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December 6, 2003
Edition #308
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On this show we're checking out the great sounds of Pamela Williams. The latest from the first lady of sax, is titled The Perfect Love. This cd is packed with loads of terrific tunes and as such it's the perfect album for our showcase cd feature. Then in the second half of the program we have another installment of Fresh Trax. In keeping with our policy of giving you the absolute best in new music, we've carefully selected a five-pack of fantastic tunes. We've included something from the brand new release by Rick Braun and as well we're introducing the music of several great new artists. Charlie Wood, Fred Smith, Zig Noda and Sergio Caputo all make their debuts.

But we don't stop there. There is more new music from David Benoit, Richard Smith, and Marc Antoine as we dig more deeply into each of their current releases. Contributing to the great groove of the show are Eric Marienthal, The Jazzmasters, and Billy Paul Williams; and as well, we'll be hearing from Mark Winkler, Tony Windle, Marcos Ariel, Billy Joe Walker Jr., and Walter Beasley, with musical gems from our archives. Yes, our mission is clear - to boldly go where no other radio program has gone before!

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Showcase CD
The Perfect Love - Pamela Williams :
Perhaps one of the more underrated performers on the smooth jazz scene, and one that I personally prefer to refer to as the first lady of sax, Williams has resided in California since the late 80s. It was however, her time growing up in Philadelphia that was primarily responsible for molding her musical identity. One of her earliest influences was Grover Washington Jr. It was Grover's cutting-edge blend of jazz and R&B that first instilled within Williams an interest in that style of playing. In high school, she joined the Jazz Ensemble and was required to embrace both contemporary and traditional forms of expression. By the time Williams left Philly, she had toured extensively, backing fellow Philadelphian Patti LaBelle, among others. In 1989, she relocated to LA primarily because of the opportunities it afforded in film & TV.
Williams has always enjoyed exhibiting the many diverse elements of her repertoire from Latin, to jazz, R&B, hip-hop and house, several of which are stylishly incorporated into The Perfect Love. That effort is her first on Shanachie records, fourth release overall, and may well represent her most accomplished work to date. So as we showcase The Perfect Love we begin with Twin Souls and include Unconditional and Just As We Are.

CD: The Perfect Love
Label: Shanachie Entertainment
Site: Pamela Williams

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Fresh Trax: Part One
Better Days - Charlie Wood :
Originally hailing from San Antonio Texas, it was Wood's father who first got him started in music by teaching him how to play banjo. However, it wasn't too long before guitar became the focus of Charlie's interests and by the age of eleven he was taking lessons on that instrument. Although he enjoyed playing various genres, Wood found that his true love gravitated to contemporary Jazz and this became very evident when his debut release in 1996 was considered for a Grammy nomination. Just out is Rhythms of the Eclipse, Wood's fine follow up effort and a project which is certain to take Charlie's career to the next level. In particular, one of the tracks on the new cd is outstanding. It's dedicated to caregivers all over the world, to survivors of 9/11 and to survivors of domestic violence. It's titled Better Days and we have it for you today.

CD: Rhythms of the Eclipse
Label: Third Stream Productionst
Site: Charlie Wood
Wonderland - Fred Smith :
Although he is a new name on the SJ scene, Smith has for many years explored the fabric of Gospel, Jazz, and R&B. A native of St. Louis Mo., he started on drums, and then moved to piano & organ in his teens. After seven years in the military, during which time he honed his chops in various Jazz clubs throughout central Europe, he returned to the US intent on a career in music. Exuding a musical philosophy that is rooted in his love of family and friends, Smith's compositions are uplifting and inspirational. Currently residing in Langston, Oklahoma, Smith has now recorded five cds.

CD: The Next Level
Label: Independent

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Fresh Trax: Part Two
To Manhattan With Love - Rick Braun :
Over the course of his career, Braun has vaulted to a level enjoyed by only a handful of artists. He's met with both commercial and critical success as he continues to pursue his own path in music. Accolades range from top instrumentalist awards to top producer and album of the year. Esperanto, his new one, is the latest in a string of highly creative releases.

CD: Esperanto
Label: Warner Bros.
Site: Rick Braun

Do You Know - Zig Noda & Brian Tracy Evans :
Primarily self-taught, flautist Noda showed much promise as a youth and was set to further his training at Berkley in Boston when fate unfortunately stepped in. While cycling he suffered a serious facial injury that kept him out of the music scene for quite some time. He lost interest in pursuing a career in music and in fact avoided playing for nearly seven years. Through it all however, Noda always felt a calling to get back to composing and playing. He re-discovered his love for the flute, a love that becomes quite apparent when hearing him play. In This Moment, his collaboration with Brian Tracy Evans is his just released debut.

CD: In This Moment
Label: Noda Music
Guess I Miss You Again - Sergio Caputo :
Beginning with his debut release in 1983, Caputo has demonstrated a unique style, one that successfully bridges the worlds of jazz and pop. The veteran guitarist has enjoyed a critically acclaimed and prolific career. He's recorded 13 cds over the course of two decades and in the process has produced numerous hits that have topped the charts in his native Italy. In the year 2000 Sergio kicked off the new millennium by moving to the US. Based in the Bay Area, Caputo has worked hard at establishing himself in his new surroundings. Just released is That Kind of Thing, his Smooth Jazz debut album. It's a genuinely sophisticated affair and no doubt represents some of Sergio's finest work to date.

*Café Jazz Pick of the Week*

CD: That Kind of Thing
Label: Idiosyncrasy Music
Site: Sergio Caputo

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