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July 10, 2004
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Highlights !
Every once while, all the stars align in just the right way and we end up producing a show that in our humble opinion can only be described as outstanding. Of course, whenever the showcase segment features Peter White how could the program be anything less than stellar? Yes, Confidential is our choice on this occasion! The FT segment follows in hour 2. Look for new music from some of the bigger names in the genre. We have the latest from David Lanz, Everette Harp, & Boney James. Now in SJ, they don't get much bigger than Boney! However, if you're looking for music that goes above & beyond, don't miss this show. We're introducing Koop out of Sweden and also have the latest from Lynn Cannon.

In This Issue:

Confidential - Peter White

The Good Life - David Lanz
Can You Hear Me - Everette Harp
P'zazz! - Lynn Cannon
Here She Comes - Boney James
Summer Sun - Koop

SPINLIST: Spinlist Ed#330
So who else is on? The first set alone includes Steve Oliver, Richard Elliot, Germany's Michael Van Droff with what may very well be the North American debut of the incredible Fragile Heart, and Roger Smith. The final set has music from Ken Navarro, Shakatak, Eric Marienthal, Brenda Russell, and Paprika Soul. And in between those sets? Why nothing less than two full hours of pure musical bliss !

Showcase CD
Confidential - Peter White:
Confidential is Peter's recently released ninth album. For fans of White's music, it might best be described as a typically brilliant affair and one which provides yet another fabulous chapter in the story of one the most endearing artists of our times.

It's rare that a performer is able to strike a balance between creativity, musical integrity, & popularity. But such a player is Mr. White. In the process Peter has met not only with deserved critical acclaim but he's also enjoyed considerable commercial success. For over a dozen years now, Peter has created not only some of the most melodic & memorable music in SJ but has also helped define the genre with a string of chart-topping releases. Always distinctive, Peter's inviting acoustic guitar work has seduced many a listener with the warmth of his playing and beautiful instrumentation, including yours truly. In this regard, Confidential is no exception and as such it's a fantastic choice as the subject for today's feature.

The project took over a year to record as Peter strove to summon emotions from deep within himself. "By 'confidential' I mean personal and revealing; that's exactly what this record is to me. I play from the heart, which is where music ultimately comes from. It's about tapping into the soul and allowing the emotions within to pour forth. The battle is to trust your instincts without trying to be too clever, which only ends up corrupting the process and seldom works anyway."

As we showcase Confidential, we open with the title track cowritten by Brian Culbertson and featuring a tasty bit of piano work by Culbertson. Are You Mine with Mindy Abair on sax kicks off hour 2, while we close with Coast Road Drive, the album's opening selection and one that features Paul Brown.

Label: Columbia
Site: Peter White

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Fresh Trax: Part One
The Good Life - David Lanz:
Bridging the gap between the worlds of pop and contemporary playing, Lanz has for the past 20 years or more been one of the most popular artists in instrumental music. While in his teens he played in several rock bands. However, at the same time David began to develop his style as a solo pianist based on the enthusiastic response to his music by patrons in Seattle nightclubs. At first, Lanz had to get away from the idea that this new age style of playing was just a diversion from his rock aspirations. But, in time he came to embrace it and in the course of things released Heartsound, his solo debut. The cd helped move the Narada label into the mainstream of record companies. It also launched Lanz's highly successful career. Several top selling solo albums followed to go along with three popular collaborations with guitarist Paul Speer. After the success of his foray into SJ a couple of years ago, Lanz is set to release his follow up project called The Good Life, which moves even further in that direction. From that effort, we present David Lanz with The Good Life, the advance single and the title track.

CD: The Good Life
Label: Decca
Site: David Lanz

Can You Hear Me - Everette Harp:
As long as he can remember, Everette Harp has been playing music. He started piano at two and then picked up the sax at the four. Everette was raised the youngest of eight children in Houston Texas where his dad was a minister. Understandably, gospel music was one of Harp's earliest influences; that and the jazz greats that he discovered while in high school. After graduating from North Texas State with a music major, Everette worked for a short time as an accountant before choosing to pursue a career in music. He played in a few local bands and picked up a bit of studio jingle work before moving to Los Angeles in 1988.

There his career as a sideman took off. He toured briefly with Teena Marie, and then internationally with Anita Baker for several years. In 1992, Harp released his self-titled solo debut. That album's popularity led to further gigs such as the Montreux Jazz Festival; and weekly appearances with The Posse on The Arsenio Hall Show. He continued to play & tour with a lengthy list of notables but cut back on his side gigs over the past few years to focus more on his solo career. The forthcoming All For You is his latest & sixth overall. This project is Harp's first in about 4 years and is also his first on A440 Music. From that effort we have Can You Hear Me, the advance single.

CD: All For You
Label: A440 Music
Site: Everette Harp

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Fresh Trax: Part Two

P'zazz! - Lynn Cannon:
Lynn is a native of Detroit, Michigan and has been playing the piano since the age of twelve. Cannon's roots are firmly grounded in Gospel music to which he was exposed as a youth. Following college, he played with an R&B/Pop band and since then he's continued to perform in local clubs and at special events. In addition, he's worked at establishing his solo career. Just issued is P'zazz which is now Cannon's 4th & latest release. From that album we have the excellent title track. Melodic & groove-inflected, this one is sure to win many new fans for Mr. Cannon.

CD: P'zazz!
Label: Cannon Records
Site:Lynn Cannon
Available at: CD Baby

Here She Comes - Boney James:
He was actually born James Allen Oppenheim but today is known to millions by his distinctive nickname. After graduating from UCLA with a degree in history, Boney found himself newly married, out of college, and out of work. For a couple of years he delivered pizzas by day, while by night he played with up to five or six different bands. His big break came when he auditioned and got a job touring with Morris Day as a keyboard player. He later toured with Bobby Caldwell playing sax, but it was while performing with Randy Crawford that Boney picked up his unusual moniker. Typifying the struggling young artist, at that time Oppenheim was having a fair degree of difficulty in making ends meet. So rather than spending his per diem on meals, he would save it in order to pay the rent. With the rigors of life on the road, it wasn't too long before James was noticeably thin. In fact, a fellow musician remarked that if he ate any less he would have to be called "Boney" James. Times have changed as Boney is now one of the most popular artists in the genre but the nickname has stuck. From Pure, his soon to released cd, we have the advance single.

CD: Pure
Label: Warner Bros.
Boney James

Pink Panther's Penthouse Party

Label: Virgin Records
Koop's Site: Koop/MySpace
Pink Panther Site: PinkPanther.com
Summer Sun - Koop:
Out of Sweden come Magnus Zingmark and Oscar Simonsson who record as Koop. In 2001 they released Waltz for Koop, their sophomore album. On the project, the pair continue to explore an easy swinging style, one which has often been described as nu-jazz. Simultaneously sounding retro & fresh, the men of Koop draw their inspiration from the pre-fusion period of the 60s. The result is a breezy Latin-tinged affair that is well illustrated by the track that we've chosen. It's called Summer Sun and features teenage sensation Yukimi Nagano on vocals.
However, on this occasion we pulled the selection from a compilation issued by MGM Music & Virgin Records. The album celebrates the 40th anniversary of the release of the Pink Panther. From Pink Panther's Penthouse Party, we present Summer Sun by Koop to wrap up this installment of the FT segment.

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