays … an experience so rare it comes but once a year. It's the most exceptional collection of smooth jazz that you can find today. It's been a full year in the making and its thrilling sounds are waiting just for you - it's the Café Jazz Once in a Blue Moon Special and it's volume 3 in the series. Included is a stellar cast headlined by Cal Harris Jr., and Joey Sommerville; there's music by Paula Atherton; also appearing is The Sax Pack; we're introducing David Petrosyan and Leon Ayers Jr.; while the frosty sounds of Michael e and Mo'jardo help fill the bill ... that's the Blue Moon 3 - on Café Jazz, your champagne of smooth jazz radio!

In This Issue:

De La Tarde - Mo'jardo
Forever - Joey Sommerville
J Street - Cecil Ramirez
It Takes More - Leon Ayers Jr.
Between You & Me - Paula Atherton
Southern Side - Ray Obiedo

The Blue Moon 3 (cont.)
PLAYLIST Playlist: The Once in a Blue Moon Special Volume 3!

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Highlights Hour One
De La Tarde - Mo'jardo:
Lemongrassmusic* was created by brothers Roland and Daniel Voss in 2005, as a creative platform for a variety of their personal projects. Buoyed by a visionary philosophy, the German label has flourished as a global imprint. Enter Mo'jardo, a combo fuelled by the musical passion of three friends living in different countries. After 20 years, producer Bevan Mearns (now in Bangkok) re-connected with Rick Kilcullen (Australia) and Chris Jungo (Switzerland), both of whom are guitarists who switched to electronics as an outlet for their ideas. Now the genre-bending is high gear on De La Tarde, a tune that meshes perfectly with our own musical ideology!

*Lemongrassmusic label well-represented on this edition: In addition to the featured selection by Mo'jardo we've also included Castlebed's Swan Song and Blue Moon by the brothers Voss (as Lemongrass) on the After Hours segment of the show.

CD: Deep House Dreams Volume 8 (2014)
Label: Lemongrassmusic

Mo'jardo - Deep House Dreams Volume 8

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Joey Sommerville - Overnight Sensation
Forever - Joey Sommerville:
As a teen, Detroit-native Joey Sommerville would judge the caliber of his playing by the number of people in his church congregation who 'got happy'. In 1996, Sommerville founded Sojo Music, an independent production company and record label, and in this capacity, he's built an extensive resume as a mixer and producer. After appearing on a Bob Baldwin project, Sommerville released his own debut back in 2004. So now as he zeros in with his 4th release in a 20-plus-year-career, Overnight Sensation may seem rather ironic as a title. Nonetheless, the project has received many positive reviews for its daring artistry! Described by some as a unique style of new millennium jazz, we have the perpetuity of a track called Forever.

*Good intent and good deed come full circle in hour 2 of the AH segment with Karma as part of a reprise visit to Overnight Sensation!

CD: Overnight Sensation (2014)
Label: Jayvox
Cecil Ramirez - Party in the Back
J Street - Cecil Ramirez:
It's always nice to catch up with an old friend and see what they're up to. This is especially true in the case of Cecil Ramirez and the Party in the Back release. Cecil made waves for us here at The Café back in March of '09 with Talk to the Hand - a cd that earned the #8 spot on our year-end list of favourites and one which spawned Falling Through Time - a tune that ranked 4th for that same time period. Now comes the well-named Party in the Back and in a phrase 'Ramirez …has taken his craft to new heights'! The Sacramento-based keyboardist has headlined Brian Culbertson's Napa Valley Jazz Getaway and that association has clearly reaped huge dividends in so far as this current cd is concerned. The album features some amazing guest performances - in particular Michel Lington rips the roof off J Street, the spunky track that we've selected. No disrespect intended Cecil, the music may be all business but the doors have been blown wide open for this party … and we're all cordially invited to attend!

*You'll want to catch Cecil and another great track called Jasmine when we reprise our visit to Party in the Back on the back half of the AH part of the show!

CD: Party in the Back (2015)
Label: Cecil Ramirez / Music Solutions

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Highlights Hour Two
Leon Ayers Jr. - It Takes More
It Takes More - Leon Ayers Jr.:
The airwaves are typically saturated with the mundane, so it isn't surprising that true talents such as Leon Ayers Jr. are often overlooked. Music has been a life-long passion for the Detroit native who enrolled in musical composition and jazz theory at Gross Pointe Conservatory and Wayne State University. After gigging in and around the Motor City and after many years of touring, Ayers channeled his energies into producing and composing for various artists all while maintaining his jazz roots. Included as part of an extensive résumé are the hit soap opera All My Children and America's Most Wanted as well as five releases under his own name. From It Takes More, the most recent of these, we give you more of the music we luv* in the title track!

* Stay tuned for more from Leon Ayers Jr.; there's another great track called Ordinary Day in hour 2 of the AH section of the show.

** "There are no gimmicks here. No pretentious smoke screens and sound effects to hide what isn't." Courtesy of while reviewing Island Dance, a previous Ayers release!

CD: It Takes More (2015)
Label: Independent
Paula Atherton - Ear Candy
Between You & Me - Paula Atherton:
The name of her fourth and latest cd is Ear Candy, and with each offering Paula Atherton has defined and further refined an already substantive style. After her debut reached the charts in 2004, the NYC native made our own 2009 year-end list of favourites with Groove With Me, on the strength of Marimba Island and Block Party, the latter being our #15 track for the year . We missed out 2012's Enjoy the Ride as our humble show was on hiatus. But even so, and lucky for us, it's the dandy Ear Candy that's now part of this Blue Moon offering. Loaded with all-original material, from that release we present Between You and Me, a wonderfully gritty and buoyant tune that features trumpet-lady Cindy Bradley!

CD: Ear Candy (2015)
Label: Kalimba Music
Ray Obiedo - There Goes That
Southern Side - Ray Obiedo:
With a career that stretches back to the 70s, Ray Obiedo has worked with Lou Rawls, George Duke, Sheila E, and Grover Washington Jr. - indeed a '78-79 world tour with superstar Herbie Hancock remains "one of his most treasured musical memories". Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ray didn't start on guitar until his final year in high school. Even so, he quickly gained a following and in the period of the late 80s thru until the late 90s, Obiedo achieved international success with a string of highly creative releases. Always true to his rhythm and blues roots, Ray has nonetheless honed his instincts for the styles of Afro-funk - all while sharpening a seemingly genetic flair in "Latin / Brazilian grooves". Now from There Goes That, and his first release in over a decade, we present Ray and Southern Side, the highly infectious opening track!

CD: There Goes That (2015)
Label: Rhythmus Records

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
The Blue Moon 3 (continued): Included on this installment are Nicholas Cole and Fourplay. There's Jonathan Fritzen and Matt Marshak, while new to the show is the band Soweco and the project known as Lemongrass - then as an added bonus there's a unique reprise feature with Nils, Brian Simpson, and Ken Navarro - all as part of a special 2-hour edition. Nonetheless, to launch this journey to the far side of the moon we're starting with Jeff Golub. From the cd The Vault that was posthumously released, it's our tribute (as modest as it is), to one of the most popular performers in the genre. It's called Open Up - and it opens the third Once in a Blue Moon - for Café Jazz and the After Hours part of the show! Spins for The Blue Moon 3 Special!

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