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January 2nd, 2011
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Café Jazz Most Played in 2010: A comprehensive recap of favourites! Café Jazz Favourites in 2010

This Week at Cafe Best of 2010 Part 1:
… as we flip the calendar page to the start of a brand new year, we're looking back at all the best from the year just past - it's our 11th annual year-end review and the first in a 3 part series. Featured on this edition are David Benoit, Ken Navarro, Steve Oliver, and Jonathan Butler - saxman Jaared is on the show with our #1 track in 2010 plus we've included newcomers like Vincent Ingala and Stan Berger as well as Nicholas Cole and Tony Vattimo. Meantime, carry-overs from Peter White, Rick Braun, & Tom Braxton help bridge the years!
In This Issue:

Dancing With You - Jaared
Trust in Love - Stan Berger
Street Lights - Tony Vattimo
Straightaway - David Benoit
Open Road - Tom Braxton
Mission 2 Mars - Peter White

AFTER HOURS : Best of Cont.
PLAYLIST: Playlist ONE YEAR AGO: The Café Jazz Best of 2009 - Part 1

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Highlights Hour One
Dancing With You - Jaared:
Issued on the Trippin record label, Manhattan Nights is Jaared's 4th release over-all and first in collaboration with Michael Broening. Broening has long worked with another saxman that being Marion Meadows, while more recently he produced Cindy Bradley's break-thru cd in Bloom. The 'Broening factor' was quite evident on Manhattan Nights and we noted that Jaared had never sounded sweeter. Indeed, while showcasing Manhattan Nights we presented three Broening compositions finishing with Dancing with You and a selection "we fully expect to be at or near the top of our in house list of favourites for the year." That prophecy has come to full fruition as we present our in house favourite for the year! Jaared's Manhattan Nights Showcased on Ed#571 - May 16th, 2010

CD: Manhattan Nights (2010)
Label: Trippin 'n' Rhythm Records
Links: Jaared - M.Broening -

Jaared - Manhattan Nights

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Stan Berger - Kool Shoes
Trust in Love - Stan Berger:
Representative of the outstanding caliber of many of the musicians on today's smooth scene is Stan Berger. Formerly the keyboardist for Barry White, Berger grew up listening to the likes of Ravel's Bolero and Bizet's Carmen. He studied at the University of Redlands and in 1994 he earned a doctorate in composition from Claremont. Working the vibrant musical milieu of the West Coast, it was only this past March that Berger issued his Kool Shoes debut. Upon coming to our attention, there was no doubt - here was a gifted player and composer - and without hesitation we featured Stan as part of a showcase segment. In keeping with the occasion, we trust you will love the exquisite ambiance of the track Trust in Love, one of Stan Berger's best! Stan Berger and Kool Shoes in the Spotlight on Ed#588 - October 31st, 2010

CD: Kool Shoes (2010)
Label: Stan Berger Music
Tony Vattimo - Can't Let Go
Street Lights - Tony Vattimo:
Holding down the #2 spot of break-thru performers on our year-end review is Philadelphia native Tony Vattimo. Issued just over a year ago, Can't Let Go was Tony's debut which encompassed a wide range of styles - from straight ahead to a funkier vibe. Backed by up to 9 musicians at a time, the project was a rock solid first effort - and destined to land among the elite on our in-house list of favourites! So on this occasion, it's with pleasure that we present the #4 track for the year from what was correspondingly the #4 album for 2010! Tony Vattimo and Can't Let Go Showcased on Ed#558 - February 14th, 2010

CD: Can't Let Go (2009)
Label: Independent

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Highlights Hour Two
David Benoit - Earthglow
Straightaway - David Benoit:
As a 5-time Grammy nominee, David Benoit has recorded nearly 30 albums covering a wide range of styles, from smooth and straight ahead jazz to composing for The Peanuts Gang. Even so, there are many other aspects to the career of the man who was the honoree at the inaugural American Smooth Jazz Awards. Over the years, Benoit expanded his involvement in the symphonic realm while there have been many notable film scores as well. In the midst of this, Benoit set about recording Earthglow, a project that incorporated diverse elements from the Euro-chill scene with some of his already well-established jazz sensibilities. A prime example of this aesthetic was Straightaway, highlighted by the saxwork of Jeff Kashiwa and a featured selection on this review! David Benoit and Earthglow in the Spotlight for Ed#573 - May 30th, 2010

CD: Earthglow (2010)
Label: Heads Up International / Concord Music Group
Tom Braxton - Endless Highway
Open Road - Tom Braxton:
A hold-over from our 2009 review, Tom Braxton continued to be among our favourite plays in 2010. Since his solo debut in 1992, the former member of the late Wayman Tisdale's band has made steady in roads with a fine series of smooth & spiritual albums. Deeply sadden by his friend's passing Braxton was even more determined to living a life in line with what he saw as God's purpose for him. This sense of calling was clearly evident on Endless Highway, his 7th album overall. From that effort we have the draw of one of our top tracks for the year in Open Road! Tom Braxton & Endless Highway Showcased on Ed#546 - November 22nd, 2009

CD: Endless Highway (2009)
Label: Pacific Coast Jazz
Peter White - Good Day
Mission 2 Mars - Peter White:
Released in 2009, Good Day was Peter White's first album of original material since 2004's Confidential. It was pretty clear from the outset, that smooth jazz fans in general and Peter White fiends in particular, were starved for more of Peter's inimitable music. After being named as the ASJA guitarist, and author for Album & Song of the year, we now add our humble nod to his popularity as Mr. White grabs the honors as the most-played artist in 2010! Peter White and Good Day in the Spotlight on Ed#539 - October 4th, 2009 Peter White Then & Now Feature Ed #421 - October 22nd, 2006 A Peter White New Year: 3 hour Extravaganza Ed #343 - December 26th, 2004

CD: Good Day (2009)
Label: Peak Records
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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Web Site and Select Affiliates:
More Best of '10 Part 1: … they're here again ... familiar names such as Jeff Lorber and Special EFX as well as up & comers in the likes of Brad Rambur and Christophe De Villa - all in some way contributed to making last year stellar in smooth entertainment! Spinlist

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