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April 4th, 2010
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This Week at the Café: The Quarterly Review: Q1 - 2010!
… this week is the first installment in our seventh annual series wherein we look back at all the best in new music that's made its way into our studios over the course of the past 90 days - this is The Quarterly Review. We've cued selections by Ken Navarro and Chris Standring - also appearing are a couple of the hottest breaking artists to this point in the year in Tony Vattimo and Gregorie Howard. Included as well are Wine & Chocolate, saxman Marty Q, and Renato Falaschi. There's something new from Steve Oliver and from Jeff Beck, plus making her debut is Dutch trumpet-lady Saskia Laroo! Each & every one of those is part of The QR - so kick back and relax to a radio show unlike any other featuring two full hours of the absolute best from the first three months of the year!

In This Issue:

Global Kiss - Steve Oliver
Sax on the Beach - Hulon
Never Alone - Jeff Beck
Mas in May - E.Bullen & J.N.Hidalgo
The Meaning of Life - Shelby Brown
Really Jazzy - Saskia Laroo

ONE YEAR AGO:The QR for Q.1 2009 PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#565

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Highlights Hour One
Global Kiss - Steve Oliver:
One of the most dynamic players in the genre is back with his first smooth studio effort in about four years. Since being named the '99 Debut Artist of the Year, Steve Oliver has averaged somewhere around 200 live appearances annually. His 2008 One Night Live captured the power and passion of Steve in a live gig while the 2006 seasonal release entitled Snowfall showed yet another side to this multi-dimensional performer. Following his tours thru Spain, Germany, and London England, Steve was genuinely inspired by the many different cultures in Europe and decided to pursue a global theme for his newest release. While still incorporating R&B influences and many of the other elements that have become hallmarks of his style, Oliver's focus grew to include percussive world rhythms. Aided by many A-listers, including Tom Schuman & Bonny B (both from Spyro Gyra), as well as Marion Meadows, Darren Rahn, Nate Harasim, and Alan Hewitt, Global Kiss is now his 7th and latest. The number seven proves lucky indeed for Steve's many fortunate fans who are now royally treated to an expansive musical embrace. From that effort we have Global Kiss the title track. Armed with a wide array of percussive weaponry including dumbek, tabla, and jimba, the Middle Eastern melody features percussionist Humberto Vela, while all the keyboard sounds are triggered by Steve himself from his guitar! Steve Oliver Then & Now Spotlight Ed #424 - November 26th, 2006

CD: Global Kiss (2010)
Label: SOM Entertainment

Steve Oliver - Global Kiss

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Hulon - First Impressions
Sax on the Beach - Hulon:
Hailing from Panama City Beach Florida, he's Dr. Hulon Crayton, who's debuting as the smooth saxman Hulon. Being a Rheumatologist with a successful practice has allowed Hulon and his wife Dinah to pursue several philanthropic concerns. They've created their own Crayton Foundation, an organization providing minorities with a means to attend college, while also establishing The Crayton Scholarship at Florida State University. Additionally, as a long standing member of The On Call Band, Hulon's played various venues along the Gulf Coast. First Impressions is now the good Dr.'s recent solo release. From a project produced by Jeff Kashiwa, we're strolling the seaside with the sunny Sax on the Beach!

CD: First Impressions (2009)
Label: Premier Musique Group
Jeff Beck - Emotion & Commotion
Never Alone - Jeff Beck:
With contributions that have helped shape the direction of blues, rock, psychedelia, and more, Jeff Beck has been acknowledged as one of the most influential guitarists of his time. He attended London's Wimbledon Art College and then went on to back 'screaming' Lord Sutch before replacing Eric Clapton in the Yardbirds. He made his reputation in that band, but left in 1966 and the following year he formed his own group, which included both Rod Stewart and Ron Wood. He was set to connect with Tim Bogert and Carmine Appice ex of Vanilla Fudge when he suffered a fractured skull in a car crash and was sidelined for a year and a half. In actuality, Beck has been in three crashes, and he's taken several lengthy hiatuses away from touring and music. Nonetheless, thruout there have been a series of high water marks: Beck, Bogert & Appice did later form to record a pair of projects; Beck co-headlined with the Mahavishnu Orchestra and for a time collaboration with their keyboardist Jan Hammer; and he's been Grammy nominated on several occasions. With a career that at timers appears to be on again off again, Emotion & Commotion is his first studio album in about seven years. From that effort, there's the first single to smooth jazz radio in Never Alone, and we have that for you on this edition!

CD: Emotion & Commotion (2010)
Label: Rhino

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Highlights Hour Two
Eddie Bullen & Joaquin Nunez Hidalgo - Havana Nights
Mas in May - Eddie Bullen & Joaquin Nunez Hidalgo:
The teaming of Eddie Bullen and Joaquin Nunez Hidalgo, now both based in Toronto, sees the pairing of two formidable forces from the "islands". For many years, Eddie Bullens' name has been synonymous with the sounds of the Caribbean and with Urban rhythms in so far as the TO scene is concerned. Through his production work with a variety of artist and with his own smooth releases, Bullen is recognized as one of the musical king pins on that city's vibrant circuit. As a performer, Bullen has headlined the Barbados Jazz Festival and the Spice Jazz Festival in Grenada. He's scored original soundtracks for local and national TV while additionally he operates Thunder Dome Studios.

For his part, Hidalgo moved from Cuba in 1999 to "music city north" where he's quickly established himself as a master percussionist and clinician. Back in his native land, Hidalgo had worked with many of the legends - he now puts that experience to good use not only as an active performer but also a member of the teaching faculty at Soul Drums Percussive Arts Academy and as director of the percussion ensemble Havana Rumba. Now Hidalgo and Bullen present the meeting of two great Caribbean jazz traditions in their collaboration Havana Nights!

CD: Havana Nights (2009)
Label: Thunder Dome Sounds
Shelby Brown - The Meaning of Life
The Meaning of Life - Shelby Brown:
Detroit saxman Shelby Brown first made the scene back in 2003 as one-half of the smooth duo Shelby.Brown with guitarist Dee Brown, with whom he'd been collaborating since the late 90s. Then a couple of years later, Shelby issued No Boundaries, a project that signaled his arrival as a lead man. It's been a few years between releases, but even with a preliminary listen to his new cd, it's pretty clear that Mr. S. Brown has put his time to very good use. In the interim he became the proud endorser for several high-end products while additionally he's shared the stage with some of the top players in the game such as Marion Meadows, Tim Bowman, & Nick Colionne. These experiences, together with performing internationally for the US Military, have definitely resulted in a fine tuning of an already sweet style. But moreover, ever so evident are a deepened maturity and a broader self-awareness. From that recently issued effort entitled The Meaning of Life we have the title track that provides some much needed musical insight!

CD: The Meaning of Life (2009)
Label: S.B. Records
Saskia Laroo - Really Jazzy
Really Jazzy - Saskia Laroo :
She's one of only a handful of women trumpet players in jazz and has been referred to as the 'Lady Miles Davis of Europe'; she's Dutch-born Saskia Laroo. Hailing from Amsterdam, Saskia was 18 when she attended that city's University to study Math, but she soon swayed to a career in music. After various courses of study in Alkmaar, Amsterdam, and Hilversum, Laroo's future indeed looked promising but what followed was a series of rejections. For a time in order to get her foot in the door Saskia switched over to the bass and by the time 1979 rolled around she was a full-time professional, performing with Dixieland bands and many straight-ahead jazz combos. Frequently, she appeared with tenor saxman Hans Dulfer and in 1981 she became a regular in his band.
The 80s were her formative years when Saskia absorbed sounds with Hispanic, Caribbean, Brazilian and African roots. Additionally she began to front her own bands, issuing her It's Like Jazz in1994. Since then she's become known throughout The Netherlands and in Europe for a dynamic style that merges elements of hip-hop, jazz, salsa, funk reggae, and world music. From her Really Jazzy cd and somewhere around her fifth release overall, Ms Laroo debuts on our show with the kinetic title track!

CD: Really Jazzy (2008)
Label: Laroo Records

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
More of the Q1 Review: ... an After Hours bonus edition as The QR continues with more of the best from the past 90 days! Included in the opening set is Eric Leone, followed by Candy Dulfer and Michael Ross, then it's Lynn Riley. Kicking off set #2 is guitarist Caleb Quaye with his group known as The Faculty. Also appearing is Pamela Williams, while rounding out the set is a trio of tracks that includes music by the artist calling himself Hutson, there's David Arkenstone as well as keyboardist Alan Hewitt. Some of the names you'll be hearing in the final set include Artur Bayramgalin and Joe Yander. Richard Chadwick is on the show and in the end there's Kim Waters with today's closing selection! Playlist for Ed#565

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