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October 10th, 2010
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This Week at the Café: The Quarterly Review: Q3 - 2010!
... part 3 in our thrice a year fiesta called the Quarterly Review! Featured on this edition are all the best tracks from the past 90 days with a line-up that includes Brian Simpson, Nils, and Tom Grant. Also appearing - The 420 Café, Norman Brown, Oli Silk, and Chris Geith. Plus, we have Stan Berger, Kenny Zarider, Sam Stryke, Paul Brown, Rodney Taylor, and Robert Harris as part of a 6-pack of spotlight tracks! So tune in and enjoy this quarterly highlight reel and all that glittered in the past 3 months!
In This Issue:

Passion - Rodney Taylor
Brazil - Kenny Zarider
Just Believe - Robert Harris
Trust in Love - Stan Berger
Midnight Kiss - Paul Brown
Up-N-Atm - Sam Stryke

ONE YEAR AGO:The QR for Q.3 2009 PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#585

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Highlights Hour One
Passion - Rodney Taylor:
LA-native Rodney Taylor started in the school band when he 10 but it was while he was in high school that his musical passion was lit. He released his solo debut in '91 but for the most part, over the past 2 decades, the SoCal saxman has built a solid career as a tour and studio sideman. Among Taylor's credits are gigs with Marcus Johnson, Doc Powell, and El DeBarge as well as a three year stint with Anita Baker that occurred between his past and current release. The new one is 'Can I Blow For You?' and from it there's the well-titled lead single in the track called Passion!

CD: Can I Blow For You? (2010)
Label: Equity Records

Rodney Taylor - Can I Blow For You?

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Kenny Zarider - Reflections
Brazil - Kenny Zarider:
Hailing from Cincinnati OH, keyboardist Kenny Zarider made his way to Nashville TN by way of Miami FL. As an active member of that city's vibrant music scene, Zarider has played live gigs and sessions, while many of his compositions have been featured on movie sound tracks. Recruiting some of Nashville's finest resident players, Zarider recently released Reflections, his debut. Contributing to several aspects of the endeavour was Denny Jiosa; he mixed, co-engineered the album, and also played on several tracks. From a project with influences of Chick Corea and Joe Sample, and one that fuses Miami Latin Soul, Blues, and Smooth Jazz with touches of Cuban and Brazilian music, we have the smooth style and rhythm of Brazil with Michael Fair on flugelhorn!

CD: Reflections (2010)
Label: Sonic Canvas
Robert Harris - Miami Sun
Just Believe - Robert Harris:
Hailing from the Motor City, Robert Harris paid his dues in LA for nearly a decade, first as a as a studio musician and then as owner/operator of Fast Trak Recording Studios, which he founded in 1985. In due course, Harris came to the conclusion that as much as he enjoyed the engineering side of the music business, he found performing more appealing yet still - so in 1991 he sold the studio, made a cross-country trek, and set up shop in the Orlando area. With regular club dates and with appearances at a variety of festivals thruout the state, Harris and his band have become known as one of the premier Jazz / R&B groups in central Florida. Additionally, Harris has played Warren Hill's Smooth Jazz Cruise appearing with Hill and with Kirk Whalum; meanwhile he issued his debut a few years back. Miami Sun is the new one, now the 3rd in his catalogue and from that effort, Harris's buoyant nylon-string acoustic guitar turns us into believers on the track Just Believe!

CD: Miami Sun (2010)
Label: Canyon Lake Records

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Highlights Hour Two
Stan Berger - Kool Shoes
Trust in Love - Stan Berger:
Stan Berger is a longtime studio musician, a composer, a musical director, and formerly he was the keyboardist for Barry White. He was born in Mandan, North Dakota, but early on his family moved to California, and it was there that Berger began in music starting on accordion at about the age of seven. His father was a connoisseur of classical music and Stan grew up listening to the likes of Ravel's Bolero and Bizet's Carmen - this all had a tremendous impact on his musical direction and his career. Apart from studying the classics, Berger also worked at establishing his jazz credentials. He attended University of Redlands and in 1994, he earned a doctorate in music composition from Claremont. Working as part of the West Coast music scene for many years, Berger issued his premiere in Kool Shoes just this past March and Brian Simpson for one, immediately recognized the craftsmanship on the disc - Simpson does a nice read on Berger's Our Love on his own recently released South Beach cd. Nonetheless, there's a lot more great music. From among several possibilities, we've selected Trust in Love with Steve Alaniz on sax for Stan Berger's debut on the show!

CD: Kool Shoes (2010)
Label: Stan Berger Music
Paul Brown - Love You Found Me
Midnight Kiss - Paul Brown:
Love You Found Me is Paul Brown's latest, his 4th solo cd and 5th overall taking into consideration his recent collaboration with Marc Antoine. A press release issued for the project reads, "Smooth Jazz legend, producer, artist, sound engineer and double Grammy winner, Paul Brown, released his newest album on September 28th via Shanachie Entertainment"! Offering loads of variety thruout, Brown clues us in, "This CD is a real reflection of my musical influences. Folk, rock, blues and jazz all mixed together." In spite of several tracks that feature such high caliber talent such as Jesse J, Marc Antoine, and Greg Adams, we've opted for a tune that spotlights Paul on his own. From Love You Found Me, it's the sweet refrain and a few stolen moments in Midnight Kiss!

CD: Love You Found Me (2010)
Label: Shanachie.
Sam Stryke - Brunch: Vol.1 Sunny Side Up
Up-N-Atm - Sam Stryke:
Early on, Sam Stryke was influenced by the music of George Winston and David Benoit, but while studying at Northwestern, he grew to love the style of Bill Evans, Vince Guaraldi and Keith Jarrett. The native of Grand Rapids, MI issued his solo debut, a new age effort, back in 1991. Even so, Stryke took what turned into a lengthy break from the record biz - he completed college and followed that by launching a successful commercial music career. He's composed for film and TV, and his tracks have been used for Super Bowl commercials and award-winning ad campaigns. The Chicago-based pianist returned to recording in 2002 with his sophomore effort. Released in April of this year, the cd Brunch is Stryke's 4th, and a project whose primarily focus is the classic jazz trio. Nonetheless, the grooves, harmonies, and melodies all stem from pop and rock - in keeping with this theme; we've selected one of the grooviest in Up-N-Atm as Sam Stryke's Café Jazz lead off selection!

CD: Brunch: Vol.1 Sunny Side Up (2010)
Label: Razz Records

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
The Q3 Review continues:... with more of the best from the previous 90 or so days. Included on this episode is music from Special EFX and Jonathan Fritzen in addition to The Jazzmasters and Kenny G. Also appearing are tunes by Gabriel and Nicholas Cole that barely made our production deadline; while featured as well are Eugene K, Adrian Conington, Michael O'Neill, Dwight Sirls, and Marcus Johnson … all as part of a never-before-been-played-on-the-show-14 track-set! Playlist for Ed#585

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